Tuesday, July 31, 2012

King Doesn’t Double Dip!

In recent weeks our King has come under fire for allowing his friends and family to tap the city gas pumps, like a keg in his back yard, but that’s no reason to ever think he would double dip RIGHT?

The King has been quoted in the paper claiming it’s cheaper for us “the city taxpayers” to allow the unmonitored, undocumented, free flow of gas into The King & Co. cars because he doesn’t bill us for mileage.

Leighton insisted that he saves the city money by driving his own car fueled by city gas, rather than charging the going rate of 55 cents per mile. “Do the math,” he said, “it’s cheaper.”

Now it turns out he’s been getting gas at DPW, and seeking mileage reimbursement for out of town trips.

Let's be fair to the King, a few of those trips were too faraway lands, where only one take of gas wouldn’t make it there and back, but most were to Harrisburg. 

As I’m sure most of you know Harrisburg is only 104 miles from The W-B, and if not click here for a Google map, so if the King fueled up at DPW he could drive to Harrisburg and back without the need to refuel, even if he did some sightseeing while in the states capital.


  • Why seek reimbursement for small trips to Harrisburg if the King only uses DPW gas to save us money?
  • On those other trips to faraway lands how was gas paid for at foreign gas stations? Did the King pay with cash from his reimbursement, or was it charged on a city credit card?
  • What do you Believe?
  • Is the King a double dipper?

The King Speaks Out!

“If you think I’m double dipping, absolutely not,” Leighton said.

“You are always going to have skeptics out there, and that’s unfortunate. It’s something I deal with every day,” Leighton said. “I would hope you would take my word because I’m telling you exactly what I did.”

  • There was a time that we “Believed” but with every passing lie it’s become harder and harder to Believe!

He said he has been more careful to track his mileage since the controversy over fuel usage erupted.

  • So because you got caught you’re now going to act responsible?
  • Wow we may have to report such great acting to The Academy!

The King said he no longer obtains fuel from the city tanks and plans to submit a form detailing his mileage on a monthly basis.

  • Good let’s see if he still drives only 200 – 300 Miles per month 

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