Thursday, February 27, 2014

The TML Legacy

The Wilkes Barre Independent Gazette is reporting that According to the city’s 2013 Series Bond debt service schedule the $5.9 million Johnson Controls, Inc., energy efficiency project, payments in the two years immediately following the King’s departure from the his throne will soar to over THREE MILLION DOLLARS

Years 2016 and 2017 payments jump from the average Quarter Million to $3.2 Million.

Not only are we paying well over $10.9 Million for a $5.9 Million Dollar upgrade, (all due to the fact that our gas thieving King, has NEVER, not once presented a Capital Improvement Plan as called for in the city carter. Has he done that we would have funding for Capital Improvement Projects, and wouldn’t need to always barrow to do what needs to be done.)

Now on top of an increased debt the next Mayor will have to find an Additional 2.5 Million Dollars each year just to make ends meet.

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Monday, February 24, 2014


WARNING: A WUWB read asked that we issue this warning for Market Street, going  into Kingston. The road Next to the old Sterling lot. 

The reader reported they called the city, and left a voice mail, and asked we please share, as people will destroy vehicles over this. 

The reader even asked "What happened to tax dollars at work?" 
  • ANSWER: FREE GAS, NO BID Contract for campaign contributors, Council Trip, the list goes on and on!!!! 
  • All that crap ain't FREE!!!
Please drive safe!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mayor phones a friend

According to today's Times Leader, King Lie-A-Ton said he called his buddy Leo of LAG Towing to help some poor lady who had NO money…. BUT let an 83 year old woman whose car was stolen, damaged, and then dropped at her door step, (by that very same slime ball) walk?

  • Does anyone smell that?

Leighton acknowledged he called Glodzik to help people having vehicle trouble, but the calls had nothing to do with city business. “This is me just driving down the street,” Leighton said.

  • So we are to believe that Lie-A-Ton is just driving down the street, and happens upon a damsel in distress. Well thank God chivalry's not dead….

Leighton promised to continue to make such calls even when he’s no longer mayor. “It’s just common courtesy,” he said.

  • Didn’t we hear something like that from former council, trip-taker, skip-town Tony Thomas?

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

King to replace ONLY 10 COPS

You may have noticed the King blustering about, what he calls TEN new cops, but a few things to keep in mind as he takes to the podium on Monday.

  • He hasn’t hired a single cop since 2009. 
  • There wasn't even an active list from which to hire from for YEARS!
  • He has allowed our police force to drop from 91 to 74 possible 71 as a few have recently left the force, and this number includes ALL officers, detectives, school resources, etc. 
  • ONLY after our city has seen more than 14 murders in a single year, dose he replaces ONLY 10 of the missing 17-20 cops. 
  • HOWEVER every budget since 2009 billed for 91, so where has that money gone? I don’t recall ever seeing a surplus, do you?

So remember Wilkes Barre as you see our king patting himself on the back, please keep this a few things in mind.

  • Failed Leadership: You were told that “experience matters”, and we now know just how much. 
  • Back-room-deals: One of your new cops (Mark Hilpp), is one of your former cops, who QUIT about 3 years ago to chase a better job in Texas, sadly he failed, now Mark is returning with the new cops, BUT retaining his seniority, vacations, raises, etc. Fair to every other cop who stood their post those 3 years? I think NOT!

This is what you get when you elect someone because they simply belong to a certain party. Democrat/Republican, in a local election it means NOTHING, unless you let it.

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