Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wilkes Barre Area FAIL?

While schools like Abington Heights, and Crestwood soared above the state standards, corruption central districts such Wilkes-Barre Area and Scranton Area didn’t even come close, according to the Citizens Voice Newspaper.

Scranton’s reaction: Blame the students who are poor. Scranton "School Board President Kathleen McGuigan said the district’s demographics, such as high populations of low-income students and English-as-a-second-language students, provide unique challenges."
  • Yup that’s it, their parents have no money, so they can’t or won’t learn….

Wilkes-Barre on the other hand took the, yes we have a problem, but we’re working on it approach. “The Wilkes-Barre Area School District realizes the need for an increase in scores among the state standardized tests as well as the SATs,” said Brian Costello, the district’s director of secondary education. “We are continually working to improve student performance while increasing growth for all students within our district.”
  • Perhaps Brian should acknowledge the elephant in the room: 

It’s no secret that Wilkes-Barre and Scranton have a long history of employing a nepotism style hiring policy. In fact many who ran for school board have told WUWB that while campaigning, the biggest question they were hit with was “who are you trying to get hired when you win?”. Wilkes-Barre has even gone so far as to hire based on padded envelopes, but now it would seem that having an all relative staff is catching up with us.

Imagine going to a family reunion and seeing your dumb cousin, come on we all have em, now imagine he’s the one charged with educating your children, oh wait you don’t have to imagine that one, your children attend WBASD…

Seriously don’t believe me, see for yourself WBASD hired the King’s party-boy son, and nephew at the very same meeting. Talk about corruption central, this was at the same time, as a board member, flat out told a citizen that he was also hiring his wife… TRUE STORY!!!

Solutions: Agora Cyber Charter School, less corrupt, better-safer environment, AWESOME friendly staff, knowledgeable teachers, in home coaching, tuition FREE, less hassle, oh ya and did I say less corrupt? Sorry I’m from Wilkes-Barre.

The average household income in Wilkes-Barre is $36,076 according to the 2010 census, yet our superintendent is paid 4 TIMES that amount for FAILING miserably.

Truly want your local schools/government back? STOP voting straight party, or actually go out and vote, but doing the same thing we've always done in Wilkes-Barre truly ain’t gettin er DONE!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Re-Elect Gas Thief

The committee to Re-Elect King Lie-A-Ton will be holding a fund raiser in the coming weeks at the Wilkes Barre Municipal Golf Club, in Bear Creek Township. The very same Golf Club that the average Wilkes Barre City Resident are forced to support, but may NOT EVER step foot on…. And the excuse is “the state won’t let us sell it”, I call bullshit, once again. Councilman Tony George has stated several times, that this can easily be done by the city attorney. Wilkes Barre is the ONLY 3rd class city in America to own land in another town, large enough to be another town (Ashley, PA to be exact).

This Good Ol’ Boys Club (AKA Golf Club) not only costs us money to run, and generates ZERO, ZILCH, BUPKIS in revenue for the city taxpayers, and is in fact drowning in debt, yet is a breeding ground for corrupt backroom dealings, of not only the King's administration but that of the entire County.

  • Remember Kids for Cash?, Well where do you think the judges golfed, and hatched that scheme?
  • And it hasn't stopped.  Just watch the list of attendees at the Gas Thief’s shindig…

It has been rumored that with membership in the Good Ol’ Boys Club up in Bear Creek Township comes a lifetime supply of FREE gas, and yet nobody is checking the pumps up there. Why you ask, because we ain't allowed on the premises…

So is there a plan to STOP this Gas Thief you may be asking. 

Well don’t hold your breath expecting the FBI to arrest him anytime soon, as I call your attention to Bob Mellow, they knew for year, and it took years to finally catch a thief.  And that brings me to Ray Musto who died before he was brought to justice, because the FBI waited until he was 900 years old before getting around to charging him, so again don’t pin your hopes on the FBI when it comes to ending Lie-A-Ton’s reign of terror.

So the solution you’re asking??? It’s a simple one, but it requires YOU to ACT NOW, get off your tookus, ask your neighbor one simple question “are you registered to VOTE?” if not have them CLICK HERE. Don’t count on the super voters in this city who’ve lead us here election after corrupt election. 

New voting blood is needed, because Tony George, the ONLY member of the current city council to EVER stand up for us, is running, but unless you want to see him defeated by the same old same old, you better do something NOW.

P.S. the same plan is needed should Tony lose and the Republican challenger become your last hope.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

More Missing Documents?

Once again Wilkes Barre City Hall is unwilling/unable to provided documents to a citizen’s RTK (Right To Know) request.

First there was Credit Card Gate: The case of the average Joe, seeking statements for the city owned credit cards in an effort to see where his government was spending/wasting his hard earned money. As you may or may not recall the in that case the city provided some of the sought statements, and said there were NO MORE… Even had city administrator Marie (liar liar pants on fire) McCormick sign a sworn affidavit saying she called the bank, and they didn’t have them either, and if that weren’t good enough, the city had BOA (Bank of America) produce a letter claiming “The remaining requested statements are unavailable”, YET in the end (upon subpoena of BOA) they did in fact exist. Click here to read They do exist

Then we had the case of Fishy Documents: Where a requestor sought to see “original” FIVE year old documents of the taxpayer funded home security systems installed at former city administrator J.J. ($300 per hr)  Murphy’s home, and the requestor was giving a FRESH hot of the press copy, without a creasy or crinkle, and when she questioned why the 5 year old document looked so good, the city’s RTK office said “their all like that”.  Click here to read Something Fishy @ City Hall

Now we arrive at Gas Gate: The case of the missing bill or cover letter, that generated check number 001043914 in the amount of $5,316.92 to be issued by the city to the PA Dept of Revenue on 8/6/2009, and the city’s response, of course, we don’t have it! Here’s an affidavit by city administrator Marie (liar liar pants on fire) McCormick, and if you don’t accept that, see the letter (our buddy, and former city councilman) likely had one of his coworkers cook up, claiming the State Department Revenue didn't keep a copy either.

The city would have us believe they only received this spreadsheet

And then knew to issue this check off the above spreadsheet ALONE???

Thank God the Judge saw right through this sham, but I do have to wonder, 

  • WHO is responsible for ensure that the city maintains the public documents that they are suppose to maintain? 
  • WHAT are the penalties should they say shred incriminating documents? 
  • Just a thought...

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Predatory towing OK in The WB

As if Wilkes Barre city hasn’t seen enough controversy over its past towing practices:

  • Price Gouging
  • Kickbacks
  • Lower Cars
  • Theft from vehicles (GUILTY)
  • Theft of vehicles (allegedly at this point)
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Charging Victims

Now the BobbleHead Council wants to remove an ordinance that was passed simply to target one outspoken tow truck operator, but is likely to impact any new towing contractor who picks up where LAG left off.

Council President Bill Barrett, who was behind the move to regulate the towers working in the city, said Sunday it’s time to put aside the “somewhat controversial ” law.

  • Controversial you say? Could it be because this law was only written for the purposes of impacting the business of one City Wide Tower?

“Right now, we think it’s best to remove it. It hasn’t been used,” Barrett said.

  • Humm,, could this pesky ordinance be in conflict with the planed gouging of your next towing pick?

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Critic Smeared by Trashy Rag

Warning to all you outspoken critics of the King, don’t so much as get a parking ticket or you'll windup explaining yourself in the new and improved Slimes Leader.   

The once proud, investigative, world class newspaper has resorted to supermarket tabloid style reporting, on a minor traffic violation of one of the king’s most outspoken critics.

According to the paper “Leighton critic Mark Robbins pleads guilty to minor hit-and-run”

NOT 100% accurate, and they know it!

Imagine if you will:

Scenario: You’re picking your car up from a repair garage, in the pouring rain, while pulling out of a tight parking spot, and you (accidently) rub into a car (not intending too, and not noticing) you drive home, and instead of the repair facility calling you to inform you, they call the cops, and a ticket is issued. Then the policeman calles you, gets your take on it, later calls you back a second time, and leaves you a message telling you that you did nothing illegal, but he must fine you.

See photos
Front end damage to Mark's Car

Where Mark rubbed bumper of second car

Keep in mind the damaged cars have been 100% repaired at Mr. Robbins expense, and after Robbins did plead guilty as instructed by the nice officer, his operator’s license was suspended do to being hit with double the points, because the incident involved 2 cars, Robbins got twice the points. So now Robbins is appealing the citation’s, and this is where and when the afore mentioned supermarket tabloid was spoon-feed the story, and being the good ole boy publication they are, they ran with it.

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