Saturday, June 14, 2014

More Missing Documents?

Once again Wilkes Barre City Hall is unwilling/unable to provided documents to a citizen’s RTK (Right To Know) request.

First there was Credit Card Gate: The case of the average Joe, seeking statements for the city owned credit cards in an effort to see where his government was spending/wasting his hard earned money. As you may or may not recall the in that case the city provided some of the sought statements, and said there were NO MORE… Even had city administrator Marie (liar liar pants on fire) McCormick sign a sworn affidavit saying she called the bank, and they didn’t have them either, and if that weren’t good enough, the city had BOA (Bank of America) produce a letter claiming “The remaining requested statements are unavailable”, YET in the end (upon subpoena of BOA) they did in fact exist. Click here to read They do exist

Then we had the case of Fishy Documents: Where a requestor sought to see “original” FIVE year old documents of the taxpayer funded home security systems installed at former city administrator J.J. ($300 per hr)  Murphy’s home, and the requestor was giving a FRESH hot of the press copy, without a creasy or crinkle, and when she questioned why the 5 year old document looked so good, the city’s RTK office said “their all like that”.  Click here to read Something Fishy @ City Hall

Now we arrive at Gas Gate: The case of the missing bill or cover letter, that generated check number 001043914 in the amount of $5,316.92 to be issued by the city to the PA Dept of Revenue on 8/6/2009, and the city’s response, of course, we don’t have it! Here’s an affidavit by city administrator Marie (liar liar pants on fire) McCormick, and if you don’t accept that, see the letter (our buddy, and former city councilman) likely had one of his coworkers cook up, claiming the State Department Revenue didn't keep a copy either.

The city would have us believe they only received this spreadsheet

And then knew to issue this check off the above spreadsheet ALONE???

Thank God the Judge saw right through this sham, but I do have to wonder, 

  • WHO is responsible for ensure that the city maintains the public documents that they are suppose to maintain? 
  • WHAT are the penalties should they say shred incriminating documents? 
  • Just a thought...

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