Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Salavantis: Mayor may steal gas, if he gives himself permission first…

(Outgoing) Luzerne County (Child) District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis issued a Press Release regarding the conclusion of the nearly THREE yearlong investigation into Gas Gate: the pilferage of city owned gas by Mayor Leighton. Who was pictured pilfering gas in his undershirt one morning around 6 AM.

In D.A. Salavantis’s press release she stated “Wilkes-Barre was first contacted by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) in the summer of 2009. State inspectors uncovered that individuals were using personal vehicles for City use and being reimbursed with tax-free fuel from the City pumps and the City was assessed a fine of $5,316.92”
  • In other words, the city was told in 2009 this was WRONG, but continued anyway….
“Following this incident, the City installed a new “stick key system” at the City pumps, but never put it into service.”
  •  WHY?
“Certain employees stated they always documented fuel use; others stated they arbitrarily or never documented fuel use and were never reviewed or reprimanded for the various practices.”
  •  AGAIN WHY???
Mayor Leighton issued his own Press Release where he stated: “My administration and I were not aware of any problems with the former method of monitoring usage. I take full responsibility for the lack of proper record keeping during this time. As soon as I was made aware of this poor practice, I immediately made arrangements to upgrade the city’s fuel pumps with an up-to-date tracking system. We do not anticipate any future problems concerning gasoline usage with the pump upgrades currently in place. At no time did I ever take gasoline without the knowledge of city employees.”

Leighton said “I take full responsibility for the lack of proper record keeping during this time.”
  • Let’s be clear the taxpayers were fined $25,919 because you took gas without documenting it, and you were warned in 2009 that this was wrong, so should you write a check for $25,919 to the general fund?
Leighton said “At no time did I ever take gasoline without the knowledge of city employees.”
  • Okay then why were you pilfering gas at 6 AM in your undershirt so early before the employees come in?
  • If the mayor did nothing wrong, why did he stop taking the free gas?

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Leo Finally FIRED

Why now?

Mayor Leighton cited an arbitrator’s ruling, which he said justified the move after the convicted Glodzik had “exhausted his options for appeal.”

But according to the Times Leader “the city’s justification for finally dropping the embattled towing contractor seems to be flawed.”

Glodzik’s lawyer says, adding that his client isn’t done fighting his sentence in a 2014 theft conviction.

Hum, me smells something fishy….

Could this have anything to do with the upcoming election? I know, I know Lie-A-Ton isn’t running, but is sidekicking, bootlicking, Bobblehead, George Brown is, and it’s no secret that in a one on one race between Tony George and Bobblehead Brown, Tony would mop the crime ridden streets with that Bobblehad, but thank goodness we have two vote splitters in the mix….

Effective immediately, the city has entered into an agreement with Falzone Towing Service, Inc., which had been the city’s temporary towing contractor.
The bed hopping city administrator: Greg Barrouk said the contract with Falzone has essentially the same terms as the contract with Glodzik, including the same $50,050 annual fee to be paid to the city. The five-year contract went into effect Tuesday and will be released publicly today, he said.

One minor difference is the fact that LAG couldn’t charge a fee to victims of crime for tows/recovery of their cars, and yet Falzone can charge upwards of TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS….

Barrouk said Leighton does not need council approval to award the contract, nor does he need to put the contract out for bid or seek proposals because towing is considered a professional service. He noted that Leighton was the first mayor to put the towing contract out for bid about 10 years ago, even though he was not required to do so.

So tell us Mr. Bed Hopper why did Lie-A-Ton bid it in the first place?

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