Thursday, November 29, 2012

11 OUT Let Farm Burn

As we now know our Shyster King is laying off 11 MORE of the guys who would, and have rush(ed) into a burning building to save us if need be. 

As of this Saturday our Fire Department will be down to ONE Engine. 

Let’s hope we don’t have an inferno greater then a wastepaper basking burning.  

"It feels like I got hit by a truck," said Firefighter Union President Mike Bilski.

Asked if he was concerned about the safety of city residents, Bilski said, "Oh my God, yes. we can't operate with just one engine on per shift."

As usual not ONE City Hall Suckhole is being let go, but 11 Firefighters, this is an outrage!

God forbid something should happen to the Barney Farmers, like the fire on Sullivan St, then and only then will The King see the value of a fully staffed Fire Department!!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Lead By Example

At last night’s budget hearing, council members, listened to citizens talk about how they, and many other residents, simply cannot afford yet another tax hike. 

At one point I actually thought council chairmen Mike Merritt was listening, when he asked Karen Ceppa-Hirko to repeat line 12 of her plan, but reading his comment in today’s Times Leader, proved he’s still sipping the Kool-Aid.

Council Chairman Mike Merritt said after the meeting “Nobody wants to raise taxes or lay people off,” “Yes, we will look at everything – including the administration. But a lot of those people have been in those jobs for years. If they were in the private sector, those jobs would pay a lot more.”

Wake Up, Mikey most of the King’s court are useless dead weight, and talking parrots who couldn’t find a job in the private sector if their life depended on it.
  • Point: A former city administrator who after milking the city for years as a do nothing, lying about charitable successes, then defrauded our parking authority out of tens of thousands in supposed consulting fees, he finally landed a job in what private sector? Oh ya, yet another City Government. (Poor Hobbs)

Fact is these people would be fired from Hostess for their level of performance, or lack thereof!!

Linda Urban presented a list of city employees and their salaries – about $14.7 million. “Oh, my God,” she said as she read off some of the numbers. “I think you people in the administration should be the first to be cut. It’s not necessary that you make all this money when people are being laid off.”

  • Linda is as usual RIGHT on the money!!!

The same newspapers, who endorsed this Shyster for King, have been calling for the King to now "lead by example", and take a pay cut himself: Mayor should lead by example but our anointed one responded with “In my nine years in office I never once took a pay raise, so in a sense I’ve already done my part.”

  • Sure you have Your Lordship! Let’s get past the fact that you’re the highest paid mayor in the region, and 3rd highest in the state, only trailing 1st class city’s, when we are a 3rd  class city!

What have other Mayors done when their towns were troubled:

Who could forget when Mayor Chris Doherty of Scranton took more than a 4% pay decrease, when he reduced his salary from $50,000 to $45,000 in 2007, but looking further we found that, this type of “Lead By Example” mentality is trending across the nation, take a look:

The above links are just a few examples of TRUE leadership, something our Shyster King campaigned heavily on, but is sorely lacking.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Budget meeting today 6 PM

As we prepare for tonight’s budget meeting, and the reality that we (The City) are broke, the King and Co. have offered no concessions, and their only solutions are: 

  • Either raise taxes, or 
  • Cut Fire, Police, and DPW, 
Or even a smidge of both will work, but whatever you do remember, not ONE City Hall Suckhole is to be touched, in either case.

City Hall is the central nerve center of our city: Said The King at a recent council meeting, and I agree. 

  • I’ve been saying “City Hall has some nerve” for a long time now, so the King’s comment should come as no surprise.

What might surprise you, is the truth about the base salaries for city employees. In a Times Leader article published back in October: our King attempted to deceive us by claiming he and his band of court jester’s were among average earners in the city, by releasing salaries that included:

  • Overtime created by the King’s inability to properly staff essential departments 
  • And monies awarded to union members who sought legal action against The City, for the King’s unfair business practices.
Please see the current Base Salary’s for all 276 City Employees, and notice The King and Co in the TOP TEN: not 50th as he claimed!!!

Name Department Current Salary
Dessoye, Gerard E Police Chief $98,971.00
Delaney, James J Fire Chief $86,063.00
Mccormick, Marie A City Administrator $86,061.00
Crane, Donald Police Dept Chief $83,141.00
Sauer, Kurt F Director of Ec & $81,758.00
Frati, Attilo Chief Building Inspector $81,600.00
Leighton, Thomas M Mayor $79,911.00
Reilly, Bruce J Fire Chief Ast. $78,838.00
Makar, Thomas Fire Chief Ast. $78,838.00
Snarski Edward T Fire Bat. Chief $78,838.00
Sharksnas, William A Fire Chief Ast. $77,466.00
Kross, Theodore R Health Director $74,325.00
Hughes, Jr., Robert P Police Capt $72,951.00
Pahler, Kenneth S DPW Boss $72,582.00
Harris, William C Zoning $71,327.00
Suchuster, Leon S Zoning $71,327.00
Ryan, James City Clerk $71,199.00
Kittrick, Brett G $70,000.00
Olshefski, Steven J Police $69,334.00
Lendacky, Marcella J Police $68,715.00
Middleton, Paul E Police $68,715.00
Lau, Louis IT Director $68,659.00
Barrouk, Gregory Economic Develop $67,898.00
Sevison, Brent L Police Dt $67,846.00
Simonetti, Robert A Police Dt $67,846.00
Sabestinas, Dennis Master Electrician $66,634.00
Bitzer, Joseph G Police Dt $66,277.00
Ostrum, John J Fire Capt. $66,234.00
Curham, John R Police Sgt $66,063.00
Foy, Jr., Ronald J Police Dt $66,063.00
Lukasavage, Kenneth Police Sgt $66,061.00
Sobocinski, David B Police Dt $66,061.00
Harden, William D Police $66,061.00
Coffay, Jr., Joseph J Police Dt $65,467.00
Malloy, Mark F Police Dt $65,467.00
Jensen, Charles M Police $65,467.00
Dehaut, Francis P Police $65,175.00
Zenda Jr., Stanley R Fire Capt. $65,102.00
Novak, Joseph G Police Sgt $64,870.00
Kelly, John J Fire Capt. $64,535.00
Price, Duane Police Sgt $64,277.00
Stash, Matthew Police Sgt $64,277.00
Gatrell Jr., James L Police Dt $64,277.00
Sheridan, James Police $64,277.00
Bozek, Robert L Police $64,035.00
Schatzel, Melissa A Human Resources $64,025.00
Chandler, Sean B Paramedic $63,879.00
McHugh, Raymond C Dept. Controller $63,763.00
Elick, Ralph T Police Dt $63,680.00
Sereyka, Harold Police $63,462.00
Touey, James P Police $63,461.00
Rodriguez, Albert R Police $62,889.00
Kupetz, Thomas W Police $62,888.00
McHenry, Francis M Fire Capt. $62,838.00
Fannon, Robert J Fire $62,837.00
Roberts, Christopher Police $62,492.00
Harding, Thomas D Police $62,490.00
Owens, Richard R Fire $62,418.00
Harding, Richard C Police $62,316.00
Nahill, Thomas P Police $62,316.00
Oswald, Erika C Police $62,316.00
Buchanan, Christopher Fire $62,271.00
Smith, Robert Fire $62,271.00
Klapat, Alan F Fire $62,271.00
Murtha, William J Fire $62,271.00
Siskovich, Theodore W Fire $61,876.00
Gribble, Alan M Police $61,745.00
Hine, Scott J Police $61,745.00
Merchel, Kirk A Police $61,745.00
Smith, Brett R Police $61,745.00
Perlis, Joseph J Fire Capt. $61,705.00
Williams, Christopher Fire Capt. $61,705.00
McCarthy, Harry T Fire $60,791.00
Arnone, Joseph C Fire $60,790.00
Berlew, Jeffrey Fire $60,790.00
Voelker, Frederick H Fire $60,790.00
Majikes, John F Police $60,601.00
Lendacky, Damian Fire $60,573.00
Suchoski, Robert A Fire $60,573.00
Ostrowski, Joseph B Fire $60,248.00
Spellman, Jude Paramedic $60,054.00
Casey, Charles E Police $60,030.00
Gutkowski, Leonard J Police $60,030.00
Kane, John M Police $60,030.00
Lada, Steven S Police $60,030.00
Maciejczyk, Christophe Police $60,030.00
Mangan, Joseph P Police $60,030.00
Mishanski, Edward B Police $60,030.00
Mortensen, Christopher Police $60,030.00
Myers, Phillip J Police $60,030.00
Ninotti, Tino Police $60,030.00
Rittel, Eugene J Police $60,030.00
Sereyka, Jeremy Police $60,030.00
Wolfe, Douglas A Police $60,030.00
Wychock, Stanley J Police $60,030.00
Boyle, Jr., Michael G Police $60,030.00
Kaluzny, Thomas J Police $60,030.00
Burke, Thomas J Fire $59,705.00
Ulichney, John F Fire $59,704.00
Trimble, Ronald D Retired $59,578.00
Emplit, Daniel R Fire $59,163.00
Bilski, Michael Fire $59,162.00
Dayton, William J Fire $59,162.00
Murphy, Marc J Rental Inspections $59,000.00
Anthony, Jason R Police $58,888.00
Falcone, Anthony J Police $58,888.00
Fisher, James M Police $58,888.00
Gist, Brian Police $58,888.00
Kurutz, David M Police $58,888.00
McGrath, Michael G Police $58,888.00
Polemitis, Yuannis G Police $58,888.00
Rennick, Mitchell L Police $58,888.00
Yelland, Shane J Police $58,888.00
Ziegler, Joseph T Police $58,888.00
Fox, Samuel Fire $58,619.00
Klapat, Thomas J Fire $58,619.00
Polacheck, Joseph Fire $58,619.00
Balchun, David J Police $58,316.00
Collins, Robert Police $58,316.00
Dumont, Cory Police $58,316.00
Hardy, Christopher D Police $58,316.00
Jones, Kennith Police $58,316.00
Kaluzny, Jacob J Police $58,316.00
Labar, Marc Police $58,316.00
Morris, David J Police $58,316.00
Sinavage, Joseph L Police $58,316.00
Steve, Kevin S Police $58,316.00
Conmy, James Police $58,314.00
Cope, Dana Police $58,314.00
Crawford, Paul Police $58,314.00
Magagna, Bernard Police $58,314.00
Cross, Thomas Fire $58,077.00
Evanko, Francis M Fire $58,077.00
Kelley Jr., John H Fire $58,077.00
Williams, Shawn P Fire $58,077.00
Meehan, Paul J Fire $58,077.00
Shinko, Stanley M Fire $58,077.00
Sudnick, Robert P Fire $58,077.00
Baldoni, John B Fire $58,076.00
Graham, Ralph C Fire $58,076.00
Hall, II, Donald R Fire $58,076.00
Meehan, Francis C Fire $58,076.00
Snyder, Thomas Fire $58,076.00
Benson, Christopher M Police $57,744.00
Dudick, Jason Police $57,744.00
Ference, Jeffrey K Police $57,744.00
Freeman, Stephen E Police $57,744.00
Freitas, Gregory J Fire $57,534.00
Heffers, Thomas F Fire $57,534.00
Lear, Mark W Fire $57,534.00
Leibman, George M Fire $57,534.00
Roberts, David R Fire $57,534.00
Ulichney, Michael J Fire $57,534.00
Voelker, Kevin B Fire $57,534.00
Crawford, Michael J Fire $57,534.00
Kovach, Kevin F Fire $57,534.00
Steininger, Robert L Fire $57,534.00
Torbik, Delphine D City Nurse $57,254.00
Drevitch, Brian Fire $56,991.00
Hirko, Thomas D Fire $56,991.00
Rae, Robert R Fire $56,991.00
Stehle, Robert F Fire $56,991.00
Walker, Alfred G Fire $56,991.00
Anderson, Eric M Fire $56,991.00
Lehman, George J Fire $56,991.00
Smith, Edmond J Fire $56,991.00
Barry, Mark T Grant Coordinator  $56,121.00
Court, William Fire $54,277.00
Murphy, Thomas J Fire $54,277.00
Schatzel, George Fire $54,277.00
Smith, Christopher S Fire $54,277.00
Smith, Jr., Robert Fire $54,277.00
Zaremba, James Fire $54,277.00
Simonson, Michael Asst Director $53,179.00
Dunleavy, Michael J Purchasing Agent $52,169.00
Henrey, Timothy J City Attorney $52,158.00
Alu, Jeffrey B Fire $51,233.00
Hammond, Tyler Fire $51,233.00
Johns, Eric Fire $51,233.00
Newcomb, Jason Fire $51,233.00
Patla, Angela L Fire $51,233.00
Stadulis, Michael Fire $51,233.00
Kratz, Frank Chief Building Code $50,994.00
Dessoye, Jeanne C Deputy Finance $50,739.00
Pahler, Charles Bioterrorism $49,619.00
Monka, Peter Foreman $48,899.00
Barrett, Betty J Ast. Director $48,740.00
Livingston, John Recreation manager $48,691.00
Pape, Frederick D Inspector $48,613.00
Sharksnas, Margaret M Paralegal $48,370.00
Vinsko, William E Ast. City Attorney $48,247.00
Jacob, Bernadette M Computer $47,419.00
Semenza, JoAnn Rental Inspections $47,358.00
Flannery, Thomas A Police Info $47,230.00
Payne, Christine A Ast. City Clerk $47,230.00
Spellman, Mary A Ambulance billing $47,230.00
Lewis, David T Property Foreman $46,794.00
Smith, Carol L Rental Inspections $46,646.00
Kittrick, Joann M Accounting $45,985.00
Romanelli, Ronald M Public Safety Director $45,507.00
Meehan, Ellen Human Resources $44,827.00
Roberts, Nichole Envir & Contract Sp $44,827.00
Decker, Amy Accounts Payable $44,827.00
Lewis, Michael H DPW $44,483.00
Nixon, Michael J DPW $44,483.00
Kane, Kathryn M Controller $44,063.00
Pesotski, Edward D City Revitalization $43,806.00
Hershberger, Frank R IT $42,988.00
Owens, Dorothy L Office Manager $42,892.00
Sanfilippo, Lisa M Administrative Ast. $42,180.00
Dehaut, David A DPW $42,160.00
Dumble, Jeffrey DPW $42,160.00
Earley, John W DPW $42,160.00
Graham, Paul J DPW $42,160.00
Hughes, Ralph DPW $42,160.00
Winder, Jeff J DPW $42,160.00
Garrett, Gwendolyn Excutive Sec $41,727.00
Obrzut, Sr. Mark E DPW $41,318.00
Pearce, Timothy DPW $41,318.00
Amos, Nicole LPN $39,293.00
Warnick, Cheryl A Clerk $39,075.00
McLaughlin, Drew Mayor Aide $38,682.00
Gagliardi, JoAnne M Foreman $38,542.00
Rodano, Joseph Health Inspector $38,321.00
Elias, James J Health Inspector $38,321.00
Drevitch, Kenneth Rehabilitation Sp $38,068.00
Pius, Brian C DPW $37,787.00
Stajewski, Robert G DPW $37,787.00
Tesar, Robert J DPW $37,787.00
Egroff, Kevin Mechanic $37,786.00
McCue, Gerald E Mechanic $37,786.00
Kennedy, Susan L Health Officer $37,126.00
Campbell, John DPW $35,846.00
Culver, Daniel DPW $35,846.00
Decker, Daniel DPW $35,846.00
Dimirco, Mark A DPW $35,846.00
Gibbon, Nathan J DPW $35,846.00
Grohonwski, Brian A DPW $35,846.00
Harris, Earl DPW $35,846.00
Heck, Michael DPW $35,846.00
King, Jeffrey R DPW $35,846.00
Martin, Michael DPW $35,846.00
Pachucki, Donald J DPW $35,846.00
Reiser, William DPW $35,846.00
Rodzinak, Daniel DPW $35,846.00
Schultz, Robert DPW $35,846.00
Sterling, Jamie DPW $35,846.00
Weishuhn, Raymond DPW $35,846.00
White, Anthony DPW $35,846.00
Wychock, Stanley DPW $35,846.00
Anstett, John J Assessor $35,689.00
Amesbury, Ann Revenue Clerk $35,634.00
McDade, Edward Animal Enforcement $35,496.00
Hughes, Patricia M Clerk $33,409.00
Ginter, Paul Health Officer $32,492.00
Garvey, Joseph DPW  $32,362.00
Fritz, Keith DPW $32,362.00
Froelick, Michael C DPW $32,362.00
Scott, Matthew DPW $32,362.00
Stefansky, Joseph DPW $32,362.00
White, Anthony J DPW $32,362.00
Bush, Roxanne L Custodian $30,586.00
Moses, George Physician $29,907.00
Earley, Diane Civil Clerk $29,529.00
John, Alfred Parking Enforcement $29,387.00
Engel, Matthew S Civil Clerk $26,111.00
Koval, Gregory J Parking Enforcement $26,110.00
Cave, Nicholas Parking Enforcement $20,888.00
Walker, Alfonzo Parking Enforcement $20,888.00
Thoma, Molly Police $20,800.00
Majikes, Lore PART TIME $18,624.00
Merritt, Michael A City Council Chairman $14,699.00
Barrett, William City Council $13,199.00
Brown, George City Council $13,199.00
George, Antohony City Council $13,199.00
Lavelle, Maureen City Council $13,199.00

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