Monday, November 26, 2012

City mayor's visit comes with ominous overtones

My fellow citizens and taxpayers in the City of Wilkes-Barre: If you for one minute believe that the mayor just happened to drop in on the Parking Authority meeting, or just quizzically made inquiries as to the financial status of said authority, you are either 
  1. Very na├»ve, or 
  2. As stupid as he thinks you are!
We have a group of dedicated citizens who unselfishly give of their time and talents to run a board that is probably the only city entity that operates in the black. Now they are being looked at by the mayor trying to figure a way to gain control of the finances that they have so carefully accrued through good responsible financial management.

LAZ (not to be confused with LAG the tow company) has managed the daily affairs as to the maintenance, and oversight of the parking facilities with no problems, as reported by the authority. The financial report requested by the mayor only fortifies the fact that the present board is doing a great job, and looking out for the interest of the taxpayers of Wilkes-Barre. I would also pose the question to the city council to reject any future appointments to this board as a move to replace any of the current members.

There are two sitting members on the board whose terms expire shortly. When asked by me at said meeting if they would like to remain if asked, both replied in the affirmative. The mayor, when asked if they would be retained, was as usual very vague in his response. My point being that if the board is doing its job well and operating in the black, why try to fix something that is not broken? (The answer obviously is who controls the board, controls the finances.) The board members' dedication and hard work appears to be secondary!

The mayor was quoted as saying, "We're just trying to do what's in the best interest of city taxpayers."

Mr. Mayor, if that's the case, and you do not have an ulterior motive, why not just let sleeping dogs lie? Had you been sincere, you would have praised the board for doing an excellent job as wards of the taxpayer dollar. But your impromptu visit had ominous overtones.

Long after you are gone, and a mere blip on the horizon, we, the citizens of Wilkes-Barre, will still have to live with what you have done, and what you did not do. So far, the legacy you are saddled with is no better and maybe even worse than what you saddled your predecessor with.

Ray Arellano

Thank you Ray, for seeing this for what it truly is. We only hope the council will also see any new appointments for what they truly are. An attempt to hijack, lease, and loot this authority. 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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