Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don’t tell The King he can’t Lease It!!!

The King’s half baked plan to lease the parking authority for a quick fix to the cities poor financial health, looks like it's on it's way to being resurrected, and seems to be on life support for the moment.

The King showed up at yesterdays parking authority meeting only to be greeted by the Taxpayers of City, and the Press! By the bright RED color of the King’s shiny head it was clear he expected this to be yet another in the dark meeting as usual, but thankfully not!

According to The Citizens Voice: Chairman Paul Maher began the meeting by declaring parts of it would be closed to the public, many stood their ground and questioned why they were being asked to leave.

Attorney Murray Ufberg said he was unaware of the board's plan to close the meeting. Maher said the reason was to meet with Leighton, but Leighton said he was simply there to observe and was fine with the meeting being public.

  • Ya RIGHT, he was caught red handed, or red headed whatever the case may be, and didn’t want to admit it!

When Betsy Summers asked Attorney Murray Ufberg “was removing the press and public, in compliance with The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act” Mr. Ufberg remained silent.

  • Seems like The King was up to the same old tricks of backroom deals and browbeating the Parking Authority into submission.

As the meeting when on The King stated he was still in secret negotiations with several companies who remained interested in leasing the Parking Authority in exchange for a ONE time quick fix.

The King then scolded the board for leaking information about those negotiations that "maybe they shouldn't."

"These are national companies who don't like others knowing who they're dealing with," Leighton said.

When citizens questioned why companies wouldn’t want others to know what they’re doing, and asked “why don't want to operate, openly, and honestly in the public?” The King fired back with personal attacks.

As it would seem The King doesn't like being questioned by taxpayers, and should anyone have the nerve to question his lordship, they will suffer his wrath!

  • Don’t ask Don’t tell, Still alive and well in Da Hood!

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