Thursday, June 28, 2012

Future money?

Ed Katarsky of the parking authority said
  • We were lied too!

Let’s take a look at the lies Ed may have been referring to:

What The King said V.S. What He Meant

Leighton said Wednesday. “What we lost was future money we could use now.”

Meant: We squandered everything we had on hand, and all that’s left is what’s yet to come!

Leighton said that “future money” would have been available now and in coming years to keep taxes down, improve infrastructure and hire more police officers.

Meant: I will dangle public safety, and higher taxes, once again in the hopes the Sheeple will fall for it!

The mayor wants to talk to the parking authority about forming a NEW municipal authority that would assume control of all the city’s parking assets – 2,113 garage spaces, 160 surface lot spaces and 800 parking meters. Some authority members have come out in support of taking over the city-owned portion – the Intermodal Transportation Center and meters. The authority controls the parking garages and surface lots.

Meant: The current authority didn’t fold under pressure, so I must create a NEW authority, That I can control! 

Drew Mc-Laugh-In chimes in:

Drew McLaughlin, the city’s administrative coordinator, said the city does not have the ability to dissolve an independent authority.

Even Drew knows “YOU DON’T OWN ME” the city has said many times we don’t own the authority. Remember this is why they didn’t need to follow the bid process, so the King has no authority, but will the Parking Authority stay strong, or will they bail on the taxpayers?

The mayor and City Council are committed to working with the Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority on pursuing a public option that would consolidate the assets under the control of a new authority,” McLaughlin said. “We are exploring a public finance option and not a private lease. …”

Meant: We need to sell this another way!

Leighton said the city administration is starting the budget process. The mayor will present his 2013 budget in October. Property taxes were not raised last year, he said, but he can’t make any guarantees the same will be true for next year.

The loss of a parking deal might affect taxes or employment,” Leighton said. “We said all along if leasing the parking assets was not in the best interest of the taxpayers, we wouldn’t do it.”

Meant: We are broke because of my back room deals, and if this doesn’t work YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!

News Flash Folks, you are already paying for it!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Round 1 Taxpayers

From a distance it may look like The King has been defeated, but I assure you this is only Round 1.

The Times leader, and Citizens Voice are reporting

And citizens are breathing a bit easier, but remember folks this is King Tommy we're talking about, and when have we ever known him to be out maneuvered by “the average Joe” unless it involves missing credit card statements?  

You may remember The King held a Closed Door meeting Monday night where he told the parking authority 
  • “I don’t give a F**K what you do, I will win this WAR”

  • War the King said, are we “the city” at war, and if so with whom?
  • Is it the parking authority that is the enemy here? 
  • Or is it that pesky taxpayers group, that seems to think it has the right to ask questions of its own government?
  • I mean really what are folks in this town drinking, to think they are entitled to know where your tax dollars are going! 

I wonder what the King meant by “I will win this war”?

  • My money is on the war the King is fighting, fending off the cities creditors!
  • We can’t keep refinancing!
  • We are broke, and if we do as many cities have done, and file Distressed City Status we will be subject to the governors audit, and I am also betting the governor won’t accept the standard “we don’t have the records” response citizens get when they ask to see the books.  

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parking on the RISE?

The deal to lease The City’s parking assets may not be “officially done” yet but the rates for parking at The City’s parking garages are already on the rise.

Park-N-Lock Central which up until last week charged $0.90 per hour is now charging $1.50 per hour.

In addition sources tell Wake Up Wilkes Barre that the city has already hired 2 new parking enforcement officers, whose sole responsibility will be to ticket cars as soon as the meters time elapses.

It should also be noted said one source "that King Tommy held yet another secret meeting with the parking authority solicitor Murray Ufberg this week".

One can only wonder??
  • What’s going on?
  • If the bids aren’t even in yet, and we don’t even have a firm number at which we are being sold down the river, then why are we seeing rates almost double at our parking garages?
  • Why do we need 2 new enforcement officers?
  • Are we going to be like Chicago? Ticketing all hours of the early morning, and way into the late evening?

It’s looking ugly out there for the downtown business, and residents already, and there’s not even ink on paper yet!

  • Just wait!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leo LIES, King Tommy BUYS!

As The Citizens Voice Newspaper continues it's fight in court to see records that, according to the cities contract with LAG towing, should be in the cities possession monthly, they are told one ridiculous story after another, by both Leo, & King Tommy

As reported in The Citizens Voice  Leo lies worse than a cheap rug from Russia

From previous reports Leo has stated he gives his "only copy" of his business records to some unnamed accountant, and that poor excuse for a financial wizard takes one look, and then off to the shredder they go!

  • Really LEO?

Three accountants told The Citizens' Voice in phone interviews that such shredding defies common practice. But Glodzik was insistent in a brief interview Monday night those accountants were mistaken.

  • Yup, Leo all 3 real, and reputable accountants are mistake & your mysterious, shredding fairy is correct! Do you hear yourself? 

Glodzik's attorney told the judge on Monday he also remained unaware who the accountant is.

  • OK now LEO won’t even confide in the one person who is defending his sorry behind!

"What they should do is look it up, because I'm not required to do that," Glodzik said.

  • Your right LEO we wouldn’t want you to have to pay taxes on earned income now would we?

Professional accountants told The Citizens' Voice that records should be kept at least three years in case of a tax audit. Told about such accounting practices, Glodzik said, "Well, if my accountant looked at it and thought it was OK, well, that's it."

  • That’s it folks LEO has spoken! 

Glodzik's explanation appeared to satisfy Mayor Tom Leighton, who expressed his support for Glodzik and said the tower, represents the city well.

Leighton said Monday he has received a "minuscule" number of complaints

  • Wake Up King Tommy: YOU have gotten a crap load of complaints they just fall on deaf ears, like everything else we have been screaming about!

"We're not looking for the receipts and we haven't gotten many complaints," Leighton said.

  • WOW we ain't gunna do it! The audacity of this Guy!

Judge Lesa S. Gelb ruled Glodzik has until Monday to submit the affidavit from the accountant to explain why and when the documents were disposed.

  • WOW: Thank you Judge Lesa S. Gelb, for not buying the same load of crap Leo has been feeding poor King Tommy!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Thursday, June 14, 2012

R E S P E C T Find out what it means to LEO!

Citizen Mark Robbins continues his efforts for truth, justice, and the pursuit of happiness in the City of Wilkes Barre.

While Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing continues the SPIN. Attempting desperately to deflect from his unscrupulous like business practices. 

In the Citizens Voice just this week Glodzik said  he never overcharged anyone from his standard tow rate of $175

But on WBRE:

Leo told Joe Holden “every tow is different. It’s like a root canal”
  • You know Dentistry – Towing Cars, so close!

Leo said “I run a reputable business” 
  • I guess if you can call, providing your only copy, of your business records, to an unnamed accountant, to be shredded monthly, reputable? Then LAG is reputable!

Leo also said “nobody likes to be towed, but when someone gets towed, I treat them with RESPECT!”
  • So overcharging them, keeping their cars, and ripping off the public, with King Tommy’s blessing, is now called RESPECT! 
  • Remember folks you heard it here first, that’s RESPECT!!!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are we BROKE yet?

We have all heard King Tommy, crying for years: 

We don’t have the MONEY for silly nonsense like:
  • Firemen
  • Police
  • Crime Prevention
  • Clutter Clean-Up 
  • Street Repair
  • The Fountain on The Square
  • New Years Eve Diamond Drops
  • OR, Just Basic City Maintenance

But Monday:

The Taxpayers via The City Parking Authority paid former City Administrator JJ Murphy and Fox Rothschild Attorney Alan Wohlstetter $1,750 for 2 1/2 hours of so called work. 

Or if we are in phase two it could have been as high as $2,337

Just to put this in perspective:

If your salary is $50,000 per year... you make $60.09 for 2 1/2 hours of work

Annualized Salary:

Murphy $832,000 per year at $400 per hour

Wohlstetter $1,112,800 per year at $535 per hour

  • And the Mayor is crying poverty.
  • Are we BROKE yet?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Saturday, June 9, 2012

What is overcharging?

The Citizens Voice article: City towing contractor: 'I'm not the enemy'

Glodzik said he never overcharged anyone from his standard tow rate of $175. But George said a trusted friend approached him about two months ago to complain about a $600 tow.

In this photo obtained by Wake Up Wilkes Barre you can clearly see the towing fee charged to the customer as $200. 

So when Leo says “he never overcharged anyone from his standard tow rate of $175” I guess this customer must have been a nobody, 

  • RIGHT LEO????

Jessica Marcincavage, a U.S. Marine paid $500 with a Visa credit card?

Wait a minute; didn’t Leo tell Mark Robbins he couldn’t accept credit cards, when Make tried helping Ms. Boyer, due to the risk of Mark being able to stop the payment?

In the Time Leader article: Tower shows car, eyes negotiating

“I still don’t know why Mark Robbins got involved,” Glodzik said. “But I wouldn’t accept the credit card because I was afraid the charge would be cancelled after they left with the car.

By the way if that ridiculous statement were true Mark would have been charged with theft of service.

I am so confused, but hay this is the Chosen, Golden Boy, that was hand pick, by King Tommy: "We've had very few complaints on him." Said the King!

  • Leo is also protected by City Police, every time the police tell good citizens “it’s a civil matter”. That my friends in BLUE is nothing more than a COPOUT! 
Pardon the pun!

This is a City Impound lot, and nothing this guy does under the city banner is civil! 

This city could be held liable for a class action lawsuit! 

Calling all lawyers with backbone, who want to truly make a difference: TAG - LAG

Wake Up Wilkes Barre 

Welcome to Wilkes Barre a Great Place to LEAVE!

It’s FREE Casino Cash, I tell ya! 
FREE Money! 
Did ya hear it’s FREE!!
Entering from the North

Entering from the North

What is this Mess?

Can someone tell me?

Don’t even try coming from Hanover TWP

I would SELL 2

Wake Up South Wilkes Barre!

Hanover St

Park Ave
Fire House LEO?
Parrish St

Penn Ave Dump?

Penn Ave Dump?

Wells St
Coming from the East

You tell me will $5000 change any of this?

Looks like some folks haven't left the Farm ( Barney that is) for a very long time !

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It’s Tommy’s MONEY and he’ll SPEND it HOW?

City Liar - I mean Lawyer Tim Henry appeared at the hearing on behalf of Leighton, who opted not to attend. He argued the city’s charter vests authority with the mayor to make any expenditure, unless the expense exceeds $20,000. In that case, the mayor must seek approval of council.

Henry also noted nothing in the charter limits spending to just city property. 

If Kadluboski, Urban or any other taxpayer does not like the mayor’s decisions, their remedy is to vote him out of office, Henry said.

This is the way things are done in Wilkes-Barre. Mr. Kadluboski may not like it, but the remedy is to vote for somebody else.” Henry said.

  • In other word, Tough Darts Folks!

Although, Mr. Kadluboski said he didn’t expect to win, and will appeal Carmody’s decision to Luzerne County Court, we salute you, Mr. Kadluboski for you efforts.

Remember folks as long as there are good, honest folks willing to take a stand against our oppressive King  Resistance is NOT Futile!

Keep up the fight!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre 

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

No Bid City

To Bid or Not To Bid that is the question, or at least it should be!

When it comes to what should be put out for bid the answer is real clear. 

  • Anything over $20,000

When it comes to why we haven’t put something out for bid, the answers on the other hand are a bit ridiculous:

No Bid, Fire trucks:

  • Private donation so no need for bidding
  • Specific Patented Items

No Bid Gas:

  • Now KING TOMMY is making the claim that Gas is not a product, it’s a service!

I guess that’s why it was called a “Service Station” back in the day!

So I it would stand to reason that “Gas” is a product if it is produced!

The King did however give an excuse with some merit:

  • “This is not someone I brought in new. They were here for many previous administrations,” Leighton said

True enough, the King didn’t hire a new buddy. He just gave his old buddy a free pass to not publicly, openly, and honestly earn the cities business through the bid process.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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