Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Resistance is NOT Futile!

Wilkes Barre City’s leadership is no stranger to corruption, backroom deals, questionable hiring practices, and dictator like governing, or so I am told.

It has been just less than one year since a handful of concerned citizens began their quest for truth, justice, and the pursuit of a cleaner, leaner, less meaner city government.

In that short time we have seen: "Click on the links to view the stories"

Many keep saying, and trust me folks there are many days when I and many like me feel like Resistance is Futile. 
  • There just no use! 
  • You can’t fight City Hall! 
  • That’s just the way it is, and that just the way it will always be. 
  • Your one person, you can’t change the way people think. 

But there is one among us who is always positive, who never listens to the naysayers, who keeps reminding me, and everyone else that we took up this cause just one year ago, and look at all that has come out. If this is what they released what else are they hiding.

So with that I must concede that if your reading Wake Up Wilkes Barre, PureBunkum, Grateful Hands, Firefighter Dan, or anything else for that matter where truth is not only expected but demanded then Resistance is NOT Futile!

This Blog is dedicated to my dear friend, fearless leader, and always positive grounding post. 

You know who you are, and we "the citizens" are forever grateful for all your hard work.

Thank you,
Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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