Friday, May 11, 2012

Namey out, Kane in?

The Valley Scanner reported on Kathy Kane resigning as chairman of the Luzerne County Democratic Committee to run for a job in June, and asked the question what JOB?

Well word on the street is she’s eyeing Dr. Namey’s Job as Superintendent of Schools for Wilkes Barre Area: 

  • Remember folks Kane thinks she is Able.
  • After all, the long time teacher turned councilwoman was elected city controller with little to no experience. 
  • Once elected controller she rarely shows up for work, and when she does she skips out for her late morning coffee rarely to return.

So why not let the teacher, turn cupcake hating councilwoman, turn nonexistent city controller, negotiate her former coworker’s contracts with the labor unions? 

I'm betting she would have noticed a runaway lawyer over billing the district long before the Feds! 

In a recent Times Leader article School Board President Maryanne Toole stated: “the district needs a serious break from a tainted past and that requires a fresh face at the top.

I guess Kathy, either didn’t get the message or while on her cruse she is paying a visit to Joan Rivers’s plastic surgeon. Either way like Mrs. Toole said we want a “Fresh Face”!

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