Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bidding, not just for EBay anymore!

According to the Times Leader: W-B owes $30,000 for bid violations

Not following the Bid process! Well

  • That’s just the way it is in Wilkes Barre. 

Let’s see we didn’t  ask for bids when we bought Fire Trucks, and when reporters asked, the King said we didn’t need to, we used COSTARS, a state program that includes vendors who have been pre-approved to sell items to municipalities statewide

But upon further investigation the state said Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

Then when the King and his shyster buddy, cooked up the idea to hire him and his family, so they could sell the city’s parking authority down the river, because he can’t seem to find work in the private sector. 

We didn't put that work out for bid either, but hey the parking authority isn’t technically owned by the city so it’s all good!

Now at the cost of $30,000 to the city taxpayers, for not following the bid process, the King and Butch say things like we didn’t know!

  • “When we purchase these products, it’s very difficult to know exactly where you are going to land,” Frati said.

I guess it would be too much to ask of Butch, to just look at how much we used in previous years and guess that we always go over $10.000!

  • Frati said cold patch also does not have a long shelf life!

I guess the stuff is like MILK!

  • Frati said the vendor in this case, American Asphalt, was approved to sell certain items under COSTARS, but asphalt was not one of them. The city mistakenly believed that product was included, Frati said.

COSTARS again? I don’t know Butch perhaps you could have looked at the COSTARS Bid sheet FIRST! Just a thought!

  • “We keep as close an eye on it as we can, but if we go over it, we go over,” Frati said.

Hey it’s not like the $30,000 is coming out of Butch’s pocket, RIGHT

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


  1. Bill the Mayor and J.J. for the security systems, and that will cover at least half of the bid violation debt....

  2. The so called King should have to pay that out of his pocket let him get his buddy JJ who is making booca bucks to help him pay it.


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