Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is the PA Attorney General’s office biased?

Recently Linda Urban of the Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers Association once again raised issue with Mayor Leighton and former city administrator J.J. Murphy, for dipping into the general fund at will, to not only buy overpriced taxpayer funded home security systems, but to also pay an outrageous fee to move one of the security systems years after any supposed threat had passed. In addition let's not forget that the taxpayers were also billed for monitoring fee, but remember that was a simple 5 Year old accounting error. 

The response by the administration as reported in the Times Leader “City Administrator Marie McCormick said the issue was brought up in the past and an independent investigation by law enforcement found the purchases were allowable and legal.”

I wonder was Marie referring to Linda’s private civil criminal complaint, filed in district court, forwarded to the Luzerne County D.A., and then forwarded to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office only to be dismissed, without cause.

I wonder if the fact that J.J.’s own father has worked for the PA Attorney General’s office for the last 5 years had anything to do with it.

I know what you’re thinking: He’s not a prosecutor, and if he asked his boss to drop the investigation into his boy, they surly wouldn’t! 
  • Or would they?
  • This is Pennsylvania after all!
  • Land of corruption!
How many local, city, county, school board, state, elected officials has it been that have been charged? I know I’ve lost count!

Should we also wonder, since the taxpayers unknowing gifted these outrageously overpriced security systems to the King, and his Joker should they not have least had the decency to claim them on their 1040, and a gift?

After all if you win something from the radio station you get a 1099, so shouldn’t they have reported the generosity of the taxpayers to the IRS?

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