Saturday, May 4, 2013

Moonlighting Cops grab fast cash

The Times leader today reported that, the police department’s Special Detail program places trained officers at public events or businesses at no cost to the city, said city administrative coordinator and spokesman Drew McLaughlin.

  • OK Drew tells us about the beat down in front of the Hardware Bar. Is Jones in trouble or not, and who will face the civil suit, ONLY the OFF DUTY officer or The City???
  • Linda Urban has been asking about this for years at council meetings, and not one of the bobbleheads ever gave her a straight answer.

Tonight in front of Movies 14
In Wilkes-Barre, off-duty officers who work special detail events are paid directly by the vendor who hires them for security, McLaughlin said, with the officer personally responsible to claim the extra income when they file taxes.

  • Hum… Are they, at $35 per HR CASH????

“They are basically private contractors,” McLaughlin said. “Their pay does not affect their pension or is counted as city time. They are supplemental officers working a private detail and are not part of a patrol platoon working that day or night.”

  • Now Drew, what if the officer is injured on detail, would that then affect their workers comp?

McLaughlin said off-duty officers working details pay the city a fee to cover the use of cruisers as well as insurance coverage.

  • Can I see the canceled checks, not that I think an officer would lie. OK after watching Brian Gist in court, I know at least one that would.

We do have to wonder why Drew didn’t mention the Hardware Bar, and Sherman Hills as they always have detail. One Facebook poster said “the hardware bar falls under athletic events, chasing, wrestling and tackling drunks”.

Some fun detail photos sent to Wake Up Wilkes Barre, while on Detail, Enjoy 
Auto Detailing? 

Detailed Planking? (thought to be Scranton, but in front of Bell Furniture)
$35 Per Hr for this? (Hardware Bar WBPD)

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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