Friday, May 10, 2013

Mr. Magoo saw more than Hawkeye

For about THREE weeks now citizens, guests, and college students of our city have been beaten, robbed, and apple picked by a group described only as black males, yet Magoo Security Solutions AKA Hawkeye has seen noting.

Tonight at about 9:45 PM (shift change time) a man was robbed and beaten so bad he had his nose broken. Yep by a group described only as black males. That’s only part of the tragedy. The other tragedy is the fact that this happened so close to several city cameras you could hit them with a rock, but why bother their utterly useless, and not because they don’t work but because there is only ONE person trying to watch nearly 300 cameras.

Then our thief of police has the nerve to say to WBRE's Joe Holden “this is an isolated incident”. NO IT IS NOT, and how would you know anyway, with Magoo seeing nothing I mean? 

The incident tonight happened near the corner of Carey Ave & Hanover. Magoo has several cameras right near Meyers that have a range of about 2 blocks, yet not one saw anything. Perhaps if the Hawkeye board truly wanted to offer a crime prevention system they could have offered less cameras yet more eyes on them, but my guess is the monitoring side didn’t offer nearly as many kickbacks as the installation side, considering we are paying about $10,483 per camera at install, yet replacement is only about $3,000. I'm not quite sure how that works considering their both wireless, but what do I know?

I really wish someone, anyone would explain how a $977 camera costs $10,000.00 NEW, yet only $3,000.00 on replacement? 

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