Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who’s buying your VOTE?

County Controller Race:

This is likely the most important race in the county, and don’t for one second think that The King & Co. aren’t aware of that either, as they are already plotting to grab control. Without a watchdog in the controller’s office the King will have a clear path to all things CityVest, and who will stop them? County Council, or the I’ll do as I please County Manager?

Now onto the candidates, I’ll make this real easy for you. We have 3 Watchdogs and 1 politically connected tourist & travel major who by the way already has questionable campaign contributors, and won’t even call the paper back to offer an explanation. Yet in her WILK radio ad, she says she won’t be beholden to “special interest groups”. My guess is except for those that have already bought their way into her campaign. One can only wonder what type of county controller she will make.

Who will we in Luzerne County pick, you may be asking yourself, well my money is on the “financial lady” who didn’t even know the controller seat was open until the City Attorney and cousin of the King, Bill Vinsko told her to run.

Don’t take my word for it look at what Attorney Vinsko’s wrote on Facebook: (With WUWB clarifications)

Bill wrote: "I am for Michelle Bednar because she is the most qualified.”
  • WOW Bill most qualified? A tourist & travel major over a criminal justice major, or is it that you know Steve will NEVER allow the city to control his office?
Bill wrote: “She will work for the people by addressing the issues.”
  • Or will she be an absent controller similar to the one the city has?
Bill wrote: “I support her run, but she is not running because I directed her to run.”
  • Nah she’s running because she has been watching the county so closely, that she was oblivious to the election until you Woke Her Up!
Bill wrote: “For those of you reading, know that Michelle Bednar would not act inappropriately or degrade people for the sake of personal gain.”
  • But will she shut up on the CityVest issue?
Bill wrote: “Vote for Michelle because she is the right person.”
  • RIGHT person? You mean the one who will do your bidding?
Bill wrote: “I say this without getting anything in return and she is not my relative.”
  • That remains to be seen!
Bill wrote: “She is simply a good, qualified person."
  • There is that word again “qualified” we all know what that means, and it has NOTHING to do with education or experience.

Democrat Choices:

Stephen A. Urban
Bachelors in criminal justice
Master's degree in justice administration

Michelle Bednar
Associate degree in tourist & travel management

Republican Choices:

Karen Ceppa-Hirko
MBA, focus in accounting with forensic auditing

Walter L. Griffith Jr.
The current County controller

Wilkes Barre Area School Board concerns

Joe Caffrey raised more than $17,000.00 (a lot of which came from The Kings & Queens of Wilkes Barre) to run for an UNPAID position on the school board.

Now I ask you, who is buying his vote on the school board?

I bet Mr. Caffrey will allow the School District to be “The Cash Cow” for the city.  

The name Thomas is rearing it's head again, and one MUST wonder if this is an attempt to return the school board to city control. For year folks complained about the school board hiring the city elite’s kin and being the "cash cow" for the city, paying for everything from Hawkeye to an old elementary school traded for some free fire trucks.

I urge you to consider for a second, the past woes the city had with the name Thomas and ask yourself, do you really want to try that again? Remember former councilman Tony (grab the FREE trips, and flee the city) Thomas. I can still hear his quotes to the press when asked about going on a city junkets just weeks before leaving office: “it’s not like I’m going anywhere” Tony said, and then the second he was out of office he disappeared like a fart in the wind.

Now enter his sister Denise Thomas: Although I do not know Ms. Thomas personally the name itself should be enough to make the good taxpayers of our city quiver, and I pray Denise is nothing like her city fleecing brother, especially if you choose to bypass all the other candidates in favor of yet another family connection, as I’m sure you will.

UGRENT UPDATE: Please be advised of the comments below, by Anthony Thomas also on the ballot for School Director. Please DO NOT leave without reading what this man has to say. As Anthony is NOT related to the city fleecing Thomas!

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  1. I am the Anthony Thomas that is running. I have no relation to the Thomas family that has been in city politics. In fact, I go by Tony, but I chose to go by my birth name Anthony because I did not want any confusion with the former councilman.

    In stark contrast to Mr. Caffrey, I have raised no money because I feel that being that this is an unpaid position, I should not be receiving large amounts of money to run for it. I am a recent college graduate and I work full time, I haven't had the time host parties for the city elite's to donate large sums to me.

    1. Thank you Mr. Thomas for the comment, our article has been updated to flag attention to this comment.


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