Friday, October 14, 2011

Cruella De Vil is at it again

If you’ve ever been to a city council meeting then you have likely felt or at least seen the wrath of councilwoman Kane. As she auditions for the role of Cruella De Vil. 

Berating citizens seems to be nothing more than a way of life for her. As evident from her past name calling of a citizens, taxpayers, and business owners. You may not like Mr. Kadluboski, and when I first met him he was towing a friend’s car, so I didn’t, but for a councilperson to call him CUPCAKE. Or to say in open council "Oh, I don't know what I'm going to do with him,"  "How much more can we take?"

 Wake Up Kathy. Did you learn noting from your CHAT with the ACLU?

Now at last night’s council meeting our evil villain attacks Linda Urban for having a home in Florida close to her grandchildren. WOW is it really the business of council where or what a private citizen does with their spare time, or own money? I would be more curious as to Kathy’s time in The Sun Shine State or any other city financed trips around the world, while she should be serving her 34 plus odd weekly hours.

Again Wake Up Kathy! Citizens can travel the country freely it’s their right, and if you don’t believe me call the ACLU they will once again CLUE you in!!! When you an elected official does it on our dime NOW that’s a problem.

I am left wonder how anyone can vote for such a mean spirited woman like the councilwoman? I guess they’ve never attended a council meeting. Wilkes Barre needs to take a lesion from Scranton. Their council meeting were a 3 ring circus just as ours are until they installed cameras that transmitted meetings live in real-time. For some odd reason  knowing folks at home were watching caused council member to treat citizens with a bit of respect. Something surely lacking at Wilkes Barre City Council Meetings!

Hey I know let’s ask JJ if Hawkeye Security can get us a good deal!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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