Monday, October 17, 2011

Just Charge Tommy

Where do we even start with this one? From Tony Thomas claiming he needed to take trips to Las Vegas where he charged the taxpayers for videos rentals from the Excalibur Hotel, and Casino, and Orlando FL. All to get information about a splash pad. 

A Splash Pad like the ones at Wild Water Kingdom in Allentown, or like the ones at the Fun Park in Clarks Summit. You know folks Clarks Summit where we stay at the Nichols Village Hotel because the drive of 28 miles is just too much round trip.

Then you have the outrages Working Lunches, of JJ Murphy! This is wasteful spending at its finest.
If outrages spending weren’t bad enough we still have City Hall claiming we cannot find 87 missing Credit Card Statements.
  • Thomas Leighton 37 Missing Statements
  • Marie Mc Cormick 24 Missing Statements
  • JJ Murphy 14 Missing Statements
  • Jim Ryan/ City Council 12 Missing Statements
  • Total 87 Missing Statements

From Bank of America, The largest commercial bank in the nation. This bank is completely online folks. So with just a few mouse clicks these statements could be downloaded, and printed. 
  • So I ask you what are they hiding?
  • If you aren’t hiding anything why not release the statements?
  • Is frivolous spending all or is there something you really don’t want us to know about.
  • Something illegal?
  • Tickets Perhaps? 
  • I smell a cover up!!!

Credit card statements shed light on city spending

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