Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Altered or Not?

This is what we know for sure. JJ Murphy former City Administrator was so afraid of a note left in his mailbox he billed the taxpayers for a security system for his home on Plymouth Ave. 

Then JJ Moved to Reliance Drive, and took the system with him. 

Ok here is where we run into trouble according to city records we paid $4,075.00 for the system, and then $6,500.00 to move, and upgrade it. The Invoices billed to the city seem to have some discrepencies.

Ship to Info: Why is it hand written?

Q: did Torbik computer generate everything except the Ship To, and if so why?    

Next Q: If we did move the security system to the police station WHY?

  • What is does a security system do? 
  • I ask this as I have one in my home, and when it goes off I always thought it would summon the police. 
  • So why do we need one at the police station, aren’t they already there?  
  • Now I ask are they altered? 
  • If so why?
  • If not will someone from Torbik please explain what happened? 

I’m thinking White Out????

Wake Up Wilkes Barre 

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