Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ok so what’s the hold up?

It has been brought to my attention that folks may not know what I am talking about by my recent Right To Know requests. What we have been looking into is the LAG Towing Contract, rather or not the contract has been properly upheld by LAG, and/or if City has enforced the terms of that contract.

That being said we have asked the City several times to produce all of the Payment Checks from LAG to the City from 2005 or since the inception of the contract. The City should have in its possession 7 payment checks 1 for each year beginning May, 2005 and each May thereafter. Yet they have only provided 4 checks with no back copy showing that any were actually deposited or cleared, screen prints, bank statements, some alleged deposit slips with no offsets, and smokescreens. 

So with that we have now requested all items in the alleged deposits with the hopes of getting the actual checks LAG supposedly gave The City. 

I don’t understand why in today’s modern world it takes The City so long to produce copies of checks. I wonder if they were ever give to the City at all, and if they were can we be sure they were deposited.
  • Ok let’s start with the facts.
  • The City Banks with PNC!
  • What is the PNC turnaround time for image requests?

Sign on to PNC Online Banking and you're ready to:
1.     Select My Accounts on the top navigation bar of Online Banking.
2.     From the right navigation bar, select either Online Statements or Images and Copies.
3.     Select an account.
4.     Select your request type.
5.     Click Next.
6.     Select the check, deposit slip or statement you need. If the item you need is available as an electronic image, you will be asked if you would like to view it online free of charge. For statements, you'll need to select by month and year. For example, if the end date on your statement is May 5th, and you request a May statement, you will receive a photocopy of your statement covering the time period from April 6th through May 5th.
7.     Select how you want the copy delivered to you - mail or fax.
8.     Verify your account mailing address.
9.     Complete the fax number field, if you elect to have your photocopy or image delivered to you by fax. Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of a fax request or up to 5 to 7 days for delivery of a mail request.
10.   Click finish to complete your order for a photocopy or image of a check, deposit slip or statement.
If you do not have an online banking account, please contact customer service or call us at 888-PNC-BANK.

Ok so what’s the hold up? 

Tommy Remember what I told JJ  when I quoted Steven King 
  • "Give me what I want and I'll go away" 
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