Friday, April 26, 2013

LAG Investigation move beyond KING’s authority!

According to an ongoing I-Team investigation, multiple agencies are now investigating LAG, from their alleged questionable business practices.  

Mayor Thomas Leighton refused to say if he had testified before any grand jury that's said to be investigating Glodzik. Leighton reiterated the city was continuing to conduct its review of complaints made against Glodzik. He had repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, but has since failed to return calls for comment.

  • Sources have told Wake Up Wilkes Barre that the King has already been to Scranton, and he has sung like a bird. So now would be time for Leo to turn or burn.

The King told The Citizens Voice, and Times Leader 

"The investigation on our side is ongoing, and whether other law enforcement agencies are conducting (one), we're not made privy to that information," Leighton said.

“When we gather all our facts and we’re comfortable with the decision that we will make, whether it’s in a positive or negative way affecting either party, it will be made,” he said.

The mayor added he expects Glodzik to pay in full next Wednesday. Referring to the May 1st payment of $50,050.00 LAG is required to pay the city, for their exclusive right to rape and pillage both residents, and guests of our city, while city police look the other way, driving LAG vehicles and swilling LAG champagne.

Well let’s look at the $50,050.00 for a second, Leo can’t pay his mortgage, he's so behind on his child support that the Kings brother is negotiating a deal to lower his domestic relations obligation, and yet he still manages to have the cash to gamble nightly, bribe city police, offer campaign contributions to the King, and pay $50K to the city.

I guess crime does pay well.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hawkeye can’t afford to pay attention

According to both the Citizens Voice and Times Leader, Hawkeye told Legion they will only be watching the cameras for 12.8 hours a day, due to the fact that Hawkeye is BROKE!

One only needs looks as far as Philadelphia to see why Hawkeye is going belly up.  Alan Wohlstetter of Fox Rothschild LLP, the Philadelphia based law firm (owned in part by Patrick Murphy, brother of former city administrator, and former Hawkeye board member J.J. Murphy) is charging Hawkeye for every RTK (Right to Know), at a rate of about $85 per 10 min. So every RTK cost a minimum of $85, and on top of that he has the gull to bill Hawkeye for the copies, and way more than the $0.25 allowed by state law.

So now Hawkeye slashes Legions hours, and the city police must watch the cameras (NOT PAID BY HAWKEYE), all because Hawkeye squandered its money on slimy out of town liars, and no bid Schneider Electric $10,000 per cameras (ran by yet another Murphy).

  • WOW if the unions only knew Hawkeye would be severely mismanaged; they could have just sat back and waited.

After squandering the last $5,494 Hawkeye had, arguing over whether or not Wohlstetter should give the Citizens Voice their RTK, (which by the way they finally did) Deputy (Do RTK) City Administrator Greg Barrouk said he will begin handling more requests but said he may still need Wohlstetter's assistance.

  • What a novel idea Greg, have a board member answer RTK's for FREE

"He was here since day one, I didn't come in until two years after. So there's a lot of stuff in the preliminary stages I wasn't aware about," Barrouk said.

  • Now Greg I wonder, if a citizen puts in a RTK for something, and the records were properly maintained, would it truly matter if you were or weren’t there from the beginning?

That’s like saying to your boss at Wendy’s “I can’t fetch the fries, because I wasn't here when you built the walk-in.”

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

City Hall Repositioning for WHAT?

According to today’s papers, the King is repositioning city hall for something, but what one has to wonder? 

  • Indictments perhaps?

The King’s statements - Translated to layman's terms:

King Said: “Basically, we have less people and we are asking them to do more,” he said

Translation: Basically we do noting as it is, and now that the taxpayers are berating down our necks, we will actually have to work, and so we should be paid for that work.

King Said: “We’re assigning more responsibilities to less people,” he said.

Translation: If I’m going to give my little suckholes a raise I will make up good reason.

Drew McLaughlin, who has been the city’s administrative coordinator and spokesman at a salary of about $40,000 per year, will become municipal affairs manager at $45,000 a year, effective immediately.

  • OK hold the phone, Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin from spokes-joke to affairs manager? Well I guess with the amount of city employees having affairs one would need a manager to oversee them.

Greg Barrouk will change titles at his same salary, going from economic development director to assistant city administrator.

  • WHAT no mo money for Greg? One does have to wonder what Greg is being groomed for?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Friday, April 19, 2013

Wilkes Barre or Wild West?

It’s a sad day in the city when you can’t even allow your teenage children to walk down Public Square on the way to a movie at the theater, without fearing for their lives.

That is the realization that the parents of a high school junior faced Thursday night, when her child, and their two teenage friends were sitting on a park bench under a Hawkeye camera on Public Square, when four men surrounded them, pointed a gun, and demanded that they hand over their cell phones.

“One of them in the middle pulled out a gun, he cocked it and said I’m not playing around, give us your stuff,” 

  • Now outsiders of our city, especially those who don’t read Wake Up Wilkes Barre might think that your safe by sticking close to Hawkeye, but please understand that Hawkeye is mostly reactive, rarely proactive.

The 17-year-old told WNEP TV-16 she was sitting on a bench surrounded by surveillance cameras and several open businesses, when four men surrounded her friends and demanded that they hand over their cell phones.

  • FYI the local all know when to “Stash the Cash, and save their A$$”.

According to WNEP: A city spokesman has not confirmed if the crooks were captured on the city’s surveillance cameras or privately owned security cameras outside businesses on Public Square.

  • What a shocker!

One has to wonder if the “Wild West Motif” the city administration has going on here was intentional either as a tourist attraction or as an attempt to make housing in the city more affordable.

Either way I’ve got to admit its working.  

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eyewitness report by Joe Wielgosz

I saw this story on a Facebook group “Just Saying” and had to share.

Start Joe Wielgosz story:

Here is a story I think you will all enjoy .. 

I live on a quiet road. Tonight I was working in my garage I seen my neighbor leave in his old dodge neon 30 minutes later he pulls up in a brand new hyandi So I figured he purchased a new car. I finished up what I was doing went into my house. 

20 minutes later I heard a huge bang mind you I was watching CNN about the Boston Marathon Bombing. I got up ran outside only to find out that the neighbor on the other side of me hit the brand new car and drove it into another car the truck was resting in the back seat of the new car. His face covered in blood his wife in the other side all air bags deployed. 

I immediately told a neighbor to call 911. Fire Dept was here Johnny on the spot as usual. Kudos to them! Police finely came after a few minutes. When the 2 police officers arrived I asked them if they really have to tow the vehicles because the vehicles were not impeding or blocking traffic (Mind you they have NO Clue who I am!) 

The Officer without mentioning any names ( Patrolman Rodriguez )Whose Girlfriend Rented a house off of Leo Glodzick at 253 New Hancock St W-B told me that it will be $300.00 to hook up to the truck and pull it off of the other vehicle or it will be $600 dollars if he towed it to Lag Towing. All of my Neighbors demanded LAG not tow their vehicles.. 

Patrolman Rodriguez started swearing that he is --cking sick and tired of this LAG bullshit!! I told him that I will put the truck in my yard. He told me that all three vehicles are being towed. I told him that I am now calling the press and that he was not going to tow all three. He immediately called for a supervisor who told me he was at home getting something to eat and he had to come over for this. 

I informed him that the neighbors were videotaping and they do not want their cars to go to LAG. So after a fight The supervisor finally let me drive the vehicle and remove it to their yard. So they took my neighbor to get blood tested after the hospital they took him to the police station. 

Patrolman Rodriguez told him that he has a loudmouth neighbor.. Thank You Mr. Rodriguez ( Your a shitty Cop ) The other responding police officer was great ( Sereyka ) So then he asked my neighbor for his social security number and he would not give it to him. Patrolman Rodriguez then told my frail elderly neighbor he was going to smack him in the face if he did not give it to him.. 

Now Mr. Rodriguez I know your girlfriend Rents a home that Leo Screwed me out of years ago. You are demanding these three cars to be towed to LAG and you know the exact amount and even specified CASH ONLY! I hope you were interviewed if not I'm am sure you are going to be! You made a enemy out of a whole street in a great part of the city! 

The bottom line is your buddy Leo Glodzick is not going to profit off of Stucker street which is 300 feet from Leos House..

How does a officer quote the price of how much the tow or the pull is going to be? I think certain officers are well prepared to help LAG no matter what is going on. This officers unprofessional attitude and insistence on LAG towing these three vehicles is way out of line and then to call me a loudmouth neighbor he really hurt my feelings(if he only knew)! 

Only one vehicle had to be towed another moved off of the street and the other one is drivable! Leo Is Not going to make $2000.00 from stucker street for a overnight stay! OH AND NOTHING WAS SEEN BY HAWKEYE!!

I will never Blame the Officer Its their Leadership allowing them to abuse the very taxpayers that pay their salary. We have a lot of great police officers. It only takes one bad one to make the public resent ever looking for you to protect and serve as your oath requires you too! Great Job Jeremy! To Patrolman Rodriguez come smack this Loudmouth citizen in the face I dare you!

End Joe Wielgosz story:

How the people are 
seeing our Police 
Thank you Mr. Wielgosz, and GOOD GOD WTF is the WBPD doing, can it be anymore obvious that these cops are being bribed?

The WBPD is acting like the town Bully's for LAG, and like any Bully when the "Average Joe" stands up to them, they back off!

There are a “Few Good Men, & Women” on the force, but either those number are dwindling or the good of the many are be outcast by the bad actions of the few. Either way this whole Police Depart looks as dirty as the LAG lot.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who’s Paying Whom?

Looking down from atop the King’s castle, it may seem like LAG is paying the city $50,050.00 per year for his exclusive right to rape and pillage the weakest among us, but according the Christopher Hong of The Citizens Voice, what you see isn’t always what you get.

Glodzik's relationship with Wilkes-Barre began in April 2005, when he agreed to pay $250,250 in exchange for the exclusive towing rights in the city for five years. Later that year, he was also awarded a $350,000 demolition contract related to the South Main Street revitalization project.

  • So Leo pays $250,250 and gets $350,000 a net profit of $99,750? I know, I know, Leo had the expense of doing some of the work to earn that demolition contract RIGHT?

Well according to city spokes-joke Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin “Glodzik refused to complete a demolition project” not the one above, mind you but still a cause for concern.

Operations Director Butch Frati said "it is ‘troubling’ when a contractor doesn't finish a project" and "When something like that happens, when a job doesn't get finished, red flags go up,"

  • RED FLAGS, you say????
  • Thank God Butch knows which end is up.

Drew also noted "There's been less work, if not no work, outside the towing contract for a number of years for whatever that's worth,"

  • We do wonder, is that because Leo doesn’t do a good job, or because the people are Waking Up?

Mc-Laugh-lin said. "And I'll leave it up to people to make their own interpretations."

  • Oh Drew you know what we think.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Friday, April 12, 2013

No Private Attacks

Bob Kadluboskia a tower who has been outspoken about the administration’s dealing with LAG, recalled what he said was a conversation with former city official Bill Brace about Glodzik getting the exclusive contract with the city.

Brace assured him there would be no problems, Kadluboski said. But when the opposite happened, he went to Brace and was told that Mayor Tom Leighton’s response was, “F___’ em. This happens in politics.”

He was reprimanded for using profanity, especially in the presence of a high school student sitting in as a junior council member.

  • Ok perhaps Bob shouldn’t have repeated what our foul mouth mayor said, but what High School Student in this city hasn’t heard or said worse?

He turned to the student and said, “I apologize, this is the other side of politics.”

  • Get out of town Bob, this is the FREE show put on twice a month by city council. It’s simply their way of giving back for allowing the King to rob us blind.

Kadluboski suggested council take a vote of no confidence in the administration regarding the LAG situation. “This is a mockery,” he said. “This city will be forever blemished.”

He continued to rail against the handling of the investigation, saying LAG somehow received the name of a person who agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

  • Hum: one has to wonder, how is LAG getting the information of everyone who lodges a complaint against him, and is this just another tactic of intimidation by this administration, in an attempt to stop folks from coming forward? 

The mayor then questioned Kadluboski about his towing business. “What about the car you illegally towed off a private lot, a young lady last week. Did you give her money back?” Leighton asked.

Leighton said, “I know all your secrets, all your secrets, every one of your secrets, every one.”

“No private attacks,” shouted a member of the audience.

  • WOW: his lordship must have been really worked up to say “I know all your secrets, all your secrets, every one of your secrets, every one.” Well I have news for you, Your Highness we too know all your secrets, all your secrets, every one of your secrets, every one. The difference is yours have led to a Grand Jury investigation, and when the justice department is finished with you, not even your new roomie Bubba will be talking to you.  

No private attacks!

James Gallagher said “The inactions of this administration speak volumes; volumes in the street, volumes from one end of the valley to the other,” he said. “Everyone’s wondering is the mayor, is the mayor in on it too?”

Replies of “Yes” came from the audience.

  • Well come on, you know he is!

Wake Up Wilkes Barrre


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bus to Nowhere

According to Terrie Morgan-Besecker of the Times Leaders article School bus bought by W-B goesunused

In 2006, Wilkes-Barre city officials paid $9,000 for a used school bus from DeNaples Auto Sales in Dunmore. The Bus was among two vehicles the city bought in 2006 that it later determined could not be registered.

The City also purchased a 2006 Chevrolet Cargo Van for $18,000 from United Sanitation, a company owned by LAG Towing contractor Leo Glodzik III.

  • Hum 2 vehicles bought from (at the time, farther, and son-in-law) and both had title issues, who would a thunk?

City Spokes-Joke Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin said the city returned the Van to Towing contractor Leo Glodzik III, after it could not obtain the title, but never attempted to get its money back for the bus, which was purchased in June 2006, as it believed it could someday obtain the title.

  • SOMEDAY you say? Perhaps when the bus is a useless rust bucket?

Drew couldn’t explain why, nearly seven years later, that has not happened.

  • Oh Drew we know why, its BAD management.

“I know there were attempts to resolve this in the past. Most recently last year, prior to the surplus equipment auction,” McLaughlin said in an email. “I could not speak to how many times there were attempts to resolve it. Given the passage of time and employee departures who had more direct roles in this, I would not be able to give details on that.”

The city has tried to sell the vehicle at auction, but was unable to do so because of the title issues, he said.

  • So we buy something for $9,000 and never use it but keep it on the Joyce Insurance wasting even more money, and then try to let LAG sell it for whatever we can get to cut our losses, does that sum it up?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hawkeye can Stick It

Tonight by unanimous vote the members of the Wilkes Barre Area School Board told Hawkeye Security Solutions to “Stick It”. Well that’s the expression Joe Holden used.

Hawkeye who has been billing the school district through 2013 even though their contract expired last year, got their answer tonight, and it’s what we’ve been saying all along. 

The cameras just don’t work, per board member Lynne Evans, who is also a school bus driver. Who said when her bus was rear-ended in the city Hawkeye saw nothing.

Lynne told WBRE “It was a bus with children on it. All the more reason to catch this person, it comes across 911 and you can’t find a car that’s hood is in a V.”

  • Hold the phone didn’t Natalie Aleo’s car end up with a mysterious V in the hood?

For those of you who missed the presentation by the (fast exiting) Hawkeye Vice-President prior to the meeting, he told the board that “when 911 gets a call it flags Hawkeye to monitor”. It was like he was saying that the 911 system, and Hawkeye system communicate with each other.

Now I’m guessing after reading the Times Leader article W-B system just won’t compute by Terrie Morgan-Besecker the School Board didn’t quite believe the quick talking Hawkeye salesman.

As for the Hawkeye bills that have been piling up even though Hawkeye had no authority to continue billing the district, they too were shot down, but hey you can’t blame Hawkeye for trying the same unsuccessful trick their solicitor from Fox Rothschild in Philadelphia tried on the Parking Authority when they canned him.

I guess they figured even though it didn’t work for Allen it might work for Hawkeye.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Theft is Theft

The District Attorney (who’s lead investigator is the brother of city police chief) said she is aware “certain individuals may have improperly taken gas.”

  • Hello, Earth to Stefanie, we call that theft, and voted for you because you told us you would too.

“We are looking into every possible theft that may have occurred,” she said.

  • Oh thank God, we were getting worried, that you may have accidentally drank some of that Kool-Aid when you dined with the King.

Ron Trimble former purchasing director said he initially told investigators he was “99.7 percent” sure no one had stolen fuel.

  • I guess Ron didn’t see that photo of the King swiping gas one Saturday morning (during the Fine Arts Fiesta) in his undershirt, while garbage truck 185 was ordered parked, purposely blocking the DPW camera’s view of the pump.

Despite the admissions made by some employees, Trimble believes, overall, that the amount of theft that will be found will be small, he said.

  • Well if you swiped a laptop from Wal-Mart some might consider that small when compared to the overall inventory of the store, but it doesn’t make you any less of a thief now does it?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mayors Hands Are Tied

The Mayor told Eyewitness News his hands are tied, he’s referring to the LAG Cars or Cops, or FREE Ride Program, where LAG loans, sells, leases, gives, gifts, or whatever other term Leo wants to use to describe giving luxury cars and trucks to Police officers, he calls “his friends” for little to no money.
The Mayor said “it may smell bad, it may look bad, but he can’t and won’t do anything about it.”

  • WHAT? I thought you were the great and powerful KING LIE-A-TON, and FYI your lordship, it doesn’t just smell bad, it stinks to High Heaven!
  • A contractor who by his own admission, “receives 100% of his business from police calls.” Gifting expensive automobiles to the very cops who feed him his business, and those same cops respond to, and dismissing all  complaints from citizens against said contractor? 
The mayor also said “LAG’s critic’s issues with LAG are personal in nature, and their just kicking up dust.”

  • Hum I wonder if that’s because they were overcharged, their cars were damaged, or in some cases LAG charged victims of crime, a clear violation of his contract, perhaps that's the dust your talking about?

Leo said “On the advice of my lawyer I can’t comment on the investigation but I can say this: I can sell or loan my cars to anyone I want to. For years I have sold cars to my friends some of whom are police officers.”

  • First off: It’s about time. Good God I was beginning to wonder if your lawyer was as drunk as the chief.
  • Second: I sure hope the cops filed an in kind reporting on their taxes.
  • Lastly: Did you charge the cops even close to book value, or just “a couple thousand bucks” for luxury cars, worth tens of thousands of dollars?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Source: WBRE Video

Run Gerry Run!

Reports were waiting on the sidewalk Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to question (as Kobby would say) our Thief of Police Gerry Duh-Soye, on the LAG FREE Ride Program. 

After several reports believed they observed Gerry exiting the other end of the building in an attempt to avoid reports questions, they crossed through the posted lot, and were threatened with citations.

THREATENED: not actually cited, unlike our photographer Mark Robbins. I guess the police are selectively enforcing the rules as they see fit.

Terrie Morgan-Besecker “do you cite everyone else who goes through there?”

  • No Terrie just Mark

Joe Holden “I went through that back parking lot, but so did other people, who are NOT being cited, so you CAN”T selectively enforce.”

  • Oh Joe, don’t you know where you are? This is Wilkes Barre, and that’s just the way it is!

Now we have to wonder, will the charges against Mark hold up knowing The WBPD only cites certain people, and not everyone who violates the law?

Mark Robbins has pled not guilty, and is headed to court.  

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Watching Gerry Run, now I can’t get this 
song out of my head, so enjoy.  


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Does Leo give Cops A FREE ride?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre has received numerous tips regarding the LAG free ride program. A program some call yet another attempt by the city tower to bribe police officers, by providing officers with a Car, Truck, or SUV at no cost.

The vehicles remain the property of LAG but officers are free to use them as if they are their own, bypassing the expense of registration, state inspection, maintenance, and insurance costs, as the vehicles are still LAG’s property. Yet another perk LAG allegedly provides to cops.

Upon receiving said tips, our very own contributing photographer Mark Robbins who has been dogging this story for quite some time, went out late Sunday evening to capture additional photographic evidence, and capture Mark did, but during Mark’s investigation the Wilkes Barre Police sent not one but SIX officers to intercept Mark.

The lead officer Brian Gist cited Mark for taking photos of the Dodge Ram below, as it was parked behind the Wilkes Barre City Police Department, the lot clearly posted ". In addition Mark didn’t have his current Geico Card with him so Officer Gist offered to tow Mark’s car to city impound.

Wake Up Brian you absolutely MAY NOT impound a car for not having insurance period, yet alone simply not having the card. Let’s get past the fact that Mark did in-fact have his car insured but simply didn’t download his new card. Either way you still CANNOT tow anyone for that alone. Read the Law Brian click here to read The PennDot Insurance Law

LAG Ram behind WBPD
Photo Taken By Mark Robbins 3/31/2013 11:31PM IPhone
Rear and Pennsylvania Plate RT-49468
where RT stands for Repair Towing
Photo Taken By Mark Robbins 3/31/2013 2:47AM IPhone 5
Officer Gist told Mark they saw him on Hawkeye and have evidence, so now we must stand corrected. There is a Hawkeye camera that works, and even at night. The only problem is, it is located directly behind the police station keeping a Hawkeye on those FREE rides.

Glodzik told Chris Hong of The Citizens Voice on Monday that he sold the truck to Majikes, whom he described as a friend, about two weeks ago for a "couple thousand bucks." He denied Robbins' assertion that he had done Majikes any special favors or that Majikes had done him any. "He's not borrowing it. The truck belongs to him," Glodzik said. "Everything's on the up and up."

  • Really, then why is the truck still registered to LAG, and if Majikes just got the truck why does Google Earth who says all of their images are at least ONE to THREE YEARS OLD show the truck parked in front of Majikes’s house?

Mayor Tom Leighton said he learned two months ago that Glodzik was loaning a truck to a police officer but declined to name the officer. He said police Chief Gerard Dessoye told him the arrangement did not violate the department's policy, which prohibits officers from accepting "awards, gratuities, or any article of value as payment for favors or services rendered or anticipated in connection with his official duties unless approved by the Chief of Police or Mayor."

"This was not a gift, per say," Leighton said. "This was something that was given to him on a private, personal matter. It's something that I cannot control because it was of a personal nature."

  • Oh come on your lordship this is most definitely a gift per say, and so is the champagne Leo gives to the cops. Let me out line it for you.
  • Step 1: Leo showers cops like Brian Gist with champagne, cars, perhaps even cash.
  • Step 2: A traffic stop occurs, similar to the one involving our photographer, and the driver doesn’t have his insurance card with him.
  • Step 3: The officer then uses his discretion to TOW THE CAR, instead of issuing a warning, or citing the driver.

Fact: The Wilkes Barre City Police department tows more cars for nonsense, and borderline reasons than probably any other force in the nation. 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Source: Mark Robbins, photos below
LAG Ram Parked near home of WBPD Officer 202 AKA John F Majikes
Photo Taken By Mark Robbins 3/31/2013 5:31PM IPhone 5
Rear: LAG Ram Parked near home of WBPD Officer 202 AKA
Photo Taken By Mark Robbins 3/31/2013 5:31PM IPhone 5
Google Earth of 65 SENECA STREET WILKES BARRE PA 18702
Per Google on average photos on Google Earth are
one to three years old. So it would seem John has had this truck awhile. 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre TV