Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Run Gerry Run!

Reports were waiting on the sidewalk Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to question (as Kobby would say) our Thief of Police Gerry Duh-Soye, on the LAG FREE Ride Program. 

After several reports believed they observed Gerry exiting the other end of the building in an attempt to avoid reports questions, they crossed through the posted lot, and were threatened with citations.

THREATENED: not actually cited, unlike our photographer Mark Robbins. I guess the police are selectively enforcing the rules as they see fit.

Terrie Morgan-Besecker “do you cite everyone else who goes through there?”

  • No Terrie just Mark

Joe Holden “I went through that back parking lot, but so did other people, who are NOT being cited, so you CAN”T selectively enforce.”

  • Oh Joe, don’t you know where you are? This is Wilkes Barre, and that’s just the way it is!

Now we have to wonder, will the charges against Mark hold up knowing The WBPD only cites certain people, and not everyone who violates the law?

Mark Robbins has pled not guilty, and is headed to court.  

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Watching Gerry Run, now I can’t get this 
song out of my head, so enjoy.  


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  1. TV cameras went through the front door of WB Police HQ at about 3:15 on Friday afternoon. The Police Chief bailed out the side door at 3:33 and made a quick exit from the parking alley 2 minutes later.


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