Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eyewitness report by Joe Wielgosz

I saw this story on a Facebook group “Just Saying” and had to share.

Start Joe Wielgosz story:

Here is a story I think you will all enjoy .. 

I live on a quiet road. Tonight I was working in my garage I seen my neighbor leave in his old dodge neon 30 minutes later he pulls up in a brand new hyandi So I figured he purchased a new car. I finished up what I was doing went into my house. 

20 minutes later I heard a huge bang mind you I was watching CNN about the Boston Marathon Bombing. I got up ran outside only to find out that the neighbor on the other side of me hit the brand new car and drove it into another car the truck was resting in the back seat of the new car. His face covered in blood his wife in the other side all air bags deployed. 

I immediately told a neighbor to call 911. Fire Dept was here Johnny on the spot as usual. Kudos to them! Police finely came after a few minutes. When the 2 police officers arrived I asked them if they really have to tow the vehicles because the vehicles were not impeding or blocking traffic (Mind you they have NO Clue who I am!) 

The Officer without mentioning any names ( Patrolman Rodriguez )Whose Girlfriend Rented a house off of Leo Glodzick at 253 New Hancock St W-B told me that it will be $300.00 to hook up to the truck and pull it off of the other vehicle or it will be $600 dollars if he towed it to Lag Towing. All of my Neighbors demanded LAG not tow their vehicles.. 

Patrolman Rodriguez started swearing that he is --cking sick and tired of this LAG bullshit!! I told him that I will put the truck in my yard. He told me that all three vehicles are being towed. I told him that I am now calling the press and that he was not going to tow all three. He immediately called for a supervisor who told me he was at home getting something to eat and he had to come over for this. 

I informed him that the neighbors were videotaping and they do not want their cars to go to LAG. So after a fight The supervisor finally let me drive the vehicle and remove it to their yard. So they took my neighbor to get blood tested after the hospital they took him to the police station. 

Patrolman Rodriguez told him that he has a loudmouth neighbor.. Thank You Mr. Rodriguez ( Your a shitty Cop ) The other responding police officer was great ( Sereyka ) So then he asked my neighbor for his social security number and he would not give it to him. Patrolman Rodriguez then told my frail elderly neighbor he was going to smack him in the face if he did not give it to him.. 

Now Mr. Rodriguez I know your girlfriend Rents a home that Leo Screwed me out of years ago. You are demanding these three cars to be towed to LAG and you know the exact amount and even specified CASH ONLY! I hope you were interviewed if not I'm am sure you are going to be! You made a enemy out of a whole street in a great part of the city! 

The bottom line is your buddy Leo Glodzick is not going to profit off of Stucker street which is 300 feet from Leos House..

How does a officer quote the price of how much the tow or the pull is going to be? I think certain officers are well prepared to help LAG no matter what is going on. This officers unprofessional attitude and insistence on LAG towing these three vehicles is way out of line and then to call me a loudmouth neighbor he really hurt my feelings(if he only knew)! 

Only one vehicle had to be towed another moved off of the street and the other one is drivable! Leo Is Not going to make $2000.00 from stucker street for a overnight stay! OH AND NOTHING WAS SEEN BY HAWKEYE!!

I will never Blame the Officer Its their Leadership allowing them to abuse the very taxpayers that pay their salary. We have a lot of great police officers. It only takes one bad one to make the public resent ever looking for you to protect and serve as your oath requires you too! Great Job Jeremy! To Patrolman Rodriguez come smack this Loudmouth citizen in the face I dare you!

End Joe Wielgosz story:

How the people are 
seeing our Police 
Thank you Mr. Wielgosz, and GOOD GOD WTF is the WBPD doing, can it be anymore obvious that these cops are being bribed?

The WBPD is acting like the town Bully's for LAG, and like any Bully when the "Average Joe" stands up to them, they back off!

There are a “Few Good Men, & Women” on the force, but either those number are dwindling or the good of the many are be outcast by the bad actions of the few. Either way this whole Police Depart looks as dirty as the LAG lot.

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    1. I want to see the comment that was removed. I hope you copied it and saved it. This cop was one i would never think was in on the L.A.G. BULLSHIT Now he's another one who has to be removed from his duties.

    2. Not sure why it was removed, and yes I have a copy, but it's noting bad, just that the above was hard to follow. I didn't want to edit Joe's eyewitness report, as then it might seem, like our story, and not Joe's. I hope our readers know what is going on here.

  2. Dear Joe Wielgosz I am so glad you live next to my parents on Stucker Ave I can not thank you enough you being there for my parents in their time of need. It was greatly appreciated. My childhood friend, neighbor, Susan was visiting her parents at the time of the accident. I just spoke to Susan and she informed me how rude the officer was to my parents and told me about this blog. My parents are up in age 77 and 73 at any age you can be taken advantage of. I am glad you were there to stop the bogus towing of LAG. I feel confident Tony George will get down to the bottom of the towing scandal. An Leo Glodzik will have his day in court. Thanks again for being a great neighbor !!!


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