Friday, April 19, 2013

Wilkes Barre or Wild West?

It’s a sad day in the city when you can’t even allow your teenage children to walk down Public Square on the way to a movie at the theater, without fearing for their lives.

That is the realization that the parents of a high school junior faced Thursday night, when her child, and their two teenage friends were sitting on a park bench under a Hawkeye camera on Public Square, when four men surrounded them, pointed a gun, and demanded that they hand over their cell phones.

“One of them in the middle pulled out a gun, he cocked it and said I’m not playing around, give us your stuff,” 

  • Now outsiders of our city, especially those who don’t read Wake Up Wilkes Barre might think that your safe by sticking close to Hawkeye, but please understand that Hawkeye is mostly reactive, rarely proactive.

The 17-year-old told WNEP TV-16 she was sitting on a bench surrounded by surveillance cameras and several open businesses, when four men surrounded her friends and demanded that they hand over their cell phones.

  • FYI the local all know when to “Stash the Cash, and save their A$$”.

According to WNEP: A city spokesman has not confirmed if the crooks were captured on the city’s surveillance cameras or privately owned security cameras outside businesses on Public Square.

  • What a shocker!

One has to wonder if the “Wild West Motif” the city administration has going on here was intentional either as a tourist attraction or as an attempt to make housing in the city more affordable.

Either way I’ve got to admit its working.  

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  1. Give me that tie and microphone sucker

    1. Don't laugh soon that will be next.

    2. Thats why i said it. I think if the cameras caught anything the city would be quick to show it, just to shut the critics up.


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