Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kangaroo Committee has been chosen

Per The Times Leader, The date of October 8, has been selected for a special committee of  King's hand picked bobbleheads (with the exception of one Councilman George) will meet to reaffirm that LAG Towing is the most respectful, honest, decent, hardworking towing contractor by which this Podunk City has ever had the good fortune of climbing into bed with.

In the August 1st Times Leader: Leo Glodzik testified in court it was common practice for him to keep records for a month, present them to the Wilkes-Barre Police Department if it had questions, and then destroy them.

“I didn’t see a need to keep them,” Glodzik said.

Glodzik’s testimony came at a two-hour hearing regarding documents the newspaper requested dating from April 2005 to July 2011.

Good God, I sure hope the Kangaroo Committee aren’t looking at any of the fictitious records Leo gave them from the time period Leo swore he didn’t maintain, or folks might wonder, was he lying under oath or is he falsifying document for the Kangaroo’s?

As the Kangaroo Committee sifts through (fictitious) records that LAG stated under oath in Lisa Gelb’s Courtroom “DO NOT exist", and dismiss VALID records such as those posted on Wake Up Wilkes Barre, and by customers who have contacted us stating they have been victim of LAG overcharging policy. I wonder how each Kangaroo will react.


Mayor Tom Leighton: Since the King has stated repeatedly that he has heard very few complaints (likely due to the fact that he’s either not listening, or his imperial guards aren’t letting folks in) it is beyond a doubt he will vote to keep his buddy, who we all know did nothing wrong. 

Unless you count not maintaining records, price gouging, outright lying to a judge & newspaper, theft of cars by not properly notifying owners of disposal, and unscrupulous like business policies as something wrong!

Police Chief Gerry Dessoye: Let’s hope the meeting is held before 9

Administrative Coordinator Drew Mc-Laugh-lin: With only a creative writing major, Drew will look to either the King or Leo for guidance.

Councilwoman Maureen Lavelle: Will sit in silence

Councilman Tony George: Will be the only honest voice in a crowded room, but not to worry Mr. George, one day when you pick up your newspaper, and see the headline (King, and Towing Shyster indicted) you will know with certainty that you did everything in your power to save our city.  

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Gas Gate not Theft per Drew Mc-LOL

Recently the city approved spending of another $5.9 million we don’t have, and perhaps can’t borrow, due to the city’s falling credit rating. In order to upgrade many things, but what caught my eye was the unannounced or priceless fuel pump monitoring system, to as the city put it “protect against theft”.

  • Theft: now who, other than the naysayers said anything about theft?

In fact Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said "There is no theft in any sense of the word," Mc-Laugh-lin reiterated his assertion that the missing fuel was not the result of unauthorized use.

  • Thank God Drew is still slurping down the Kool-Aid but as for the rest of us, we may require a little more convincing.

For instance

  • How can you be so sure “There is no theft in any sense of the word” Drew?
  • Were you stationed at the pumps 24/7 during the time the 18,000 gallons went missing?
  • Is it possible that even so much as 1 person any person took as little as 1 gallon for their home lawnmower?
  • To claim for a certainty something one cannot possibly know for certain is a blatant lie.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

North End Safe and Sound?

When I first saw Chris Hong’s article in The Citizens Voice, Courtright Neighborhood is part ofquality housing trend in W-B, my thought was, oh thank God our city is finally on the mend, and a seemingly trustworthily professional from outside the city (Barbara Rupert, HDCNEPA) was telling us just how great Da Hood was going to be.

That article made it seem like folks would be lining up, just to have the opportunity, to live in our city.

Then I opened my paper today only to find a horrifying letter to the editor from a lifelong North End, city resident (Margaret Gatuskytitled New projectis in center of deteriorating North End. 

Mrs. Gatusk delivers quotes like

  • Barbara Rupert, manager of the Housing Development Corporation of Northeast Pennsylvania stated, "The neighborhood is vastly improved, (and) the safety issues are gone."
  • On what planet does Ms. Rupert live?
  • She has got to be kidding!
  • My neighborhood is not "vastly improved," and to state that "the safety issues are gone" is absolutely ludicrous.

Now I’m confused, is it great or not?

Well at the crime watch meeting in the "deteriorating North End" last night, I heard from residents who talked about

Bad News
  • Shots Fired, as a regular nightly occurrence
  • 4 separate houses with drug activity
  • Over Doses from the afore mentioned drug houses
  • Out of town landlords
  • Mysterious suitcase activity all over the North End

Good News
  • No Home Invasions 

Seriously folks that was the good news, as if they expected home invasions. It happens so often that when any month goes by where one little section of our city doesn’t see home invasions they tout it as a success story. 

How Sad for our North End that a non crime is considered good news.

So with that it’s my guess that as we have seen many lifelong city residents fleeing the city, like rats from a sinking ship, It would be a safe bet that it’s not as great as we were lead to believe, but then again this isn’t the first time we were asked to BELIEVE!!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Thank you Mrs. Gatusky for having the courage to tell it like it is. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trust what Trust?

The well intentioned Times Leader today called for our King to open the City's books in an effort to restore trust.

  • At thispoint, would that even work?
  • Isthere anyone left who isn’t in the Kings court that still has any trust left togive?
  • If investigators saw the real set of books for the city, would the King and Co. Go to Jail?

Wake UpWilkes Barre


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Every Crumb Helps

For some time now the naysayers of the city have been making the charge that we (The City) are broke. A charge that the King and Co., have adamantly denied, but as of late it would seem more and more likely that those naysayers may be on to something.

Back when the King attempted to lease out the parking authority for a quick 20 Million, we all heard it then. He’s only doing this because we (The City) are broke they said. Untrue said The King, but what we lost was future money we could have squandered now!

Lately our King is auctioning off everything but the kitchen sink. Not to worry folks we ain’t broke yet.

Now in a bizarre turn of events Wake Up Wilkes Barre has heard rumblings that department heads have been tell the worker-bees of the city that they will no longer get paid for holidays.

If that weren’t bad enough, a meeting was held last night with The Police Department telling them, they either comply with a similar mandate of less pay for putting their lives on the line or we (The City) will have no choice but to cut staffing by another 11 officers.  

That’s right less COPS to keep Gotham safe, and we thought it was rough out there now, just wait, and the unions don’t seem to be helping defend their employees, in-fact the union president for the police department didn’t even attend the meeting.
  • Where was he you ask, well he wasn’t at the Crime Watch Meeting either.
Tomorrow the King is expected to have yet another meeting with all the union leaders. Will he tell them we’re broke, and that they need to give even more concessions or else they won’t get paid?

At one of the cut back meetings a city employee had the nerve to do the math on the Kings purposed savings and pointed out just how miniscule the overall savings might be, the King responded with, quote: “Every Crumb Helps”.

So if “Every Crumb Helps” I wondered will The King and Co. be taking a pay cut as well. After all we (The City)  gave Greg Barrouk a pay raise.

Also if these crumbs are so valuable now, wouldn’t we like to have some of the squandered crumbs back?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Friday, September 14, 2012

Only Pro Administration Presentations Allowed!

Like many who have been the victim of LAG Towing's unscrupulous like behavior, Mark Robbins of Forty Fort is disgusted. Not only was Mark a victim himself, but he has helped many other victims who have come forward, but when he attempted to play the audio only portion of the song in the video below as part of his 4:45 min presentation before city council, he was ejected by the Communist Like Council President, Mike Merritt.

As it seems if you’re saying or doing something at council in admiration for the administration you are given all the latitude in the world, but if you’re like Mark showing your dissatisfaction for their utter disregard for public safety, you’re ousted.


At last night’s council meeting Taxpayer Association President Frank Sorick spoke in support of L.A.G. Auctions hiring by the city to sell unused, or unneeded, vehicles and equipment. (It should be noted that L.A.G. Auctions is a completely separate, independent, reputable business, and is in now way partnered nor should it be compared  to that of the tactics of L.A.G. Towing.) Not only was Frank given his time, but was allowed to engage in a back and forth conversation with Councilman Tony George. Frank was also allowed to address Drew Mc-Laugh-lin directly, veering from the rule of ONLY addressing council as a whole, and never engaging in back and forth discussion.

Linda Urban and Sam Troy on the other hand were not so fortunate when it was their turn and they were attempting to get answers to their questions. Both were told they may only address council as a whole, and NEVER a single member of council. Also Sam Troy was gaveled out of order when he attempted to speak directly to his district councilwoman Maureen Lavelle. 

This is not the first time this council has ejected citizens. Remember when Linda Urban was dragged from council chambers in her chair for demanding council listen to councilman Tony George, and not just slip a resolution passed without proper understanding. Linda had the nerve to say “that’s not right” and ousted she was, by the Communist.

Now on to Mark’s ejection, just seconds into his presentation Mark was gaveled out of order as he was playing music on an iPhone. The nerve of Mark playing an upbeat song he had written and produced, in an effort to provide some Saturday Night Live style comedic relief to the tactics of LAG, The King, and the ever Rubber Stamping, Bobble Head Council.

After ejection from council Mark took his protest to the streets (with use of a megaphone) followed by this blogger, and a Times Leader Photographer, Mark was intercepted by Communist Guards (city police) for protesting his ejection from council on the city sidewalk.

  • Nearly arrested for protesting on a sidewalk!
  • Wake The Flock Up People is this America or  Communist  Wilkes Barre? 
  • Well I guess I already know that answer!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


BTW: Great reporting as always Times Leader!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grandma got towed by LAG

Please enjoy this Wake Up Wilkes Barre original video based on the article that appeared in The Wilkes Barre Independent Gazette

Wake Up Wilkes Barre 

Lyrics to “Grandma got towed by LAG”

Chorus:  Grand-ma got towed by L-A-Ge - ee...
Five hundred bucks with no reprieve! 
You may think that there is no corruption
But we the taxpayers, we believe!

King Tommy was to sell the parking
JJ Murphy his crony friend!
Three hundred dollars for each hour…
This is what the city had had to spend

City Council sits in silence
Rubber stamping for the king!
If not for one old police chief…
Might as well be meeting in Beijing


Tommy filled up at the station
Self importance like show biz!
You may think that he is honest…
But he treats the pumps like they are his

Million dollars comes out of no where
Like fairy dust from on high!
Where oh where did it come from?
Watch Tommy move his mouth and watch his lie.


The city likes to takes its junkets
Plush vacations oh so gay!
You might think that they are learning…
But Kane and Barrett reside at the buffet

There’s this guy Chief Dessoyea
To booze and beer he makes his shrine
You may want to see him sober
Just make sure you call before its nine


They call Wilkes-Barre the diamond city
With bars and a cab-a-ret
But everyone knows the dirty secret…
Extortion describes what’s really “pay to play”
Tommy pouts while stuck in sand-box
No more gas and no more glee
You watch the King he’ll get even
Can you say Jeep Grand Cher-o-kee?


Call the police and get an answer
“It is civil” they will say
Doesn’t matter what the crime is
You have become the city’s form of prey

King Tommy in the slammer
Is what wish and what we hope
He’ll meet a guy named Ezra
Oh how… oh how will Tommy cope!


1)      Google  “Grandma got towed” on  YouTube
2)     Go to the W-B Independent Gazette
3)     Go to  Wake Up Wilkes-Barre
We hope you enjoy the song and the video on line. Perhaps it made you laugh.

But trust me… this no laughing matter.

The Wilkes-Barre Auto Theft Ring between Leighton (and all the police he intimidates to do his bidding) and LAG Towing is nothing to snicker about.

This is about the Mayor, and his accomplice LAG Towing, using his power to unfairly profit off of the most vulnerable citizens. It is an altogether illegal, sickening, and morally deprived scam.

The poor and the vulnerable are targeted by LAG. He “prices them out” of their cars. With police backing Leighton, these victims literally have no one to turn to. The people who can least afford to have their cars stolen are being victimized. Many of us may have been fortunate not to fall into poverty. But please consider what it would be like to be cheated out of half your net worth!

Obviously admitting to shredding or eliminating seven years of records would be cause to fire any contractor.
The pricing gouging would provide more reason.
The fact that Leighton still supports Glodzik is clear indication that he is involved.
Imagine what Glodzik would reveal if he was taken down?

Leighton to Glodzik:  “Leo, in return for the $50,050 and the campaign contributions (and whatever else)
that you give me, I will order the police chief and the entire police force to

                                    … let you charge whatever you want for tows and storage fees and
                                    … let you break the city contract and state laws like they weren’t written and
                                    … let you shred 7 years of records and
                                    … let you steal cars like “no one” is looking (it’s not like we keep count) and
                                    … know that you can’t be fired nor will you ever be charged criminally for “anything” and
                                    … You will be protected like a mob boss would protect “his own.”

Leighton to police: “You are hereby ordered to protect my boy Leo at all costs. Any disputes will be considered a “civil matter.” If you decide to file anything criminal against LAG consider this to be a career ending mistake.

Leighton to himself:  “I will turn a deaf ear to any complaints. Any system for complaints will be set up as a sham. This way I can clumsily and pathetically hang on to my excuse for not firing Glodzik. It is easy to say ‘I have heard few complaints’ when I refuse to listen.”

See to read more about corruption in Wilkes-Barre.
A Special thank you to
Mark Robbins
Frank Sorick
Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Cartoon photo from Times Leader

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Retraction Alert from August 7, 2012

On August 7, 2012 Wake Up Wilkes Barre published an article that wrongfully identified Mrs. Pilar Glodzik as the person defending the Wilkes Barre City tower L.A.G. Transport and Recovery Inc. or LAG Towing, at the taxpayers meeting.  

We would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight. Our intent was never to provide wrong information but like anyone, we are human and do make mistakes, from time to time.

As our regular readers know we at Wake Up Wilkes Barre strive for truth, and excellence.

So a full retraction, and apology is now being issued by Wake Up Wilkes Barre.


  • Pilar Glodzik is the president/owner of L.A.G. Wrecking Inc. A completely separate and independent business from the city tower L.A.G. Transport and Recovery Inc.
  • Pilar Glodzik via L.A.G. Wrecking Inc. does not now, nor have they/she ever maintained a business relationship with L.A.G. Transport and Recovery Inc.

We make this statement so there is no confusion between the city tower L.A.G. Transport and Recovery Inc. and L.A.G. Wrecking Inc. which is a well managed, well respected company.

Again our intent was never to negatively impact an innocent person or their business, and would hope that this retraction is well received, by Mrs. Glodzik

Thank you for your time, and understanding

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Who’s your Daddy?

After much debate about The L.A.G. Towing controversy our King has recommended we (The City) hire L.A.G. Towing owner Leo Glodzik’s fathers company LAG Auctions to sell vehicles and other equipment that the city no longer uses.

Drew Mc-Laugh-lin, city spokesman, defended the auction company, saying it was completely separate from LAG Towing, the city's contracted tower accused by residents and council members of overcharging customers and improperly keeping records.

  • Now why does Drew Mc-Laugh-lin feel the need to distance Leo’s father from Leo?

Mc-Laugh-lin said the city made no official requests for bids, but instead called companies about the opportunity. Leighton called LAG Auctions "the most qualified company to respond."

Mc-Laugh-lin said LAGAuctions was the only company that responded, although it wasn't clear Tuesday how many companies the city contacted. Mc-Laugh-lin said he didn't know the names of other contacted companies.

  • How is it that Mc-Laugh-lin wouldn't know the names, or how many, if any other company's were contacted?
  • Is it possible that The King just hand plucked Leo’s Pop, and dubbed him the most qualified?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is The Sterling Still Falling

It’s been a year since The King has run about the town like Henny Penny yelling “The Sterling Is Falling, The Sterling Is Falling”, and to date, Nothing! 

Nothing has happened by neither man nor nature, to bring the historic hotel crashing down on anyone’s head.

Yet we continue to pay the outrageous rent of FOUR TO FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS per month for barriers to prevent traffic from accessing one of the City's Gateways.

In a 2011 interview with Bill O’Boyle from the Times Leader, City Spokesman Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said: "The barriers used to redirect traffic around the Sterling were rented from Protection Services of Harrisburg with an office in Dunmore. Mc-Laugh-lin said the monthly rental fee for the barriers is $4,000 to $5,000 per month."

  • I wonder how much those barriers cost to buy. As it stands we have spent roughly about $60,000.00 to keep Henny Penny safe. 
  • I also wonder if we (The City) did a Fall Zone Study to determine what might actually happen should the Ill-Fated Sterling come crashing down.
  • Where would the debris actually fall?
  • Is only 1 lane enough, or should we close River & Market All Together?

Remember folks this is about HennyPenny’s safety, and we cannot put a price tag on safety!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Leighton should resign over gas pump issue

Even young children shopping with their parents in a grocery store are taught that you don’t take anything unless you plan on paying for the item. If you or I decided we needed gas for our vehicle and pulled up to the city of Wilkes-Barre’s gas pump and took gas, we would be arrested on the spot. If you don’t think so, try it. Call me from the police station and let me know when you are being processed.

Is the mayor of Wilkes-Barre above the basic laws of society? No! And local and state law enforcement, even though they know this to be true, are lying low. Why?

Since this isn’t the first time the mayor of our city has been found to be “taking” – as, in this case, of not paying for something that isn’t free – he isn’t worthy of serving us any longer. The mayor of our city is paid close to $80,000 a year, in addition to operating a real estate company. And the man isn’t paying for gas?

If we are to maintain a civilized and just society, our elected officials need to be beyond reproach in their character.

Linda Urban

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Wake Up Wilkes Barre TV