Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gas Gate in Gumpville?

Gas Gate may be a hot button issue lately here in Da Hood but just search the internet for a bit and you’ll find that many towns across America have experienced their own version of Gas Gate: Where public officials have decided to help themselves to public gas.

Feeling that because they are doing city business at work that they are somehow deserving of a taxpayer ride to and from work. 

  • Just ask your boss to pay for your ride to work, I dare you!

Or that because they can’t even go to the supermarket for milk without being harassed by citizens complaining about one thing or another, that ride too should be billed to the taxpayers, and God forbid a citizen asks them a question at Kmart, that may entitle them to a Big Screen TV!

The major difference that we found between other towns across the country, and Da Hood, is that even in the small South Carolina town where the movie Forest Gump was filmed, when Gas Gate struck the town, law enforcement responded.

  • Now I know I’m asking for way too much! 

Thinking that any public official should be held accountable, pay their own way, or at the very least, pay us back for stealing gas on the weekend in their undershirts, but that’s just me.

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  1. What becomes of the vehicles that are towed, and not reclaimed because of the exorbitant fees attached thereto??? Who processed them??? Who details them?? Who sells them??? And ultimately, who profits by this???..........jus sayin

    1. PA does have laws for just this sort of thing! And as long as records are maintained & certified letters are sent, then the impound can rightfully dispose of them to recoup their fees.

      Now that being said, we are lacking records in our city impound so all impounded cars should still be sitting in impound. Since you can't go back a rewrite history nor can we obtain past post dates on letters that should have been sent, one would hope our impound has all the cars should the state police start tracing vin's


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