Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Cameras for Hill People

It would appear that the management of a local housing complex, that has been the scene of many crimes here in Gotham City could care less that their complex has issues to say the least. 

Early this month a man was stabbed there, but yet management refuses to do something as simple as post a notice informing residents of a crime watch meeting.

In fact when the leader of crime watch showed up alone, (as she always does, because the city refuses to help crime watch even though they receive grants for such programs) to facilitate the meeting only to find the meeting room empty, she then asked the manager where the folks were, she was met with “What do you want me to do, pull people out of my hat” said the manager. 

I would have responded with “No but allowing us to post a notice would be NICE”

When the news paper had the audacity to ask why this complex didn’t have Hawkeye Security Cameras similar to the ones posted around the Kings elite residential community, the City’s Administrative Coordinator Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said that with recent cuts to Community Development funding and further cuts anticipated in coming years, “financing installation of security cameras for a privately owned facility would not be a priority of the administration with the funds available.”

“The private operator should bear the cost burden of such a proactive security measure,” Mc-Laugh-lin said.

While we do agree that the complex should own up to its responsibilities with regard to maintaining security at their location, untimely it is our city police who must continue putting themselves in harm’s way to protect the good residents in and around this complex, so with that it should be a priority there Mc-Laugh-lin!

Also it should be noted that if we “the city” weren’t coughing up $10,483.87 per camera to a campaign contributor of the King’s, and we were buying them at the actual price of just$977.30 per camera then perhaps we might be able to afford to properly blanket the entire city, and not just the Kings Castle.

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  1. To quote Mr. Drew "financing installation of security cameras for a privately owned facility would not be a priority of the administration with funds available"

    Isn't TML's house privately owned? And how many people have been stabbed, shot, or injured at J.J.'s house? How many times have our Police responded to crimes at the Barney Farms??

    Who ranks in the order of priorities, the many people who live in the Sherman Hills complex, or two greedy politicians???

    1. Damn, Beat me to that one. It was the first thing on my mind.

  2. Our family has been calling city hall, I have been to council meetings, and talked to Drew McLaughlin beginning last year. We've been trying to get cameras around our neighborhood because of how many drug houses are around our home and a drive by shooting right next door to our home last December. We live In the rolling mill hill area off of Stanton street. Just this month the street light on the corner up the street has been shot out FOUR times! Besides that there were 3 shootings 3 days in a row all in the same vicinity. One left 3 bullets in a home on Stanton st. We need cameras and we are part of your KINGDOM TML!!! I believe the only cameras that are close to here are on Backman and hazle and I think maybe Parrish and hazle but I'm not even sure about that.

    1. Your correct you do live in the Kingdom but unfortunatly you reside in the badlands! Or as we have come to know it the forgotten villages. What the villagers need to realize is we are not royalty & not entitled to protections afforded a King!


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