Saturday, August 4, 2012

TML Track Record

Bob Kadluboski said at a council meeting that he was only asking questions because “You can’t trust this administration. … I’m not trying to be mean or unprofessional. We need to know the facts. … It’s not personal; you’ve seen the track record.”

  • Bob we are all painfully aware of this administrations Track Record!

Call Bob what you will, and in the past our own King, and city controller have called him “cupcake” but for the most part he’s right.

We can’t seem to trust a word that flows out of the mouths of our city officials.

Our mayor who campaigned on “his experience” yet won’t even

  • Fill out a fuel log
  • Follow the bid process
  • Comply with the Office of Open Records
  • Enforce city contractors uphold their contracts
  • Maintain public records, and perhaps that’s the reason he won’t enforce the city tower maintain records either.

Can anyone tell me why our King keeps protecting Leo? I have entertained just about every notion from bribes to man-crush, and for the life of me I just don’t get it.

Just look at the comments on the TL, and you can clearly see the Kings approval rating is in the potty, yet he won’t cut the deadwood to save the tree. 

I can understand a politician lying, it’s like the scorpion to the frog “it’s just in my nature” but what I can’t seem to get, is how the people can just sit back and not seem to care.

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