Saturday, August 25, 2012

Legally Steal Gas

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. As reported by Wake Up Wilkes Barre back in June Let them EAT New Cars

Now thanks to Terrie Morgan-Besecker of the Times Leader City OKs vehicle purchase over gas

IF you’re caught stealing gas you’ll be punished with a NEW SUV

Terrie writes:

A city department head who was caught up in a controversy over use of city gasoline will no longer drive his personal vehicle on city business and instead will use a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee that’s being purchased by the city.

City officials said the decision to buy the nearly $28,000 SUV for use by Ken Pahler is part of an overall plan to purchase more vehicles for certain departments in lieu of paying mileage to employees who use their personal vehicles in their jobs.

Pahler will use the vehicle primarily to drive around the city, checking on crews doing paving, snow removal and other road work, said Butch Frati

  • Wake Up Butch the city is only 7 square miles, and our roads look like a war zone, so where is Kenny going?

Karen Ceppa Hirko and Frank Sorick, who closely monitor and often criticize city spending questioned the timing of the purchase.

“When they are no longer able to put city gas in their vehicles, that’s when the need for vehicles arises,” Sorick said.

In an email response to Sorick’s comments, Leighton said his administration “has never spent taxpayer’s money frivolously and we are not about to start now.”

“We continue to look for opportunities to upgrade the city fleet and this is no different. The vehicle is purchased for the department and not any individual and it will be only used for city work,” Leighton said.

“They have other vehicles that can do that. Why buy a brand new vehicle?” Ceppa Hirko said. “All he needs to do is keep track of his mileage.”

  • Karen please understand that you, and the rest of the Taxpayers Group pissed them off, and this is their way of retaliation!

Drew Mc-Laugh-lin the city’s administrative coordinator, defended the purchase, he said that city also wants to get away from paying mileage in certain departments

  • I bet they do Drew its too easy to get caught billing for personal use!

Mc-Laugh-lin also noted the SUV, which cost $27,482, is being purchased with money from the Liquid Fuels fund, which is funded by the state through taxes on fuel.

  • “The MUNICIPAL LIQUID FUELS PROGRAM funds a range of projects to support municipalities' construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of public roads."

“If someone’s on their way home and needs to stop for milk and bread at Schiel’s, do they use a city vehicle, or take the vehicle home and then go back to Schiel’s?” Sorick said.

Frati said it will be made clear the vehicle is only to be used for official business. He noted it will be marked with city decals, making it easy for residents to spot.

“If the public sees the vehicle out and they think it’s inappropriate, there are checks and balances … we will act accordingly,” Frati said.

  • Much like this one spotted the other day at Sams Club during LUNCH hour!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


  1. maybe the wilkes-barre health department was at sams club doing a health and safety inspection... im sure a simple freedom of information request could clear that up ;-)

  2. Wilkes Barre last Republican Mayor was 1962 I believe....only in a democrat/liberal/progressive run world can you steal gas and get a new car for your efforts

    1. I do not think this is a party thing. I truly believe it has more to do with where we are. Pennsylvania is the corruption capital of the world!

  3. Or the new Ford that was in a accident on their way for lunch over in Edwardsville that had not one but two code inspectors in it. I see that car still hasn't been fixed.


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