Saturday, December 29, 2012

Higher Taxes - Lower Services!!

If you’ve been paying attention then you probably already know that just about everything is BIGGER in Texas, sorry, I mean Wilkes Barre.

  • Property Taxes are 26% BIGGER
  • All your fees from recycling to rental inspection are BIGGER
  • The price of easy rip, city, trash bags are BIGGER
  • City Cell Phone Bills are BIGGER than expected
  • City Hall bootlickers, Payroll are getting BIGGER

One thing is smaller Wilkes Barre, your EMS & Fire Rescue department

photo courtesy of The Times Leader

In other news:
  • Hawkeye Cameras are blind at night. 
You may have seen the first photo released following the hit and run of the 5 year old boy. Well several citizens began asking if the car was red or purple as the photo left a lot to be desired.

Come to find out, it was the best photo Kings College camera(s) could obtain, even though we have several Hawkeye cameras in the area. 

Then in another twist, a second photo is released, this one from the Bridal Shop owned by Tom Greco. Apparently John Majikes of WBPD went to Mr. Greco and requested his films, because once again Hawkeye saw or captured nothing!

All I can say is thank you, Kings College, and thank you, Tom Greco for quickly providing your surveillance records, and for actually maintaining a recording, unlike the overpriced, worthless, Hawkeye system that only seems to capture records from Barney Farms.

I am outraged at the repeated waste of taxpayer funds, and constant reduction in city services. In the Hawkeye case, it appears we spent millions blanketing the city with do noting cameras that can’t even help us find a scumbag who could hit a child and not even stop.

If the cameras really don’t cost $11,000 each, then where’s the money going?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Budget Time's Running Out

As time ticks down on the 2013 budget clock, the King and company literally wait till the last second to do anything.

According to Bill O’Boyle’s Times Leader article in yesterday’s paper Leighton said he was going to have the revised budget to council members by the end of business Wednesday.

  • Close, it was delivered to council members homes this morning.

“We have to see the budget before we can vote on it,” Merritt said. “We need time to review it and then we will schedule a meeting. We have until Monday.”

  • In defense of our King, here Mike, he is simply not accustom to you or your counterparts reading anything before offering up your rubber stamp of approval.

Now as council clearly had all day, to look over The Kings newly revised budget, that calls for a 25-mill tax increase and just about none of councils suggested cuts.

Council has scheduled a rubber stamping session tomorrow at 5:30 PM

It is quite disgusting that this administration spends money like crazy, and at the same time cuts city service, and raises taxes.

Where is the public outrage???

Wake Up Wilkes Barre, for the love of God Wake Up!!!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

The True City Salary

I know we published this a while back 
but a few have asked that this get its own posting, and not simply following another headline. 

So as requested, the true base pay numbers for The City of Wilkes Barre, aka City of Brokesville, enjoy.  
Name Department Current Salary 2012
Dessoye, Gerard E Police Chief $98,971.00
Delaney, James J Fire Chief $86,063.00
Mccormick, Marie A City Administrator $86,061.00
Crane, Donald Police Dept Chief $83,141.00
Sauer, Kurt F Director of Ec & $81,758.00
Frati, Attilo Chief Building Inspector $81,600.00
Leighton, Thomas M Mayor $79,911.00
Reilly, Bruce J Fire Chief Ast. $78,838.00
Makar, Thomas Fire Chief Ast. $78,838.00
Snarski Edward T Fire Bat. Chief $78,838.00
Sharksnas, William A Fire Chief Ast. $77,466.00
Kross, Theodore R Health Director $74,325.00
Hughes, Jr., Robert P Police Capt $72,951.00
Pahler, Kenneth S DPW Boss $72,582.00
Harris, William C Zoning $71,327.00
Suchuster, Leon S Zoning $71,327.00
Ryan, James City Clerk $71,199.00
Kittrick, Brett G $70,000.00
Olshefski, Steven J Police $69,334.00
Lendacky, Marcella J Police $68,715.00
Middleton, Paul E Police $68,715.00
Lau, Louis IT Director $68,659.00
Barrouk, Gregory Economic Develop $67,898.00
Sevison, Brent L Police Dt $67,846.00
Simonetti, Robert A Police Dt $67,846.00
Sabestinas, Dennis Master Electrician $66,634.00
Bitzer, Joseph G Police Dt $66,277.00
Ostrum, John J Fire Capt. $66,234.00
Curham, John R Police Sgt $66,063.00
Foy, Jr., Ronald J Police Dt $66,063.00
Lukasavage, Kenneth Police Sgt $66,061.00
Sobocinski, David B Police Dt $66,061.00
Harden, William D Police $66,061.00
Coffay, Jr., Joseph J Police Dt $65,467.00
Malloy, Mark F Police Dt $65,467.00
Jensen, Charles M Police $65,467.00
Dehaut, Francis P Police $65,175.00
Zenda Jr., Stanley R Fire Capt. $65,102.00
Novak, Joseph G Police Sgt $64,870.00
Kelly, John J Fire Capt. $64,535.00
Price, Duane Police Sgt $64,277.00
Stash, Matthew Police Sgt $64,277.00
Gatrell Jr., James L Police Dt $64,277.00
Sheridan, James Police $64,277.00
Bozek, Robert L Police $64,035.00
Schatzel, Melissa A Human Resources $64,025.00
Chandler, Sean B Paramedic $63,879.00
McHugh, Raymond C Dept. Controller $63,763.00
Elick, Ralph T Police Dt $63,680.00
Sereyka, Harold Police $63,462.00
Touey, James P Police $63,461.00
Rodriguez, Albert R Police $62,889.00
Kupetz, Thomas W Police $62,888.00
McHenry, Francis M Fire Capt. $62,838.00
Fannon, Robert J Fire $62,837.00
Roberts, Christopher Police $62,492.00
Harding, Thomas D Police $62,490.00
Owens, Richard R Fire $62,418.00
Harding, Richard C Police $62,316.00
Nahill, Thomas P Police $62,316.00
Oswald, Erika C Police $62,316.00
Buchanan, Christopher Fire $62,271.00
Smith, Robert Fire $62,271.00
Klapat, Alan F Fire $62,271.00
Murtha, William J Fire $62,271.00
Siskovich, Theodore W Fire $61,876.00
Gribble, Alan M Police $61,745.00
Hine, Scott J Police $61,745.00
Merchel, Kirk A Police $61,745.00
Smith, Brett R Police $61,745.00
Perlis, Joseph J Fire Capt. $61,705.00
Williams, Christopher Fire Capt. $61,705.00
McCarthy, Harry T Fire $60,791.00
Arnone, Joseph C Fire $60,790.00
Berlew, Jeffrey Fire $60,790.00
Voelker, Frederick H Fire $60,790.00
Majikes, John F Police $60,601.00
Lendacky, Damian Fire $60,573.00
Suchoski, Robert A Fire $60,573.00
Ostrowski, Joseph B Fire $60,248.00
Spellman, Jude Paramedic $60,054.00
Casey, Charles E Police $60,030.00
Gutkowski, Leonard J Police $60,030.00
Kane, John M Police $60,030.00
Lada, Steven S Police $60,030.00
Maciejczyk, Christophe Police $60,030.00
Mangan, Joseph P Police $60,030.00
Mishanski, Edward B Police $60,030.00
Mortensen, Christopher Police $60,030.00
Myers, Phillip J Police $60,030.00
Ninotti, Tino Police $60,030.00
Rittel, Eugene J Police $60,030.00
Sereyka, Jeremy Police $60,030.00
Wolfe, Douglas A Police $60,030.00
Wychock, Stanley J Police $60,030.00
Boyle, Jr., Michael G Police $60,030.00
Kaluzny, Thomas J Police $60,030.00
Burke, Thomas J Fire $59,705.00
Ulichney, John F Fire $59,704.00
Trimble, Ronald D Retired $59,578.00
Emplit, Daniel R Fire $59,163.00
Bilski, Michael Fire $59,162.00
Dayton, William J Fire $59,162.00
Murphy, Marc J Rental Inspections $59,000.00
Anthony, Jason R Police $58,888.00
Falcone, Anthony J Police $58,888.00
Fisher, James M Police $58,888.00
Gist, Brian Police $58,888.00
Kurutz, David M Police $58,888.00
McGrath, Michael G Police $58,888.00
Polemitis, Yuannis G Police $58,888.00
Rennick, Mitchell L Police $58,888.00
Yelland, Shane J Police $58,888.00
Ziegler, Joseph T Police $58,888.00
Fox, Samuel Fire $58,619.00
Klapat, Thomas J Fire $58,619.00
Polacheck, Joseph Fire $58,619.00
Balchun, David J Police $58,316.00
Collins, Robert Police $58,316.00
Dumont, Cory Police $58,316.00
Hardy, Christopher D Police $58,316.00
Jones, Kennith Police $58,316.00
Kaluzny, Jacob J Police $58,316.00
Labar, Marc Police $58,316.00
Morris, David J Police $58,316.00
Sinavage, Joseph L Police $58,316.00
Steve, Kevin S Police $58,316.00
Conmy, James Police $58,314.00
Cope, Dana Police $58,314.00
Crawford, Paul Police $58,314.00
Magagna, Bernard Police $58,314.00
Cross, Thomas Fire $58,077.00
Evanko, Francis M Fire $58,077.00
Kelley Jr., John H Fire $58,077.00
Williams, Shawn P Fire $58,077.00
Meehan, Paul J Fire $58,077.00
Shinko, Stanley M Fire $58,077.00
Sudnick, Robert P Fire $58,077.00
Baldoni, John B Fire $58,076.00
Graham, Ralph C Fire $58,076.00
Hall, II, Donald R Fire $58,076.00
Meehan, Francis C Fire $58,076.00
Snyder, Thomas Fire $58,076.00
Benson, Christopher M Police $57,744.00
Dudick, Jason Police $57,744.00
Ference, Jeffrey K Police $57,744.00
Freeman, Stephen E Police $57,744.00
Freitas, Gregory J Fire $57,534.00
Heffers, Thomas F Fire $57,534.00
Lear, Mark W Fire $57,534.00
Leibman, George M Fire $57,534.00
Roberts, David R Fire $57,534.00
Ulichney, Michael J Fire $57,534.00
Voelker, Kevin B Fire $57,534.00
Crawford, Michael J Fire $57,534.00
Kovach, Kevin F Fire $57,534.00
Steininger, Robert L Fire $57,534.00
Torbik, Delphine D City Nurse $57,254.00
Drevitch, Brian Fire $56,991.00
Hirko, Thomas D Fire $56,991.00
Rae, Robert R Fire $56,991.00
Stehle, Robert F Fire $56,991.00
Walker, Alfred G Fire $56,991.00
Anderson, Eric M Fire $56,991.00
Lehman, George J Fire $56,991.00
Smith, Edmond J Fire $56,991.00
Barry, Mark T Grant Coordinator  $56,121.00
Court, William Fire $54,277.00
Murphy, Thomas J Fire $54,277.00
Schatzel, George Fire $54,277.00
Smith, Christopher S Fire $54,277.00
Smith, Jr., Robert Fire $54,277.00
Zaremba, James Fire $54,277.00
Simonson, Michael Asst Director $53,179.00
Dunleavy, Michael J Purchasing Agent $52,169.00
Henrey, Timothy J City Attorney $52,158.00
Alu, Jeffrey B Fire $51,233.00
Hammond, Tyler Fire $51,233.00
Johns, Eric Fire $51,233.00
Newcomb, Jason Fire $51,233.00
Patla, Angela L Fire $51,233.00
Stadulis, Michael Fire $51,233.00
Kratz, Frank Chief Building Code $50,994.00
Dessoye, Jeanne C Deputy Finance $50,739.00
Pahler, Charles Bioterrorism $49,619.00
Monka, Peter Foreman $48,899.00
Barrett, Betty J Ast. Director $48,740.00
Livingston, John Recreation manager $48,691.00
Pape, Frederick D Inspector $48,613.00
Sharksnas, Margaret M Paralegal $48,370.00
Vinsko, William E Ast. City Attorney $48,247.00
Jacob, Bernadette M Computer $47,419.00
Semenza, JoAnn Rental Inspections $47,358.00
Flannery, Thomas A Police Info $47,230.00
Payne, Christine A Ast. City Clerk $47,230.00
Spellman, Mary A Ambulance billing $47,230.00
Lewis, David T Property Foreman $46,794.00
Smith, Carol L Rental Inspections $46,646.00
Kittrick, Joann M Accounting $45,985.00
Romanelli, Ronald M Public Safety Director $45,507.00
Meehan, Ellen Human Resources $44,827.00
Roberts, Nichole Envir & Contract Sp $44,827.00
Decker, Amy Accounts Payable $44,827.00
Lewis, Michael H DPW $44,483.00
Nixon, Michael J DPW $44,483.00
Kane, Kathryn M Controller $44,063.00
Pesotski, Edward D City Revitalization $43,806.00
Hershberger, Frank R IT $42,988.00
Owens, Dorothy L Office Manager $42,892.00
Sanfilippo, Lisa M Administrative Ast. $42,180.00
Dehaut, David A DPW $42,160.00
Dumble, Jeffrey DPW $42,160.00
Earley, John W DPW $42,160.00
Graham, Paul J DPW $42,160.00
Hughes, Ralph DPW $42,160.00
Winder, Jeff J DPW $42,160.00
Garrett, Gwendolyn Excutive Sec $41,727.00
Obrzut, Sr. Mark E DPW $41,318.00
Pearce, Timothy DPW $41,318.00
Amos, Nicole LPN $39,293.00
Warnick, Cheryl A Clerk $39,075.00
McLaughlin, Drew Mayor Aide $38,682.00
Gagliardi, JoAnne M Foreman $38,542.00
Rodano, Joseph Health Inspector $38,321.00
Elias, James J Health Inspector $38,321.00
Drevitch, Kenneth Rehabilitation Sp $38,068.00
Pius, Brian C DPW $37,787.00
Stajewski, Robert G DPW $37,787.00
Tesar, Robert J DPW $37,787.00
Egroff, Kevin Mechanic $37,786.00
McCue, Gerald E Mechanic $37,786.00
Kennedy, Susan L Health Officer $37,126.00
Campbell, John DPW $35,846.00
Culver, Daniel DPW $35,846.00
Decker, Daniel DPW $35,846.00
Dimirco, Mark A DPW $35,846.00
Gibbon, Nathan J DPW $35,846.00
Grohonwski, Brian A DPW $35,846.00
Harris, Earl DPW $35,846.00
Heck, Michael DPW $35,846.00
King, Jeffrey R DPW $35,846.00
Martin, Michael DPW $35,846.00
Pachucki, Donald J DPW $35,846.00
Reiser, William DPW $35,846.00
Rodzinak, Daniel DPW $35,846.00
Schultz, Robert DPW $35,846.00
Sterling, Jamie DPW $35,846.00
Weishuhn, Raymond DPW $35,846.00
White, Anthony DPW $35,846.00
Wychock, Stanley DPW $35,846.00
Anstett, John J Assessor $35,689.00
Amesbury, Ann Revenue Clerk $35,634.00
McDade, Edward Animal Enforcement $35,496.00
Hughes, Patricia M Clerk $33,409.00
Ginter, Paul Health Officer $32,492.00
Garvey, Joseph DPW  $32,362.00
Fritz, Keith DPW $32,362.00
Froelick, Michael C DPW $32,362.00
Scott, Matthew DPW $32,362.00
Stefansky, Joseph DPW $32,362.00
White, Anthony J DPW $32,362.00
Bush, Roxanne L Custodian $30,586.00
Moses, George Physician $29,907.00
Earley, Diane Civil Clerk $29,529.00
John, Alfred Parking Enforcement $29,387.00
Engel, Matthew S Civil Clerk $26,111.00
Koval, Gregory J Parking Enforcement $26,110.00
Cave, Nicholas Parking Enforcement $20,888.00
Walker, Alfonzo Parking Enforcement $20,888.00
Thoma, Molly Police $20,800.00
Majikes, Lore PART TIME $18,624.00
Merritt, Michael A City Council Chairman $14,699.00
Barrett, William City Council $13,199.00
Brown, George City Council $13,199.00
George, Antohony City Council $13,199.00
Lavelle, Maureen City Council $13,199.00
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