Thursday, December 6, 2012

$$ Follow The Money $$

The City has entered into an agreement with Johnson Controls Inc, (JCI) to upgrade many city properties, some are necessary upgrades, such as a fuel monitoring system at DPW, that will track how much fuel the King steals, similar to the one we already have, but never use, and some that are a complete waste of money, like an irrigation systems for the nine hole golf course that floods annually.

Nevertheless this contract is urgent city business, so much so, that council called an emergency meeting Monday, with the sole agenda item, of passing funding for this contract.

All council members were eager to pass the King’s contract except Tony George, that is. 

  • Can you believe Tony had the nerve to question the timing of this 6+ Million Dollar spending plan, at a time when we (The City) have no budget, and are laying off firefighters? 

See Video:

Why Now?

Why not wait, asked Tony, and if you were at the meeting, you heard the King’s henchmen respond with: The city only has till the end of the year to use this bond. Sounds good, right? Well it did to the 4 other bobble heads, but what should be of concern is when will it be paid to JCI, and how.

  • What is the real reason the King ripped into Tony at that council meeting? 
  • Why is The King so desperate to make this happen NOW?

Could it be that The King intends to use this General Bond, to pay off the immediate debt now?

Ask yourself these questions:

When has our King ever cared about saving The City money?
  • Did he care when he was filling his tank at the DPW?
  • Did he care when he bought $4,000 security systems?
  • Did he care when he we were shelling out $300 per hour to his buddy?
  • Did he care when he doled out new Smart Phone to God, and everyone?

What if our King intends to temporarily make use of those funds to plug the 4 million dollar hole and avoid distressed city status, thus avoiding the state mandated Governors Audit Team?

Then, next year, after all is (hopefully) forgotten, he will push for the parking garage lease deal again, but this time after replacing uncooperative board members. Then spend that (future money) now to cover up this shady deal?

Final questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Why was the York deal written so differently?

York is guaranteed to end up with a net surplus of $55,512 at the end of the 15-year bond.

  • Why was the York guarantee spelled out, and the Wilkes Barre guarantee variable?

Wilkes-Barre is guaranteed only to get $3.9 million in savings after 20 years, which would not cover the total $6.38 million cost.

Keep your eye on this money, and

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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