Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wilkes Barre’s Most Hated

One might think I'm referring to our Shyster King, by that headline but in fact as the comments and email flow into Wake Up Wilkes Barre, they all contain the same message, 

Fire Drew!!!!


  • He’s noting more the a spokesperson
  • He’s the mayor’s pet parrot
  • He’s nonessential
  • Useless
  • Never held a job before
  • Someone’s relative from Philadelphia
  • Bootlicking Suckhole (OK that’s mine)

You get the point, folks can’t understand why we (The City) are cutting Life Savers, and keeping Suckholes.

The King & Co Respond:

Leighton said: “Laying people off was the last option,” “But you’ve got to remember we’re in a great recession and we’re owed a million dollars from our EIT from Centax. I’m not comfortable with what I did; I’m not happy with what I did.”

Leighton stated he does not believe public safety will be jeopardized by the furloughs.

  • My questions, Your Lordship: If you believe public safety won’t be jeopardized by the furloughs, why are your not comfortable? and why did we have that many Firefighters in the first place?
  • Mike Bilski president of the Fire Fighters unions when asked if he was concerned about the safety of city residents, Bilski said, "Oh my God, yes. we can't operate with just one engine on per shift."

City spokesman Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said cuts to the city police department could occur in December but that the city has not made a final decision regarding that number.

  • Who are you kidding, without the police, you’d be tarred and feathered, and you know it..

Photo courtesy of The Time Leader
Mc-LOL also said “city hall would undergo restructuring that would result in job eliminations but he would not say how many would be lost.”

  • Try NONE Drew, NOT ONE Suckhole, certainly not a professional bootlicker like yourself, your so necessary for shining the mayors……….. Well Boots I guess, if that’s what the kids are calling it now!!!!

Leighton said: “I wouldn’t ask anybody to do anything I wouldn’t do, and I’ve done that for the last 7 or 8 years,” he said.

  • So why isn’t your Bootlicking, Suckhole, Parrot from Philly being laid off?
  • Why aren’t you taking a pay cut? Oh I forgot, you never took the pay raise you’re not entitled to!!!

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