Friday, July 31, 2015

King's College arming security

King's College must finally be facing the reality that our city is not (as Mayor Lie-A-Ton would describe it) "a safe walk-able city". As they have made the decision to arm some of their security officers.

After all who could blame them, we've seen this city go from sad, to bad, to Gotham under this Democratic Dictator, but luckily for King's they've got the former chief of police (Gerald Dessoye) who allowed Wilkes-Barre to fall apart, heading up their security department.

According to the Citizens Voice Newspaper: King’s College spokesman John McAndrew said the idea of arming at least some King’s security officers had been discussed for about 18 months. That discussion began before Gerald Dessoye became executive director of campus safety and security for King’s College last September, soon after resigning as Wilkes-Barre police chief.

  • So for those of you who might have thought Dessoye finally woke-up, think again!

McAndrew stated: Those officers “have been trained with the firearms and related equipment at an off-site private range,” according to the email sent this week.

McAndrew declined to name the private range where that training took place.

  • Hum one has to wonder why? Was this done at the taxpayers expence at WBPD? 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hawkeye endures outages?

The Times Leader Newspaper yesterday reported that "Wilkes-Barre’s ‘Hawkeye’ video surveillance system endures outages during upgrade'

Others will argue that Hawkeye must ALWAYS endure outages, as the system has yet to produce a single image, in spite of the city's claims that the system is invaluable, yet has on many occasions refused to provide proof, but continually asked the public to simply take their word for it, as if...

The newspaper went so far as to joke that "The hawk might be off its perch in Wilkes-Barre.", referring to the lack of surveillance coverage as the upgrades are underway, but I assure you after dumping OVER $7,000,000.00 SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS, or $10,483.87 per camera into a worthless ponzi scheme, this is no laughing matter. 

City Administrator Greg Barrouk said Tuesday that the cameras are in the process of being upgraded and some will be down temporarily as a result. Barrouk stressed that it was not a city-wide shut down of the 300 total cameras positioned throughout Wilkes-Barre

It's been rumored that board-members of Hawkeye like Barrouk are receiving cash kickback for their involvement into this sham, and as much as I hope that isn't true, it sure makes sense considering how much they defend this dysfunctional system.

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