Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lairs or Lawyers?

Listening to Fox Rothschild attorney Alan Wohlstetter talking in circles at the Parking Authority meeting was surly enough to make anyone’s head spin.

"He just misleads you and talks around things," said one board member who spoke on the condition of anonymity, "and we don't know if we can trust him."

One memorable exchange that seemed to epitomize the tension between the board and Fox Rothschild attorney Alan Wohlstetter involved city council member Maureen Lavelle, who attended the meeting as a member of the public.

The exchange began when parking authority member Ed Katarsky questioned the $20 million estimate the parking assets were expected to fetch in a lease.

  • Katarsky: How did you come to that number?
  • Wohlstetter: We reached out to Desman and prospective bidders with the numbers in the term sheet.

Two minutes later:
  • Lavelle: Have you already reached out to bidders, you said?
  • Wohlstetter: Not really.
  • Lavelle: You just said that.
  • Wohlstetter: Well, we're trying to find out what's a realistic number. We did have a conversation with one prospective bidder.

30 minutes later:
  • Wohlstetter: To be honest, when we went out to one of the bidders รข¦

Two minutes later:
  • Lavelle: Alan, you said earlier 'bidders.' And when I questioned it you said one bidder. And now when you just spoke again, you said bidders. Is there more than one bidder you contacted or was there one bidder?
  • Wohlstetter: Right. Uhh, we've gotten inquiries from two so far.

So I have to wonder why a Lawyer would knowingly doubletalk, bend the truth, and flat out lie, fail to answer questions to not only, Citizens, Taxpayers, but a Councilwoman no less. If this guy treats a member of our elected council this way why the world would the Parking Authority ever keep him on payroll.

Well Word on the Street is:

The entire suspension issue was all staged by the Mayor to shut down the public response that’s why when Mrs. King said “why are we talking suspension? Why not termination?” she was passed over.

Also the fix is in LAZ Parking who is currently on Parking Authority payroll is the Bidder(s) the double-talking liar kept referring to, or so I'm told, and from what I hear it’s A Done Deal!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The awakening has begun!

Pennsylvania has dodged two huge bullets tonight folks.

  • First and most importantly is the defeat of Patrick Murphy to the next and honest AG Kathleen Kane.

  • Second the defeat of Bill Vinsko to Gene Stilp. Regardless of the fact that the people have spoken, Bill refuses to concede. It’s time Billy, the folks have had their say, and it’s time to move on. We did!

By all accounts it would appear that even with the help of All The Kings Horses, All The Kings Men, still suffered a crushing blow, and freedom is clearing ringing across the commonwealth tonight.  

So as we rejoice let us not forget to continue our quest of Waking Up our drowsy neighbors.

It’s time to Wake Up Wilkes Barre, the rest of that state has! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time is JJ’s Money

We’ve all heard the expression “Time is Money” but King Tommy, and J.J. “Security System – Hawkeye Security Solutions” Murphy, are taking this expression to the extreme.

Imagine getting paid $5.00 per minute to talk to your friends on the phone. A LOCAL CALL NO LESS! WorldCom didn’t even charge that much to call China, back in the day! 

Many lawyers in Luzerne County don’t even net the outrages $5.00 per min fee that J.J. & his buddy “King Tommy” are soaking the taxpayers for. Claiming it was all the “Parking Authority” when in fact the King himself went and demanded the Parking Authority hire J.J.’s brother’s firm back in December, and then lied to not only Citizens but Council members when they asked.

Now you may be asking yourself the same question:
  • Doesn’t the Parking Authority have to follow the Bid process RFPS and the answer is YES, but under pressure from the King the Authority just did as dictated.
  • NO BID

If anyone is guilty of a crime here it’s most certainly not the KING as usual his hand are clean.
Bulling is his only crime.

The King Tommy Administration:

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Sunday, April 15, 2012

You might be a Weasel if!

How can one be sure they’re Not a Weasel? That seems to be the question that preoccupies me these days. 

So with that Wake Up Wilkes Barre has come up with a Jeff Foxworthy style - simple test that can help rule you out.

Click on the “Then you might be a Weasel!” links below for an example of weasel like activity. 

  • If raping the taxpayer's at a rate of $5.00 per minute, isn’t the only time you posed as an overpriced consultant on the taxpayer's dime:
  • Then you might be a Weasel!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre - Friends don't let friends become Weasel's 

Friday, April 13, 2012

It’s all Relative

Why would Drew McLaughlin Lie for J.J. Murphy?

Well let’s see
  • Could it be they both take orders from King Tommy?
  • Could it be they are both paid way more than their worth?
  • Could it be that neither would know the TRUTH if it smacked them in the face, like I want to?

Well it could be, but word on the street is they are relatedthat's right Drew call J.J. "uncle J.J. and they grew up just doors away from one another, and have likely been partners in crime going way back to the sandbox!

They both grew up in the little development of the Somerton, Philadelphia; I wonder if they knew Chris Matthews?  

13080 Dorothy Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19116

13085 Dorothy Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19116

My question:
  • Didn’t we have any qualified residents from Wilkes Barre to work at City Hall, that we had to pick 2 Liars from Philly? 

Of course we can’t blame Drew, after all this is only his first paid job ever.
Wake Up Wilkes Barre

I believe King Tommy & the Murphy Boys are lairs!

In a recent Citizens Voice article Wilkes-Barre City exploring lease of parking assets City spokesman Drew McLaughlin emphasized the parking authority made the decision to deal with Fox Rothschild, and not Leighton. 
  • Wake Up or Shut Up Drew we have learned that 99% of what you say is CRAP and we must still double check the other 1%.

King Tommy:

Leighton acknowledged Thursday afternoon he talked with Murphy last winter about leasing the city's parking assets, but he said he was not responsible for hiring his friend.
  • It just a coincidence that poor JJ can’t get a job anywhere but on Wilkes Barre City’s Dime!

Leighton denied responsibility for the law firm hiring Murphy as a consultant, saying the Parking Authority ultimately approved hiring Fox Rothschild. But one Parking Authority board member pointed the finger at Leighton.
  • "He was pushing us, pressuring us to do it," board member Ed Katarsky said Thursday. "And we just kind of gave in."

"This wasn't hidden," Leighton said. "If there was a conflict, I would not have done it. If (J.J.) retired last month and we're doing it now, that's a conflict. He was on his own for two years now."
  • Like the Million Dollar Donation?
  • Like the hiring of your own children?

Murphy Boys:

"It's an absolute coincidence," J.J. Murphy said in a telephone interview, explaining his brother is not involved in the project.
  • Yea right and it’s a coincidence that your monitoring fees were accidently billed to the city?

Asked whether his law firm had ever before hired J.J.'s firm GOALS Consulting, the attorney representing Fox Rothschild, Alan Wohlstetter, paused for 15 seconds before saying no.
  • A lawyer lying? Who would have thunk?

J.J. Murphy said he would have recommended any law firm that employed Wohlstetter. It is purely a coincidence his brother works at the same firm, he said.
  • I believe you J.J. not many lawyers would lie for you, and I’m sure it is just a coincidence that your brother is a partner, owner in the firm!

Remember folks Patrick Murphy is a partner in Fox Rothschild, and is asking for your vote to be our States next Attorney General even though he never took the Pennsylvania Bar, Oh & by the way he is already a proven liar. 


Council members Bill Barrett and Tony George expressed surprise after the meeting that J.J. Murphy was hired as a consultant.
  • Wake Up Council, and stop eating whatever the mayor puts in your  bowl, because it smells like Horse $hit!!!!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Follow the Money

On the 29th of last month we reported in Yard Sale Time Again that the mayor was looking to sell off the parking authority, and come to find out he was only looking to lease it. 
  • Fact is the parking authority still has a huge mortgage it can’t pay off, and we all know if you can’t offer clear title no one will buy, so the only option is to lease.
  • Now the question is to whom? 
Well only someone with TWENTY MILLION upfront! So that removes most honest business people, because many wouldn’t have $20,000,000 just sitting around.

My guess would be a group of ticky-tacky lawyers from Philly who feel sorry for a thieving former city admin who can’t find a job, and will get a huge finder’s fee if this deal goes through.

I say follow the money, we all know lawyers know how to form LLC’s to keep from divulging names, and we also know that
  • Lawyers
  • Former City Administrators
  • Forms Representatives 
would know how to write grants, defraud the Federal, and State Governments.

So keep watching this backroom deal that King Tommy adamantly denied when Wake Up Wilkes Barre first broke the story back on March 29, 2012, and remember

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Something Fishy @ City Hall

It has come to my attention through a citizen explanation, that there is a huge miscommunication between The Wilkes Barre City Right to Know Office, and the Citizens. 

For one reason or another when a citizen asks for something, and anything but, what the citizen requests is given as the responsive document it is not at all the fault of the city.

The example I was given was a result of my last blog post New RTK Logo where I claimed the city knowingly provided a reproduction of a document for an original document.
  • You see the citizen asked to see An Official Document, and instead was shown A Fishy Document!
  • My guess is City Hall gets a bit confused from time to time, Official Document, Fishy Document, So close!
Now that I understand the breakdown in communication between residents, and city officials I can better assist residents in properly submitting their Right to Know requests.

So going forward I ask all citizens making RTK requests, to The City of Wilkes Barre, to please place the disclaimer “No Fishy Documents” at the bottom of all your requests.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New RTK Logo

Today a disabled citizen who had waited well over a month to view the 5 year old original document, of invoice #A99541 from Torbik Safe & Lock, Inc, Dated 11/30/2007.

For those who don’t know this is the bill of $6,500.00 for moving a security system from former city administrator JJ Murphy’s old home to his new home.

The request took the city 35 days to compete, and when she viewed the document not only was it not 5 years old, it was in fact a reproduction from Torbik, and not at all the original. Now I know being from Tunkhannock makes me a bit slow but I thought original meant the FIRST document, and never a copy, reproduction, or fabrication.  

How could we tell it was not 5 Years Old?
  • It was crisp!
  • It was never folded, which would indicate never mailed!
  • It wasn’t aged!
  • It didn’t have any of Marie McCormick’s childlike scribbles on it!
  • Best of all, It proves once and for all Torbik Safe & Lock, Inc. can predict the future.

Please see photos, and for God sakes Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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