Monday, November 28, 2011

Fallout from Mayoral Fire Sale!!!

There has been so much controversy over the sale of the Parsons Number 9 Firehouse:
  • Let’s start with the MONEY: 
  • There is a major difference in the actual Sale Price of $42,000 from the Assessed Value of $140,000 a Difference of $98,000. 
  • Let me just play devil's advocate for Tommy on this one, and say that what I have personally learned as a Realtor is that there is always a difference from the sale price VS. Our County Assessment and I believe it is because our assessors were either DAFT, or drugged. It’s the only explanation that fits, but come on folks seriously we didn’t call it a fire sale for nothing. 

  • Can we please have our memorial to American veterans back?  
The mayor was quoted in the 05/15/10 edition of the Times Leader saying “Most likely the city will take control of the memorial,” Leighton said. “We will probably make it part of the park.”
  • Well Mr. Mayor it’s been well over a year, and no control of the Memorial, What Gives? 
  • The Memorial is now on private property. 
  • So it is on behalf of The Citizens of Wilkes Barre City, Parsons Section this blogger asks Richard Lombardo the above questions: Can we please have our memorial to American veterans back?”
  • Can anyone name any other City or Mayor who sold any memorial yet alone a Memorial to American Veterans, that was bought by the citizens of that city? 
Now onto The Little League, who lost the use of their storage building / concession stand, when Our Realtor-Mayor sold it! 
  • Tommy you really need to attend continuing education. Specifically Deed Reading 101: I recommend Pennsylvania Real Estate Academy

In the 03/31/11 edition of the Times Leader Mayor Tom Leighton on Wednesday said city officials did not know the building in question was utilized by the league when the property was sold in November to Rick Lombardo for $42,000.

  • Really you’re the mayor, and a Realtor: 
  • It was listed on the Deed! So how could you a Realtor not know? 
  • Or could it be that you simply didn’t CARE?
  • How much will the new building cost the taxpayers?

“Once it became aware, the city offered to provide material for the new clubhouse, which will be built with volunteer labor. The cost of the material, which was not immediately available, will be paid out of a special recreation fund, not the general fund, Leighton said.”
  • If you want to make it right Tommy have The C.A. Leighton Co. donate the building, and GET our M
    emorial to American veterans back!!!

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