Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why would City hide Credit Card Statements?

Looking at these 2 statements it’s hard to argue that something is missing. A statement likely, but what do I know? I only worked for Bank of America "the cities bank" for 8 years!

I have to wonder why the City would not want us to see these statements. I can only imagine something is wrong, but what? What are they hiding, and why? If the bank provided any of us with a statement showing our credit card ended with balance of $158.21, and the next month they told us it began with a balance of $1,491.62 wouldn’t we demand to know WHY? Well WAKE UP WILKES BARRE that’s exactly what City Hall is doing. They told us that in July 2006 we owed $158.21, and when they got the next statement September 2006 the city owed $1,491.62 REALLY no one asked why! Where is August 2006? WTF is going on at city hall? 

Who with all that experience who is blindly paying these bills?
Another billing error? I THINK NOT!!!

Sounds to me like we either need a new Credit Card Provider or a New Administration. I know what I will VOTE for! How about you?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre, City Hall is robbing you BLIND, and for some ungodly reason you LIKE it!!!

Missing August 2006:
  • Billing period 06/05/06 - 07/04/06 ended with a new balance of $158.21 the next statement provide from the city was for billing period 08/04/06 – 09/04/06 which began with a balance of $1,491.62
Proof of missing Statement:
  • Missing Charges:
  • If the July statement ended with a lower balance then that of September, we can assume 2 things.
1.      A payment was made on the August statement sometime between 07/05/06 – 08/03/06.
2.      Additional charges were assessed to the account sometime between 07/05/06 – 08/03/06 as the September beginning balance is greater than that of the July ending balance. 

    • 3 Right To Know appeals have been won in Harrisburg. The City was ordered to cough up the statements but for some reason they won’t. Shame of them!!

      The above is just 1 sample. All on this list are similar so again WHY? I urge everyone to call Bank of America 1-800-673-1044 and ask them if the above example would hold true. Would they be able to explain why no statement would be available? The answer will SHOCK you, or will it? BOA will tell you they can explain the charges. Why: The statement is available, and the city has it…

      Other interesting FACTS:

      7 years
      Interest Rates –18 to 22 percent
      Annual fee- 25 .00
      Finance Charges
      Leighton- $74.96
      Mc Cormick - $ 82.85
      JJ Murphy - $183.29
      Ryan-   $314.69
      Total -   $655.52

      Late Payments
      Leighton- $145.00
      Mc Cormick - $49.00
      JJ Murphy - $233.00
      Ryan-   $302.00
      Total -  $729.00
      Total of late payments and finance charges = $ 1,384. 52

      After compiling all of the information obtained on the credit card statements (excluding  the 70 missing statements ) on spreadsheet here are some totals: 

      Leighton- Hotel / Conferences - $ 16,574.79
      Mc Cormick Hotels/- City Employees-   $ 16,964.53    
      City Council Hotels/Conference fees/  Ryan - $ 68,110.33
      Murphy’s Hotels/ $ 11,239.69
      Total- Hotels/ Conferences total  $112,887.00

      Leighton- None
      Mc Cormick - $ 3,693.20
      JJ Murphy - $ 1, 218.20
      Ryan-   $ 2,270.84
      Total- $  5,964.00

       Hotels/ conferences            $112,887.00
      Air fare                                + $ 5,964.00 
                                                      $118,851.00  total 

      JJ Murphy
      Working lunches ?   $ 2,018.02

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