Friday, November 11, 2011

Calling on our DO NOTHING, City Hall, Yet again!

Monday May 30, 2011 a fire destroys a vacant home that had been an ongoing hangout for vagrants, and drug users, for years. According to the Times Leader: “It is the second fire at a vacant building on Sullivan Street since 2007.
I along with my neighbors on Sullivan St had repeatedly called on city hall for action to this ongoing problem, but like many others our pleas fell on deaf ears. Now that 7 families were displaced, and the abandoned house burned to the ground, life on Sullivan St has only gotten worse.

Speaking as the only responsible homeowner involved in the fire, I once again call on City Hall to act. I know FAT chance, right? I, together with my insurance carrier Nationwide have re-invested over $100,000.00 to rebuild my home on Sullivan St. I could have done what others had chosen to do, and that is grab the insurance check, and flee, but instead I did what I should do, and that is hired a contractor to rebuild my house.

Now my tenants are sitting next to a Rotten, Stinking, Dilapidated, Burned out mess that is once again a home for the godforsaken riffraff that troll our city in search of these abandominiums as they call them.

Once again I only ask for our City to do what it should, and that is protect is residents. News flash for the folks at City Hall: "Government’s first job is Protection of its Citizens."

  • Wake Up City Hall!!

  • You failed to protect us from the dump that caused this fire.
  • You slashed the fire department so much so that on the morning of May 30, 2011 the department was so overworked, and understaffed that those poor guys couldn’t stop the fire from spreading to 3 other buildings, mine included. It wasn’t that they didn’t try I was there that night, but watching them nearly pass out, running out of O2, and then the Fire Chief telling them “I hate to do this to you but I have to send you back in.” MY GOD!! I cannot thank these firemen enough for their efforts, and they did all they could, but with limited resources.
  • NOW once again you are failing to protect the residents of Sullivan St again by allowing this mess to remain.
  • GET the lead out!!!! Enforce the LAW, or for the love of god RIP that MESS DOWN!!!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre…. You could be NEXT!!!!!


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