Monday, February 25, 2013

Shots Fired, Hit The Deck!!!

You don’t have to be a CSI: Crime Scene Investigator to know that Wilkes Barre has a crime problem. 

Just take a look at what is no longer shocking to the residents.

  • A robbery at Turkey Hill
  • Shots Fired
  • Home Invasions
  • Or a well known convenience store on Carey Ave now referred to by the locals as “The Stab & Grab”.

Wilkes-Barre police Chief Gerard Dessoye is aware of the rise in shootings, but he doesn't know why it's happening.

"It's hard to say (why there's an increase)," Dessoye said. "Every one has its own story and you never know for sure if the story is true."

  • Hey Gerry Wake Up, Charlotte from Crime Watch, and Jason from The Guardian Angels have been warning of gangs infiltrating our city, and yet you ignored their warnings.

Dessoye blamed many of the shootings on a "subculture" that lives outside the law and settles disputes with violence.

"It's not every case; certainly there are some involved in domestic violence cases and various others," Dessoye said.

  • Now you’ve got it, "subculture" that lives outside the law and settles disputes with violence.

Bill Jarma recently stood in a parking lot outside his apartment at Interfaith Heights, across the street from Sherman Hills. "It's a walking disaster," Jarma said. "Someone's going to get murdered."

  • Oh Bill several someone’s are already getting murdered!

"I want to get the hell out of here but can't afford to," Jarma said. "I just stay in my house and mind my own business."

  • That’s the sentiment of many of our residents, but yet I call for every last one of you to WAKE UP and stop electing the same thugs, who bury their heads in the sand, and ignore the problem, or in Wilkes Barre’s case are part of the problem themselves, and likely don’t go after the Gang’s out of professional courtesy.
  • If you vote for these people you’re the problem, and if you don’t vote against them you're an even bigger problem.

When asked about Sherman Hills, a man who said he lived there admitted the neighborhood has a bad reputation.

"I know it's bad, but the thing is, if you mind your own and stay around people you know, you'll be alright," he said.

But at night, it's best to stay inside, another man said.

"Sometimes you hear the shots. I got a 5-year-old son, he throws himself on the floor when he hears them," he said.

  • A 5-year-old throwing himself on the floor when he hears shots being fired.
  • Can you picture your son, daughter, or grandchild doing this, growing up this way, or accepting this as the normal?
  • Well I sure as hell cannot!!!

Dessoye confirmed there is a high concentration of crime at Sherman Hills and said he has spoken with the owners about the problem.

"It would be fair to say that the owners and operators of the Sherman Hills Complex have made promises to the city administration, police administration and we're going to hold them accountable for the promises they made," city spokesman Drew McLaughlin said.

Dessoye refused to elaborate on the owners' promises, saying it could "have an impact on some things we're doing." Phone messages left at the Brooklyn, N.Y., phone number for Sherman Hills, LLC, the complex's owner, were not returned.

  • Well let’s see, Sherman Hills hasn’t seen a Rental Inspection since, well EVER!!! Let’s get past the loss of revenue to the city, by not inspecting the 344 units or 341 assisted units, yet this complex is allowed to operate outside city code, WHY?
  • I wonder if this has anything to do with Dessoye refusal to elaborate on the owners' promises. 
  • HUM What are those promises, or better yet how much are those promises?

Beyond the streets of Sherman Hills, residents all over the city aren't feeling safe, said Charlotte Raup, president of the Wilkes-Barre Crime Watch.

"People are scared to death," Raup said. "The main question we get at crime watch is, 'Should I get a gun?' 'When can I shoot somebody?' 'Should I get an alarm?'"

  • Good God just yesterday folks were told by police to stay inside a church after Mass because of an armed robbery across the street. 
  • It’s like the Wild West in Wilkes Barre but not nearly as safe.

Dessoye said "You need to have a meter, you need to compare it to something. You write an article just about Wilkes-Barre, everyone's terrified, Now people are reading that and are under the impression that the only places there are any shootings is in Wilkes-Barre. There's never any (mentioning that) by the way, Scranton's crime rate is this or Scranton also has a problem."

  • FYI Duh-Soye, Wilkes-Barre had two more robberies with a firearm and 13 more assaults with a firearm than Scranton last year, according to the statistics.
  • It should also be noted that Scranton had ZERO fatalities from shooting last year, unlike Wilkes Barre.

P.S. Shooting TODAY at Sherman hill, and Duh-Soye still doesn’t know why this is happening. 

For the love of GOD, Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Thursday, February 21, 2013

No so happy now

Natalie Aleo 82, of Wilkes-Barre, the woman who’s stolen car sparked much of the current investigation in LAG towing business practices is speaking out regarding statements Leo Glodzik, LAG’s owner, made to the press.

Leo Glodzik III said he did not charge Aleo after he learned the car was stolen. Aleo said she was happy to sign her car's title to Glodzik after he told her the vehicle was inoperable.

"That’s not exactly true," Aleo said. "I wasn’t happy. I loved that car,” she said.

Aleo said Glodzik and his employee were very nice to her. In the weeks since her case went public, she’s begun to question certain parts of her dealings with him, however.

For instance, Aleo said that when Glodzik first called her to advise her he had her car, he told her to bring the title with her when she came to pick it up.


When proving ownership to a police officer at traffic stop, has anyone ever been asked for the title, or is it simply registration, license, and proof of insurance?

Hum, Leo told her to bring her title, wonder WHY????

The real question is what was the condition of her car?

Speaking with Plymouth Borough Police, they stated the car was found parked. So they have no idea if it ran or not, as it was found with no keys. My next question is if you stole a car and the engine quit, would you then park it nicely, and take the key, or would you simply jump out leaving everything?

The King chimed in:

“This lady had no idea why the mayor was calling her,” Leighton said. Aleo told him she was “perfectly happy” with LAG, he said, and did not know why it was an issue.

  • Well your lordship, if I lied to you, and took your property under false pretences would it be an issue??

Someone is lying:

Ms. Aleo said she called and left a message with the chiefs secretary but never got a call back.

Dessoye spoke to his secretary Wednesday and she said she never spoke to anyone about Aleo’s case.

Who is Dessoye's secretary, and what is her connection to LAG Towing????

Mum's the word:

Contacted Wednesday, Glodzik declined to comment on Aleo’s claims.

“I’m not commenting at all. Write whatever you want,” he said.

  • Finally Leo is taking the advice of legal council 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Can you say “Federal Grand Jury”?

The I-Team is reporting a Federal Grand Jury seated in Scranton will meet today, regarding the ongoing LAG/City Corruption Scandal dubbed "Cars For Cash".

Yet the administration continues to downplay the existence of any such investigation.

What is a Federal Grand Jury you may be asking, and what exactly do they do?

  • From the Grand Jury Manual: The function of the grand jury is to investigate possible criminal violations of the federal laws and to return indictments against culpable corporations and individuals where there is probable cause to believe that a violation has occurred. 

Well hold onto your hats Wilkes Barre because if this Grand Jury sees the same evidence that Tony George, and I have seen they will have NO choice but to issue indictments!!!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reasons the City may Fire LAG

Any attorney that claims LAG has not violated its contract with the city should be disbarred!

Page 9 Section 21 of the LAG Contract


(c) Disregard of Laws – If Contractor disregards laws, ordinances, rules, regulations or orders of any public authority having jurisdiction of this Contract or the Contractor, the City may, without any prejudice to any right or remedy, and after seven (7) days notice to the Contractor, terminate this Contract and relieve the Contractor of further duty for the City.

  • Did LAG disregard Pennsylvania law?

§ 7306.  Payment of costs upon reclaiming vehicle.
In the event the owner or lienholder of an abandoned vehicle reclaims the vehicle, the reclaiming party shall pay the costs for towing and storage from the date the salvor submitted the abandoned vehicle report to the department, plus a fee of $50 of which $25 shall be transmitted to the department by the salvor. (Dec. 9, 2002, P.L.1278, No.152, eff. 60 days)
Cross References.  Section 7306 is referred to in sections 3352, 7305, 7308 of this title.

LAG Towing Inc., the city’s designated tower, did not file a single abandoned vehicle report with PennDOT in 2012, according to Jan McKnight, a department spokeswoman.

That should mean that LAG Towing Inc., the city’s designated tower, did not collect any storage fees in 2012, RIGHT???

6/27/2012 Robert DeLeo Paid LAG Towing Inc., $400, per the LAG Towing Inc., receipt $200 for towing, and $200 for storage

(d) If the Contractor violates any provision hereunder or any amendments hereto, the City may, without any prejudice to any right or remedy, and after seven (7) days notice to the Contractor, terminate this Contract and relieve the Contractor of further duty for the City, unless other termination terms are set forth and applied for the specific violation.

  • Did LAG violate any provision hereunder or any amendments hereto?

Page 8 of the LAG contract hereunder states: (i) Additionally, Contractor shall tow, FREE of charge, ANY vehicle owned by ANY victim of ANY crime

Charlotte and Bryan Schmidt, of Wilkes-Barre paid $245 to reclaim their vehicle that was stolen in September 2010

82-year-old Natalie Aleo, reportedly was told by Leo Glodzik III, the owner of LAG Towing Inc., that she would have to pay $1,700 to reclaim her car, which had been stolen in December.

Randall Panetta, of Salem Township, payed $275 in cash to LAG to get back his 2006 Volkswagen Beetle convertible after it had been reported stolen.

Eric Sutter, 27, of Harding had his 2004 Hyundai Tiburon stolen from Mohegan Sun Casino at 11:41 p.m. on Oct. 4, 2011, according to a copy of the Plains Township police report.Sutter said he learned his car had been found a few days later, when he called around to various towers and discovered it was at LAG. Sutter said a LAG employee told him he owed $250 for the tow plus a few days worth of storage fees. He didn’t have that much money, so he left the car there. It has remained at LAG ever since, continuing to rack up storage fees of $50 per day. “I gave up trying to get it last summer,” Sutter said. “The last time I went the fees were up to $600 or $800.”

Hum that’s 4 victims of crime, all claiming they were charged for towing and storage fees, in violation of the contract, and the law if no abandoned vehicle report was filed with PennDOT.

(c) If any officer or director of the Contractor’s corporation or business is found guilty of ANY criminal act, regardless of the nature, other than for a summary offense, the City may, without any prejudice to any right or remedy, and after seven (7) days notice to the Contractor, terminate this Contract and relieve the Contractor of further duty for the City.

  • Was there an officer or director of the Contractor’s corporation or business found guilty?

Leo A Glodzik III is the owner of LAG, per his own admission, and multiple published reports.

18§5104 M2 Resist Arrest/Other Law Enforce

Leo A Glodzik III - Guilty Plea/Probation 10/25/2011

Min of 18.00 Months

Max of 18.00 Months

We didn’t even cover LAG’s failed record keeping policies, also a contract violation, so “malicious and false statements without any corroboration or evidence”????

I Think NOT!!!

P.S. If anyone is worried LAG may suing for wrongful termination, remember it didn’t work well it Pittston, and they had far less grounds than Wilkes Barre Does

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Friday, February 15, 2013

Liars have Rules????

LAG to sue Wilkes Barre City Councilman Tony George for speaking the TRUTH….

Leighton told reporters the notice should not deter people from coming forward with complaints if they are telling the truth.

Now come on your lordship, Tony was telling the truth when he made the motion to fire LAG. He acted on information, and testimony he received from citizens, plural, citizens who told Tony what happened to them.

Tony asked LAG to provide their records, and accounts of what happened, in an attempt to get both sides, but let us not forget LAG’s policy on maintain records. If the chief don’t need um, then neither does LAG.

Now in an attempt to SHUT Tony up, His Lordship called in a favor from a Criminal Defense Liar…. And it worked as he knew it would, City Liars order council not to say a word.


Rule 11: Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 provides that a district court may sanction attorneys or parties who submit pleadings for an improper purpose or that contain frivolous arguments or arguments that have no evidentiary support.

Lets see: In a letter sent to Our King by Attorney Joseph Sklarosky, "It is obvious from a fair reading of his contract with the City that L.A.G. is abiding by all the terms and conditions,"

Oh really: Page 8 of the afore mentioned contract (i) Additionally, Contractor shall tow, FREE of charge, ANY vehicle owned by ANY victim of ANY crime?????

What say you now Liar Sklarosky????

Wake Up Wilkes Barre or Per Sue Henry Wake Up Wilkes Boo Boo


Thursday, February 14, 2013

LAG is suing the City for WHAT NOW???

The Citizens Voice is reporting that Attorney Joseph Sklarosky, representing LAG Towing owner Leo Glodzik for what he calls "false and malicious statements.”???

"It is obvious from a fair reading of his contract with the City that L.A.G. is abiding by all the terms and conditions," said the letter sent to Leighton. 

  • OK so just one question: Does the LAG Contract state on Page 8 (i) Additionally, Contractor shall tow, FREE of charge, any vehicle owned by ANY victim of any crime?????
  • I rest my case!

"For some reason, certain council members are making malicious and false statements without any corroboration or evidence to support their tactic of trying to terminate L.A.G.'s contract."

  • HELLO McFly: your client is NOT following the contract or the law, according to Right To Know requested received, and statements he, himself made in court.

"It is apparent that you have neither read Mr. Glodzik's contract with Wilkes-Barre City nor corroborated the false and misleading statements you have made against my client," the letter to George said.

  • It is apparent by your ridiculous letter(s) that you, Mr. Joseph Sklarosky, have neither read Mr. Glodzik's contract with Wilkes-Barre City, nor the Law(s) in Great State of Pennsylvania!!! 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Laughing Stock

As sad as it is Wilkes Barre, we are once again in the national spotlight. As if Kids for Cash wasn’t bad enough to embarrass the area, then comes Cars for Cash grabbing headlines, and now Wilkes Barre Area is front and center on national news.

I’m guessing no other school board has ever had a foreign exchange board member before. Yet that didn’t stop the district liar Ray Wendolowski from saying: “the board cannot remove Corcoran from office even if he might be violating state residency requirements.”

  • Really???
  • Corcoran is in violation of state law, and you call yourself a liar?? 
  • The Pennsylvania Bar must have really low standards!

Now onto City madness:

LAG towing is back in the news:

Wilkes-Barre officials are still reviewing complaints lodged against its towing contractor, Mayor Tom Leighton said on Tuesday.

  • I think what The King should have said is, Wilkes-Barre officials are still looking for a way out of this mess, while keeping our buddy Leo unscathed!
  • While you’re at it perhaps The City could look into where the audio speakers being sold at LAG are coming from, and does LAG posses a resale license for that? 

"This thing isn't even a topic of conversation when I'm out socially," Leighton said. "No one has come up to me within the last two weeks and has asked me how this investigation is going, and that's the honest-to-God truth."

  • WOW: So let me get this straight, because nobody staggered up to The King at his local watering hole, and lodged a complaint, then all the other complaints must be invalid. Let’s hope the Federal Grand Jury and the FBI doesn’t see it that way!!!

Fact is you’re a lying gas thief your lordship and that's the honest-to-God truth!!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Monday, February 11, 2013

What Goes Around Comes Around

Following Facebook can be interesting, and sometimes it leaves us wondering, about the rest of the story?

Take a look at a recent post we’ve been following: By one of our City Lawyers, Bill Vinsko, Hashtagged “whatgoesaroundcomesaround” 
Looking at the photo we can’t help but understand Attorney Vinsko’s frustrations, as surely we’ve all been here at one time or another. 

Yet I wonder, among us, have we ever done, or even thought like these posters?

  • Pamela M Novicenskie-Kane "Umm people really do suck sometimes. By the way it's ok I'll only be a minute. That is the mentalty." [SIC]

I must admit: What Pam said, is the thought I’ve encountered, and like Jill, I’ve even gone so far as to leave a mean note, yet in all my time, I’ve never thought like the other two highlighted comments.


Now if you’re the owner of that late model Silver, Elantra, and you’ve been towed by LAG today, you may be entitled to a CASH settlement, your time is limited, so you MUST act now, Call: Vinsko & Associates, P.C. (570) 970-9700 to speak with a Lawyer NOW!!! [JK-JK]

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Storage Fees, WHAT Storage Fees???

According to Terrie Morgan-Besecker of The Times Leader:

In a recent interview, Glodzik, owner of LAG Towing Inc., acknowledged the law says the report must be filed within 48 hours.  But he disputes the interpretation of when a vehicle actually becomes “abandoned.”

  • Ok Leo let’s say you don’t necessarily need to file the MV9-52 until whenever? 
  • The important question is when do you start charging folks for storage???

The law says storage fees can be charged only after the report is filed and the owner has been notified.
Was the storage fee 
LAG charged Mr. DeLeo 
legal, if No MV-952 
was filed????? 

According to the law, the timeframe to file the MV9-52 begins when the tower “takes possession” of the vehicle.

Glodzik said it’s the responsibility of city police to notify an owner his or her vehicle was towed. The person can then make arrangements to pay the towing and storage fees.

  • WHAT storage fees??? If no MV9-52 is filed, there should be no STORAGE FEES!!!

Officer Joe Novak said he was under the belief LAG could not charge storage fees until the date the owner was notified, but Dessoye said the contract does not dictate that.

“There is nothing in the contract that mandates a 24-hour wait period before a storage fee is assessed, Dessoye said in a prepared statement.

  • Actually there is Duh-Soye:  Page 2 Section 5: CHOICE OF LAW. The Towing Contract and this Extension Amendment is to be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, without regard to conflict of laws principles.

Someone please 
post this sign 
at LAG for Leo

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cars for Cash Scheme?

Mark Robbins of Forty Fort knew the second he was towed by LAG that something wasn’t RIGHT. It wasn’t the tow, or service of LAG that alerted Mr. Robbins, it was how the police protected LAG that made him suspicious.

After Robbins paid for his tow, and Leo Glodzik owner of LAG offered Mr. Robbins a scheme to recoup his losses by seeking reimbursement from AAA, (which Mr. Robbins NEVER did) Robbins noticed his car was damaged when it was brought out. Leo wouldn’t own up, so Robbins called city police, who upon arrival protected LAG, not the citizen. Telling Robbins “I don’t give a F@@K about your car!”

One has to wonder if not for that single bad judgment call, would the FBI, and State Police be snooping around. After all it was Robbins who brought Andrew Straub of the Citizens Voice into the investigation, which led Glodzik to make ridiculous statements, both in court, and in the press.

According to recent reports from the U.S. Department of Justice it was also Robbins who got them, and the FBI involved. According to Chris Hong’s Citizens Voice article today it looks like the State Police is also investigating LAG. I guess one could say LAG messed with the wrong guy, when they took the, you can’t touch me attitude with Robbins.

Now onto WBRE who broke the FBI subpoena story WIDE OPEN, it’s no surprise that the administration wouldn’t want this scandal to be made public, but watching his Lordship dodge Joe Holden’s questions about the FBI subpoena was interesting to say the least.

Joe Holden asked The King: "But you have not personally seen a subpoena or any sort of....?" Leighton said, "Well that information you'd have to get from whoever is doing the investigation."

  • You’d have to ask whoever is doing the investigation if The King saw the subpoena??? 
  • Are you kidding me???
  • Someone else would know if you saw something???

Asked about the subpoena, Police Chief Dessoye responded: "No, I am telling you nobody has given me a subpoena from the FBI. I would suggest you contact the FBI and ask if they served a subpoena."

  • It looked like the chief was telling the truth in the video, and after reading Chris Hong’s Citizens Voice article today, I now know why. “An FBI agent delivered a subpoena to the mayor's office Tuesday seeking police records related to the city's embattled towing contractor, two sources familiar with the situation said Wednesday.”

So if the FBI delivered the subpoena directly to the Mayor’s office, it would make sense that the chief wouldn’t have seen it but surely The King would have, RIGHT???

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FBI looking into LAG

As reported by WBRE’s Joe Holden, the FBI has reportedly served A subpoena on The Wilkes Barre City Police Department late Tuesday evening, looking to access police records involving the City’s contracted towing company, L.A.G. Towing, but one has to wonder if the FBI will get the same old tired, yet standard response that Forty Fort resident Mark Robbins keeps receiving when he attempts to access L.A.G. records, “No Responsive Records”???

If the FBI is met with the “No Responsive Records” response will they simply say “Oh Well” or will they see right through it? Well I guess the answer may depend on which agent is doing the asking. It’s no secret that FBI Special Agent Joseph Noone of the Scranton office has been seen in public with our King, and some have even made the allegation that Joe, and City Police Chief Gerard E. Dessoye are pals. If true, one has to also wonder, would the FBI have Agent Noone on this investigation, and if so WHY?

Only time will tell, let’s all keep our eye on this one, and see what happens, or doesn’t for that matter.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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