Thursday, February 21, 2013

No so happy now

Natalie Aleo 82, of Wilkes-Barre, the woman who’s stolen car sparked much of the current investigation in LAG towing business practices is speaking out regarding statements Leo Glodzik, LAG’s owner, made to the press.

Leo Glodzik III said he did not charge Aleo after he learned the car was stolen. Aleo said she was happy to sign her car's title to Glodzik after he told her the vehicle was inoperable.

"That’s not exactly true," Aleo said. "I wasn’t happy. I loved that car,” she said.

Aleo said Glodzik and his employee were very nice to her. In the weeks since her case went public, she’s begun to question certain parts of her dealings with him, however.

For instance, Aleo said that when Glodzik first called her to advise her he had her car, he told her to bring the title with her when she came to pick it up.


When proving ownership to a police officer at traffic stop, has anyone ever been asked for the title, or is it simply registration, license, and proof of insurance?

Hum, Leo told her to bring her title, wonder WHY????

The real question is what was the condition of her car?

Speaking with Plymouth Borough Police, they stated the car was found parked. So they have no idea if it ran or not, as it was found with no keys. My next question is if you stole a car and the engine quit, would you then park it nicely, and take the key, or would you simply jump out leaving everything?

The King chimed in:

“This lady had no idea why the mayor was calling her,” Leighton said. Aleo told him she was “perfectly happy” with LAG, he said, and did not know why it was an issue.

  • Well your lordship, if I lied to you, and took your property under false pretences would it be an issue??

Someone is lying:

Ms. Aleo said she called and left a message with the chiefs secretary but never got a call back.

Dessoye spoke to his secretary Wednesday and she said she never spoke to anyone about Aleo’s case.

Who is Dessoye's secretary, and what is her connection to LAG Towing????

Mum's the word:

Contacted Wednesday, Glodzik declined to comment on Aleo’s claims.

“I’m not commenting at all. Write whatever you want,” he said.

  • Finally Leo is taking the advice of legal council 

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