Thursday, February 14, 2013

LAG is suing the City for WHAT NOW???

The Citizens Voice is reporting that Attorney Joseph Sklarosky, representing LAG Towing owner Leo Glodzik for what he calls "false and malicious statements.”???

"It is obvious from a fair reading of his contract with the City that L.A.G. is abiding by all the terms and conditions," said the letter sent to Leighton. 

  • OK so just one question: Does the LAG Contract state on Page 8 (i) Additionally, Contractor shall tow, FREE of charge, any vehicle owned by ANY victim of any crime?????
  • I rest my case!

"For some reason, certain council members are making malicious and false statements without any corroboration or evidence to support their tactic of trying to terminate L.A.G.'s contract."

  • HELLO McFly: your client is NOT following the contract or the law, according to Right To Know requested received, and statements he, himself made in court.

"It is apparent that you have neither read Mr. Glodzik's contract with Wilkes-Barre City nor corroborated the false and misleading statements you have made against my client," the letter to George said.

  • It is apparent by your ridiculous letter(s) that you, Mr. Joseph Sklarosky, have neither read Mr. Glodzik's contract with Wilkes-Barre City, nor the Law(s) in Great State of Pennsylvania!!! 

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