Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FBI looking into LAG

As reported by WBRE’s Joe Holden, the FBI has reportedly served A subpoena on The Wilkes Barre City Police Department late Tuesday evening, looking to access police records involving the City’s contracted towing company, L.A.G. Towing, but one has to wonder if the FBI will get the same old tired, yet standard response that Forty Fort resident Mark Robbins keeps receiving when he attempts to access L.A.G. records, “No Responsive Records”???

If the FBI is met with the “No Responsive Records” response will they simply say “Oh Well” or will they see right through it? Well I guess the answer may depend on which agent is doing the asking. It’s no secret that FBI Special Agent Joseph Noone of the Scranton office has been seen in public with our King, and some have even made the allegation that Joe, and City Police Chief Gerard E. Dessoye are pals. If true, one has to also wonder, would the FBI have Agent Noone on this investigation, and if so WHY?

Only time will tell, let’s all keep our eye on this one, and see what happens, or doesn’t for that matter.

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