Saturday, February 9, 2013

Storage Fees, WHAT Storage Fees???

According to Terrie Morgan-Besecker of The Times Leader:

In a recent interview, Glodzik, owner of LAG Towing Inc., acknowledged the law says the report must be filed within 48 hours.  But he disputes the interpretation of when a vehicle actually becomes “abandoned.”

  • Ok Leo let’s say you don’t necessarily need to file the MV9-52 until whenever? 
  • The important question is when do you start charging folks for storage???

The law says storage fees can be charged only after the report is filed and the owner has been notified.
Was the storage fee 
LAG charged Mr. DeLeo 
legal, if No MV-952 
was filed????? 

According to the law, the timeframe to file the MV9-52 begins when the tower “takes possession” of the vehicle.

Glodzik said it’s the responsibility of city police to notify an owner his or her vehicle was towed. The person can then make arrangements to pay the towing and storage fees.

  • WHAT storage fees??? If no MV9-52 is filed, there should be no STORAGE FEES!!!

Officer Joe Novak said he was under the belief LAG could not charge storage fees until the date the owner was notified, but Dessoye said the contract does not dictate that.

“There is nothing in the contract that mandates a 24-hour wait period before a storage fee is assessed, Dessoye said in a prepared statement.

  • Actually there is Duh-Soye:  Page 2 Section 5: CHOICE OF LAW. The Towing Contract and this Extension Amendment is to be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, without regard to conflict of laws principles.

Someone please 
post this sign 
at LAG for Leo

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