Friday, February 1, 2013

FREE Tows are an unfair burden on LAG???

So apparently it’s OK for LAG Towing to charge victims of crime for towing, and storage fees, as long as they meet certain condition, per Chief of Police Dessoye, or Duh-Soye depending on how you interpret his statements.

The contract states the contractor “shall tow, free of charge, any vehicles owned by any victim of any crime, or as directed by the police department.”

So as Duh-Soye sees it, the line in the contract: “or as directed by the police department” means that if the police don’t say “Hey, Leo don’t charge this one” then it must be OK for LAG to charge that victim of crime, because the line “shall tow, free of charge, any vehicles owned by any victim of any crime” doesn’t really mean “any victim”, apparently “any victim” is subject to change daily, depending on which way the wind blows.

Council President Bill Barrett, a former city police chief, said he believes the wording of the contract means no crime victim should ever be charged, regardless of what department ordered the tow. “A crime victim is a crime victim,” Barrett said. “If they live across the bridge and their car is stolen in Kingston and ends up in Wilkes-Barre, they’re still a crime victim.”

  • Your absolutely RIGHT Councilman Barrett, and as you know full well LAG has charged several victims of crime in complete defiance of his contract with the city, LAG is in breach of contract, and our TWO worthless city lawyers should file suit to terminate said contract, Immediately!! 

As for your comments on “Maybe it’s time to revisit it and ensure there is clearer language so that it’s fair to everyone.” 

  • Listen up Billy: LAG didn't follow the fist contract, and now the Chief is lying like a cheap rug to protect him, so what in the world would ever make you think if changed, he would suddenly follow the new one??

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  1. Criminals/police/tow truck operators can't tell the players without a playbook


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