Saturday, January 26, 2013

LAG Gets the Boot!!!

It’s not at all what you’re thinking, or hoping for Wilkes Barre.

It appears King’s College sent a mass email to its student body, warning that L.A.G. Towing will begin booting cars at the rate of $175.00 per boot.

  • Ouch are they UGG’s???

This is a copy of the letter sent to Wake Up Wilkes Barre by a student who stated, they received it in their King’s College Email Account from Campus Security, Enjoy:

King’s College
Department, Campus Safety and Security
King's College Campus
Wilkes-Bare Parking Authority – Parking Violation Enforcement
KC SA 2013-04
January 25, 2013
Students, Staff and Faculty,

Please be advised that beginning on 01/28/13, the Wilkes-Barre Parking Enforcement officers, will increase their parking enforcement hours to 6:30 p.m. due to the fact that they are now at full complement. They will also start using vehicle boots on violators. The boots are being used by L.A.G. Towing and the cost will be $175.00 dollars when they tow your car along with the fines imposed by Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority and storage fees.

Thank You
Mark E. Naylor

King’s recalls email:

Attempting to confirm this email we contacted Mr. Naylor at King’s Campus Security. Mr. Naylor stated he first learned of the Booting Program from a City Parking Enforcement Officer, but when he got to work last night he had a message to contact City Police, Chief Gerard Dessoye. Mr. Naylor said he recalled the Email because the police chief told him it was a miscommunication.

Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin City Administrative Coordinator stated he had no knowledge of the booting program.

So for now it would appear that this warning is nothing more than a BIG misunderstanding, and we truly hope so. Wilkes Barre isn’t Chicago.

In other L.A.G. News:

It appears another Victim of Crime has stepped up, and claimed that L.A.G. Towing has charged them $275 in cash to get their car back, after it was stolen from their business in Berwick, and recovered just a few blocks from L.A.G.

Randall Panetta, owner of Panetta Car Mart in Berwick, provided a receipt to The Citizens' Voice, showing he paid $175 for the tow and $100 for storage on Nov. 12. The receipt indicated "stolen" as the reason for towing.

Leo’s response:

Leo refused to discuss the transaction on the advice of his attorney.

"All I can say is what you sent to me is false," Glodzik said.

  • Oh ya they are all false aren’t they Leo? Every time you’re caught you claim their false, how about a lie detector test?

Glodzik said Leighton called him Friday asking about the incident.
"I said, 'Mayor, I don't remember the name,'" Glodzik said.

  • Hum with a name like Panetta Car Mart you should!

After repeatedly denying earlier this week that he charged people to tow their stolen cars, Glodzik now admits it's possible he did.

"Absolutely," Glodzik said. "We make mistakes too."

  • WOW you call charging Victims of Crime MISTAKES?


Now this whole Booting number makes me wonder, was the Boot Program about to really kick off on Monday, but then council moved to terminate L.A.G. and it was quickly yanked because The Chief, Leo and his Dog The King can’t afford anymore bad press???

Well good luck with that. You have EIGHT YEARS of Victims of Crime yet to come forward

Think about your car getting booted for a parking violation. 

You see the boot, you call the police, they say call L.A.G., you do, and they send a tow truck to remove the boot. L.A.G. says $175.00 Plus ticket, and whatever else they tack on. You say I can’t afford that. They say OK off to city impound and start adding $50 per day storage. Now you've been notified in person, and if you fail to pick up your car within 48 hours, it’s abandoned. 

Bye-Bye Auto!!! 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre



  1. Incredible!
    And when, if ever, was there a parking fee after 6 PM? That's new, isn't it?

    1. NEVER but this is what the Parking Enforcement Officer told King's Security. We shall see...


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