Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hawkeye’s blind but don’t criticize

For years now citizens of Wilkes Barre have questioned the effectiveness of Hawkeye Security Solutions, V.S. the overall cost of implementation, and annual operating costs. 

Charlotte Raup president of The Wilkes Barre City Crime Watch, said she often hears police on the scanner as they ask to check Hawkeye for photos of whatever is happening at the time, and in most cases the police are told “we got noting” from Hawkeye.

Charlotte’s not the first person to raise questions regarding Hawkeye. Patrick Sweet of The Citizens Voice newspaper began an investigation of Hawkeye in 2011, but then Patrick Sweet left The Citizens Voice, and his investigation was somehow swept under the rug.

Also our Parking Authority who pays Hawkeye faithfully for their service (or lack thereof) has been waiting for well over a year for repairs to a nonworking camera in the central garage.

Raup said a police source told her that the city camera did not capture images, of several crimes, including the drive-by shooting on Hazle Street.

Told of Raup’s comment on the Hazle Street incident, City spokesman Mc-Laugh-Lin said the city will not respond to allegations made by anonymous sources.

  • Good thinking Drew, I wouldn’t comment on anything, I couldn’t verify either.

City spokesman Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin said the camera above the North Street scene had captured video of a car hitting Miller.

District Attorney Salavantis denied the footage existed and, hours later, Mc-Laugh-Lin reversed himself, saying police had provided him incorrect information.

  • Wait, what police officer gave you wrong information Drew? I was under the impression “the city will not respond to allegations made by anonymous sources.”

So let me get this straight Drew Mc-liar-paints can make up stories, and blame the police, but if our crime watch president tells the truth about what she and everyone with a scanner hears, with their own ears, then he has no comment.

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