Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hawkeye or Blindeye

For some time now folks have been wondering why, with all the high priced security cameras in operation throughout Wilkes Barre, are we seeing so many crimes, and so little arrests.

Most recently Hawkeye comes under fire regarding the lack of surveillance in the Dec. 21 hit-and-run death of 5-year-old Kevin Miller.

Miller was struck by a car on North Street near the North Franklin Street intersection, in VIEW of a Hawkeye Camera, and yet the only photos released, came from cameras at Kings Collage, and a second photo from businessman Thom Greco’s bridal store.

As reported by Wake Up Wilkes Barre back in July Hawkeye cameras are supplied via NO-BID contract by TAC now Schneider Electric (Mayor Leighton’s campaign contributors) at a cost of $10,483.87 EACH, and yet they are seemingly worthless.

Please watch the video by Anthony Antonello of The Wilkes Barre Independent Gazette.

Anthony takes an in depth look at the path the hit and run driver took that evening, and outlines all of the Hawkeye Cameras the vehicle passed under as it fled the scene.  
  • How can we justify Hawkeye?

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