Monday, July 9, 2012

Camera’s do you want them?

City administration McCormick got HOT when Councilman George had the audacity to ask why we "the city" didn’t solicit bids for the installation of 62 security cameras at the intermodal center, or why they weren't installed during construction. 

Councilman Bill Barrett attempted to defuse the situation by claiming all the ground work for the cameras had been done during construction, but Schneider seems to be billing some $90,000 for that same ground work again.

So why wasn’t it bid?

  • According to the City, we, via Hawkeye Security Solutions, granted an exclusive no bid contract to TAC now Schneider back on 2008, and if we EVER buy camera’s from anyone but TAC we will void the manufacture warranty.

Like Tony George, I have never heard of anything so crazy in all my days, but then again this is The WB.

In fact J.R. Roberts, owner of J.R. Roberts Security Strategies of Savannah, Ga., said last week that if the contract were bid, the city would have received a minimum of four to five responses – maybe more.

  • So we could buy them from anyone? I’m so confused!

What we know is we want 62 camera’s and TAC wants $650,000.00 for the job.

  • That’s $10,483.87 EACH

Interesting fact

  • East Director of Schneider Electric is named Ben Murphy
  • Any relation to J.J. we wonder?

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