Friday, July 27, 2012

Gas Gate goes Gulf?

According to Terrie Morgan-Bescker of The Times Leader: Hollenback fuel usage cannot be specified

Now more than 5,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel have been delivered to the Hollenback Golf Course in the past three years, but a city official acknowledged it cannot precisely document how the fuel was used.

The City’s Mouthpiece Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin made the following statements:

City officials are confident there’s been no improper use of gasoline at Hollenback, in part, because of the how the gas tank operates and its physical location.

  • Isn’t that always the case Drew?

There is no tank to hold diesel fuel, which is kept in 55-gallon drums stored in one of the course’s buildings.

  • Is it even legal to store diesel fuel indoors?

Mc-Laugh-Lin acknowledged there’s nothing to stop a person from filling up portable containers for unauthorized use. But there are several check-and-balance systems in place to guard against that, he said.

  • What are those checks-and-balances you speak of Drew?

The gas tank is located in an area that is visible to the public. It’s also in the view of surveillance cameras

  • Wake Up Drew those cameras are worthless, they either don’t work or they didn’t record. At least that’s what you’re Right to Know officer keeps telling me. 

“Given the size of the tank and its intended purpose, it’s in clear view in the middle of a neighborhood, abuse at Hollenback is a very minimal chance,” Mc-Laugh-Lin said.

And although usage has not been strictly monitored, the city does keep tabs on fuel deliveries to ensure they are consistent. If there were an unusual spike that would he investigated.

  • OK so now we know there are no checks-and-balances!

“We would know if someone was abusing the pumps if we got frequent deliveries that were out of the norm,” he said.

  • Come on Drew you didn’t even know gas was missing from DPW until the TL told you, or did you?

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