Thursday, July 5, 2012

Haas off with Block

In other news: Wake Up Wilkes Barre has learned that Daniel Block, son-in-law to the alleged infamous Million Dollar Mystery Donating - Fire Truck Buying, all giving Haas Family, also Director, of the Cities Business Improvement District is resigning in order to accept a job with the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s Office, where J.J’s pop works.


Just when we thought The PA-AG could get any worse, in ignoring the crime that has plagued our city; we learn that another member of the W-B Good Ol Boy’s Club will be overseeing things in Harrisburg!

In addition sources say the Haas family has decided to vacate the area, and move off to The Carolina’s. I guess the questions surrounding their mysterious donations were just too much for them, so with that we say safe journey!

  • Now that Dan is leaving will we still need the Business Improvement District, or (BID)?
  • If we do keep the (BID) whose kin folk will be most qualified this time?
  • Will we advertise that posting?
  • Or will J.J. just moonlight as the (BID) consultant? Huh J.J., and BID in the same sentience??? First time for everything I guess!!!

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