Monday, July 2, 2012

Parking Authority Too Honest for TML, MUST Replace!!!

TML: New revenue needed!!!

Two of the five members are serving extended time on terms that expired last year. Leighton could replace Paul Maher, chairman, and/or Ed Katarsky at any time.
“We’re looking at our options,” Leighton said.

  • So vote the King's way or he’ll have his bobble head council replace you!!!

The mayor said the city needs an infusion of revenue from new sources.

  • Come on folks, The King has squandered everything we had, and now he need new working capital!!!

“Ultimately, City Council will have to decide whether to raise taxes, reduce services or lay off employees,” Leighton said. “We don’t want a situation in Wilkes-Barre like we’ve seen in other cities like Scranton and Harrisburg.”

  • Here we go again with the threats! What TML should be telling council is “I looted the city with your help, Bill, & Mike, so you better have my back”

Leighton said He will meet with authority members soon, although nothing is scheduled. But a new municipal authority could be on the city’s horizon.

  • I told you, if your honest, your GONE!

“We could have ended up with $20 million to put in a lock box to be used only when needed,” Leighton said. “We would never spend that money frivolously. Now we will explore other options.”

  • NEVER!! 
  • Unless you call the taxpayers buying GAS for him, his wife, and kids, FRIVOLOUSLY!!!

“I really don’t know what it would entail,” Maher said. “And what would become of the parking authority? You can’t abolish it under state law.”

  • Trust me with slick shysters like Henry & Vinsko you don’t need LAWS!!!!

But it could abolish itself – by a majority vote of its members. Leighton doesn’t have three votes – yet. By replacing Maher and Katarsky with people who would be more apt to vote the mayor’s way, an agreement would be reached much sooner than anyone expects.

“I don’t expect to be kept on the board,” Katarsky said. “The mayor will replace us to get what he wants.”

  • I would say NOT Mr. Katarsky, Wake Up Wilkes Barre received this anonymous Email in RED

Rumor is Katarsky was called last night by a middle man and asked to resign. He said no. however his term may have expired and TML can submit a new name to replace him. Council must approve, if they don't Katarsky stays on board.

Katarsky said he can't reveal Desmond Appraisal because of confidentiality. However if thrown off board he will reveal it.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


  1. It would appear that if the Council refuses to replace Katarsky and Maher, they can stay on the Board, and we can continue to have honesty and trust at least in one area of Govt.
    It would be incumbent on the people as voters to ask City Council to RETAIN the Board status quo.

    1. We can only hope The Council does whats RIGHT not what the KING wants!!!

  2. How does one go about getting on this board? Does the Mayor have to submit a name? Or can a private citizen submit his/her name?

    1. You can submit your intent to serve to The King Fourth Floor, City Hall, 40 East Market Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


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